Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Ormonde Cafe


I recently bought what looked like old typed menus from an very vintage café.  As I opened the bag, it became clear to me that not only was their menus but also their cookbook!  As I tried to scan the notebook the cover came off in my hand, but the pages are intact….wonderful recipes, and some that sound really terrible, ones I have never heard of, how about you?

The Orman Café in Virginia, Minnesota owned by E. J Erickson and Bert Arfstrom, a couple of fine Scandinavians….from the prices I would have to say early 1900’s?  Enjoy!  ( Click on each image to enlarge)

0 (1)

0 (2)

They even had an ad….they were very proud of their establishment, and by the looks of this book, it was around a long time.

2 (1)

look at the prices……..


and of course the daily specials all typed  neat….

2 (2)

Then in the back of the book….the recipes….you can tell by how they are written they knew these dishes by heart.

4 (1)

some child’s scribbling along the way…..

4 (2)

And a recipe for Lye Soap…..



All of this proudly kept thru the generations, it makes me sad when items like this end up in an antique store and perhaps there are no more descendants to give them to…I will treasure it though.  I hope if they can see what has become of their sweet book that they are happy that the world can share it now….not just  the folks of Virginia, Minnesota.  :)

I am going to sit down and read all of the recipes, if there are any that sound luscious I will bring them here to my blog…:)  Thanks again for stopping in…:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To go back in Time……

I recently purchased a little catalog of toys from the mid 50’s and finally opened it up and looked at it….I was shocked, so many of the toys I had or asked for from Santa….and a chance to see the prices.  I figured I would take a few posts and share some of these wonderful memories with all of you. 

This was from a store in Washington called Norberry’s, they must have come out with this catalog at Christmas possibly!  Now I was born in 1954, so I was too young at the time this catalog came out, but 99% of these toys were still around by the time I was interested in the late 50’s early 60’s.  If fact, Santa brought a few…:)  So enjoy… on the photo and it should get larger for you to see up close….


I recently realized one of my favorite vintage children’s book artists also made dolls, her name is Ruth Newton and I am on the hunt for a set of these sweet rubber dolls…..

Ruth E Newton squeaker dolls

And look!  The set was 1.98!!!!!!!!!


scan0040 - Copy

And we all love the Fisher Price old timers….the graphics, the colors, look what they went for then…..


You could get this whole page for about $25.00 !

Those of you that collect tin dollhouse memorabilia, look at the Renwal furniture sets!!!!!  Incredible!  And who didn’t have at least one set of these toy dishes in their childhood?



And all of these fun metal stoves and such….look at that hutch!!!!!


I have one of the stoves now, but boy, it doesn’t look this anymore…as a child I had the same stove, but the red graphics were a sweet blue….


All of these bring back such memories, either I was lucky to have them or a friend…..I had the bassinet, but I would love to have that highchair, and crib, all metal and it perfect shape!  And a whole $30.00 for this page…sigh…..:)

OK….that is all for today….it has 54 pages of nostalgia…and I will share them a few pages at a time….fun, huh????  I got this catalog  at an antique store, but it was worth every penny I paid!  A whole $5.95! 

Think what I could have had out of the catalog for that price! lol

Thanks for stopping by…..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do you love Paper Dolls?

Hi Everybody!

Well, I have decided that we are not painting the cupboards….at least not this year, they are really in great shape as far as the fronts and it looks kind of nice in the room, a friend came over and painted all of the corbels and touched up the walls, so now I need to order the top and just load everything up!  So on to more fun stuff!

I love vintage paper doll sets, and just by accident I found this wonderful blog that has tons of them for you to print!!!! The blog is named  I looked and can’t seem to find the name of the owner, she(?) is from Portugal and I am amazed at all of the wonderful paper dolls she offers!!!!! Here is a set that I got that is Santa, Mrs. Santa and the elves and reindeer.  Too cute!



fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (1)

fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (2)

fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (3)

fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (4)

fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (5)

fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (6)

fabricanoelbonecasdepapel (7)

Just adorable and they are all in a list by description!  There is also a newsletter to sign up for and get paper dolls that way….I just LOVE the graphics….:)

They also have a Facebook page…:) Have a great Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We are getting there…..

Ok, Darin, the wonderful young man who came to do all of this work, showed up at 1:00 yesterday afternoon and finished up last night with this stage…..we still need to paint the cupboards and the corbels (didn’t have time to do it before they were up) and order the top……put a kick board down…then get busy putting it all back!  The top will take 4-5 weeks…:(

But this is the color :):):)


Yup!  it is called Stop sign Red!

The before of the cabinets……

Cupboards 1

Didn’t know this was here…..

bad back of cupboard

bad back cupboard2

Water damage and mold….Darin just cut off the bad part as it is going up against a wall…..

Darin worked for 7 hours, minus a couple of breaks for his drill to recharge and meals…..and this is what it looks like now…I would call this Step 2…..he also moved the electrical plugs up for me :)


We also moved the tables around as I had to have a smaller one on the back wall now because of the cupboards….


The craft table is now this one…..


TONS of work still to do but I feel so much better about having closed storage!  The cabinets came from a non-profit place that takes in house items from houses that have water damage, etc. and remodels….the cabinets were 120.00 for all for them!  I now have 6 drawers and lot of cupboard space…and two great 8 foot shelves!  The cabinets will be white, as will the corbels.  The shelves were very reasonable, and laminated, the most expensive thing?  It was the corbels, but they match very closely to the ones on the other side of the room…..:)  I am getting the top from Home Depot, and installation is part of the price per foot!  This was a great trade…no doubt about it! 

Thanks for stopping by……

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here we go again…..last time!!!!!

The young man who I made the book for, he is a jack of all trades when it comes to handyman work…sooooo we bartered….bartering, what a great concept! 




It will look totally different in a week or so…..

where did everything go, you ask?????



where ever I could fine space!  This is the LAST time I do this!!!!! lol

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pin it to Win it

Well….big sigh…the genealogy book project has gone to the printers and I feel like it was a job well done….I have never made one for someone outside of my family and it got tougher at the end as I wanted to be sure it was all they expected.  The young man was very pleased, and so am I !

Now on to the other things….I love Pinterest, for some one like me, a shopaholic, it is such a safe place…..I can look at all of these wonderful items, pin them to my boards and feel like I do “own” them!  The other day Jenny Holiday had a fun contest called “ Pin It to Win It”, I pinned a cute photo of one of her items and guess what?  She picked me for the winner! 


So see, once in a while you even get to purchase something for free!  I received a $50.00 gift certificate to shop at her boutique! 

This piece is calling my name…..:)


So fun!!! If you haven’t seen Jenny fun art, you must go visit……, here is her blog too….

Thanks Jenny ( and Aaron),  I will be over to the shop soon!

I have to get busy with my Easter swaps…..have a great rest of the week!


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