Monday, May 17, 2010

A Hard Re-Entry

1254311757863For some reason I am not completely sure about I have had a hard time readjusting to Arizona after being in Wisconsin. I really was ready to see my husband and sons and Maya, but on the way home from the airport I could feel the tension come back.

When I am there I just feel “right”….like this is where I should be, in one of the sweet little houses, in a much quieter town than Phoenix. It was almost painful this time trying to readjust…I am so dreading the hot that is coming and what it does to me. I get so lethargic and so tired of being indoors! I am sure all of you who have bad winters know how I feel, because believe it or not, it is the same lousy feeling of being housebound and day after day of the same thing.

Yes, you do not have to shovel “Hot” but it zaps you in a way that the cold just can’t… can always put on more clothes to keep warm, sometimes you just can’t take off enough to keep cool.

I also miss my family, and I know vacation is different that being there full time, but I am hoping that we can summer there in a few years…

Until then I can dream….so here is the house the is next door to my Aunt and Uncles house! I have always thought it was so cute!


This is the side view, it has a large yard to the right of the garage….


This is the other side of the house….



I could just kick my self that I didn’t take my camera in with me!!!! It has so much potential! The main floor has two bedroom and one bath, a great foyer and living room, formal dinning room ( that would be multi purpose for sure), and an incredible eat in kitchen…The cupboards are hand made and a terrible color, but I see a sweet pale butter yellow with my fun decals, and of course a red Formica countertop! I even saw a 1940’s Formica dinette set that would have been perfect for 125.00 with the chairs. Granted the chairs need redone, but how perfect! And a sweet little sun porch on the back that I could put the washer and dryer on….The attic already has electricity and plumbing done, and the stairs are in the dining room, you would just have to put a landing at the top….The basement is huge and could be used for storage or even a pool table, which is already there….the poor woman who owns it is in a nursing home and her niece does not think she will get out and they will have to auction off the house to pay for the care….so sad…..I know the timing is all wrong…but my husband wants to be by water…we can walk a block and a half to a lake to fish! But seeing as how we aren’t going to need a summer home for at least another 8 years it is just not the right time… and so I will keep dreaming…and figuring out what we will need! :) Thanks for letting me share this with all of you, it feels better just talking about it…..I have never been a patient person, I am beginning to learn how to be! :)


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I know what you mean about the heat. It's not quite as bad in Central Cali but it's still brutally hot. My husband's family is from Wisconsin and when we visited in the summer it is so beautiful. I hope your dream comes true for you some day.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I totally hear U Sandy on the heat here...I just hate it!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos...really gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Mimi said...

GLAD YOU ARE home again!!!!
I have lived here most of my life(short of 4 months) and I despise the heat, but hate the cold too!!!!
So what to do???
great pics!!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Some places just feel right, don't they? The little house is adorable, but I love anything cape of cottagy, as you know by the house I live in.
I hope you get back to Wisc. I don't really know your story, why you are in AZ, but I guess we just have to make do with what we have, sometimes in life. Best to you,

craftyles said...

I can relate to the summer heat part-used to live in Az. The house is lovely and looks like it has great potential. Keep on dreaming-if it doesn't happen with this house there will be another down the road. Hang in there.

Lori E said...

There is always another place at another time. You just don't know it yet.

Lori Lynn said...

I can commiserate. I moved from Oregon to Lake Havasu City AZ in the 80's. Good grief but it was hot! Stayed in AZ 10 years then moved back to OR where I could breathe again.

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning sweet SIL..Sorry you are having such a hard time being back home. This too shall pass....I know it will.

Love you,

★Carol★ said...

This post really hits home with me, Sandy. I know that I belong in Wisconsin, so every time we come back from there, it's all I can do not to cry. It's a real adjustment coming home to all of the traffic and crazyness here. In the town that I want to live, there aren't any stoplights. It's a slower and simpler way of life, and I can't wait to live there! Sounds like you fell in love with that house, but I know you'll find an even better one that is the perfect fit for you!

Jenny said...

I know what you mean Sandy. I can never feel like this is home after I get back from Ohio. There is just something about that way of life. When our Grands are older I seriously suspect we will just winter here. The house is adorable. May I ask, out of sheer nosiness, how much something like that would cost there?

Unknown said...

Sandy, I can tell how much you miss your hometown. I feel so blessed to live in the Midwest. I couldn't possibly have known how in love I would be with my own small town and quaint houses having grown up in Washington DC. You can share your photos with anytime, over and over! They are wonderful! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, I love your blog. The background reminds me of a vintage table cloth I used to have. I came by crafting late in life too, I'm 43. My mom and sister did alot of crafting years ago and I couldn't understand what all the hoopla was about but, I'm hooked now.
I have a few dream homes in my neighborhood as well, it never hurts to dream!! Cathy

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I can definitely see potential in that cute little house! I love places like that. :) Hope you'll feel better once you get back into your routine. Thanks for the visit today!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi there~
I'm sure it was hard to leave your beloved Wisconsin and your family memories.I bet your guys were glad to have you home. We're not always where we want to be but who knows what the future will bring. Maybe you will some day realize that dream of a little cottage in the Midwest. I've really enjoyed seeing your pictures and looking at all of the wonderful treasures you found.
Take good care and have a gentle day Sandy.

replica bags said...

Three steps forward .... Still, you know what they say about the man who never made a mistake! Keep going - you'll get there soon - and it's good to have some news again.

Sandy said...

It's so very hard for me to return home after vacation, also. MY relatives, especially my favorite aunt, live in WV and we live in GA. It always feels like I'm home when I visit but I know it's a pipedream to ever think I'll permanently be there. Like you, I've found a darling house close to hers but my family, husband, children & grandchildren are in the south.. you're right, I guess we can dream (as I write this choking back the tears)..sometimes it's difficult to remember God has the big plan and we only see a small portion of the picture. love

Nan said...

Well Wis is not so cool in the summer as I recall one time being there it was 100% humidity and 100 degrees in Milw. Now if you want cool summers that would be here in Homer with our 65 as our high.
I would bet another house comes along you like even better when the time is right.
Take Care Nan

Dawn said...

It looks like wonderful place. Hold tight to your dream and when the time is right you'll find the right house.

SueLovesCherries said...

Can you tell I'm getting caught up on my blogs? I've been outside alot!

I really hope this house will have turned over by the time you're ready for it - that would be so awesome!


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