Saturday, April 27, 2013


I bet you thought you were at the wrong I have been working with Keren Dukes and I am trying out a new look, a lot cleaner...not sure I like it, but this is it for now.... Wayne left for New Mexico this AM, he is going to be training for a new job for the next three months....this is the longest we have been apart is a 7 hour drive and he only gets weekends off. Luckily Chris is here living with me still.... Took Maya to the vet and good news and bad news, good news she only tore one suture loose, bad news is the metal clamp is causing friction and her body is trying to surround it with fluid, she might have to have a small surgery to take it out....there won't be anymore fixing of the knee it will heal how it is going to heal...time will tell....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting caught up…..


Well…today is an absolutely beautiful day in Arizona!  Maya and me took a break out in the backyard in the sun…..

I wanted to share the items that Miss Tammy brought down with her from the frozen tundra…..


Look how perfect these go in my kitchen!  That sweet little pyrex bowl is the “friendship” patter I think…love it!


And I finally have one of Tammy’s wonderful paper cutting banners!!!!  She left it up to me what to use to hang it, but she had sent me a vintage measuring tape, her favorite mode of hanging them….I will probably use it.



It’s that layering that I just don’t seem to get….so unique….






It spells out “HOME”…perfect!  We had such a  nice time, I wish I had felt better…but Tammy and Mr. “N” are wonderful people!!!!  Wayne had a great time with Mr. “N” while we checked out the family tree…:)

I also am participating in Elizabeth’s  Vintage Supply Swap ….

I was SOOO lucky to be paired with Beth Holcombe….she went crazy!!!!  It was a large flat rate priority box and it was filled to the top….

PicMonkey Collage

Boxes and bags and vintage ephemera coming out of my ears…lol  I am like a kid in a candy store! 

PicMonkey Collage2





what is in this one, I wonder?????


See what I mean, it just kept coming….:):)


Sorry these photo are not so good…still learning pic-monkey…but you get the idea, right?  LOTS of fun stuff!  I just hope I can do Beth justice with her box…. :)

And Miss Meri gave me the most beautiful crocheted pot holder for Easter,  from Heather from Vintage Grey…

meri pot holder

Aqua and Red !   Just perfect, all of it!  Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Maya:

She has reinjured the leg, she is on 95% rest 5% usage….so I am house bound, we go back next Friday to see what the prognosis is….she just got up too quick and that is all it took….this is a tough time, maybe we did the wrong thing for her….we will find out next Friday….keep us in your prayers please…I am not ready to say Good-bye yet…but we will if that is the best thing for our Maya…..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here we are....again.....

Here we are again.....there is no doubt that the America I was born into no longer exists.  As I watched with horror I kept thinking..."this doesn't happen here!"...but it does, God help us, yes it does.....

For Boston....and all of the rest of us.......

Monday, April 1, 2013

A wonderful Swap Partner


I was in Sue’s Anything Goes Easter Swap…


My partner was Donna from Tea Loving Lady….





I just love all of these fun Easter goodies…what makes her so very special is that Donna’s Dad became terminally ill and yet she took the time to mail these goodies to me in time for Easter….

Please put Donna’s family in your prayers….



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