Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodies from Eau Claire

Here are the rest of the photos of the items I purchased at the craft fair and the thrift shops…  I have my favorites that we go to every time I go home…..but there are getting to be less and less of them as they close one by one due to the economy….

Craft show finds……

IMG_0259 I like these towels that you can snap over a drawer handle…..and these fall designs were perfect!


Brand new flour sack towels.  The woman said her 89 years old mother made them for something to do…….I just love them!

IMG_0270 I saw these and just had to laugh….they are panties for  American girl dolls!  Look at the detail!



I bought two pair but there were at least 50 to pick from.  I saw a lot of handmade clothes for my doll also, but just couldn’t make up my mind……


Linda bought these guy for me at one of my favorite stops, the business is up for sale, so who knows if it will be there next time, he is all glittery!

IMG_0269 I got this from the same shop, the graphics were just too perfect to walk away from…..

IMG_0265 Garage sale finds and the milk bottle on the right is from a dairy that Mike used to work for!  They were $3.00.!


A red enamel tin bowl that is going on an old vintage patio chair with geraniums this winter! Inside, a bunch of the old time cookie cutters that I want to make a garland with….and of course a few individual Jello molds!  And scrubbies, I love scrubbies!


A whole bad of wood spools from thread….I can never find them here….these were $2.00!  I see crafts all over different blogs that use these…..I am thinking they would be cute with the cookie cutter garland….painted of course! 


New potholders and a recipe book from the church my folks were married at.

IMG_0252 Old magazines, I don’t think they knew what they had, they gave them to me for .25 cents each! 

IMG_0255 The year my folks married…..

IMG_0253 Loved the cover….is she happy or sad????  And yes…..

IMG_0254 Woman’s Day magazine was 2 cents in 1942!  I remember when I started buying them as a young bride they were 35 cents each! 

I still have one item to show you… is a doozie!  But that is for another post!  Hope everyone had a great day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I’m back, and happy to be here!

Hi everyone!  It is so nice to see all of you again! :)  I had a great time in Wisconsin, didn’t “do” much but  spent quality time with my family……which is why I went in the first place.

Here is Linda and Mike…..

Linda and Mile Oct 2011 

Linda is my cousin and Mike is her husband so he is my cousin too!  Two of the most wonderful people ever!  Linda and me spent much of the time working on in front of her computer with the new Family Tree Maker 2012, getting it loaded and splitting off her family into individual trees so my family tree doesn’t have over 20,000 people in it anymore!  It took some time and  had some real frustration  but after a  few calls to we persevered!  I knew there was a reason I never buy a program just as they come out…..too many bugs! LOL

I did get to go to a wonderful craft show…….just took a few photos, there were at least 75 crafters there, reminded me of all of the craft fairs that were here in Phoenix in the 1980’s….

IMG_0201 cute bird feeder or bath….

Real pumkin gourds in EC adorable real mini pumpkin gourds

Pumpkin gourd 1

IMG_0203 Horses that don’t eat or poop!



Many, many booths like this with homemade rugs, and towels and washcloths.  I even got some handmade panties for my American Girl doll,  Molly!  It was a nice day! The time as usual went too quickly, and I am home trying to get back on my schedule, I have quite a few more photos to show you and the I will save the best for last….but I wanted to come and say hello! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

EC Here I Come !!!!!!

Eau Claire Post Card for Creative Breathing Swap

2 weeks of Nirvana!!!!!  My cousin said the trees are just starting to turn….perfect timing!  

Oh….and just a thought…..



I say Amen !!!!!!  Have a great couple of weeks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rednesday at 521 Lake Street

It has been awhile since I have participated in Rednesday over at Sue’s place, but I finally have some new reds tuff! LOL

First of all some wonderful vintage cards I won on Ebay awhile back…I don’t know if I love the cards or the boxes they came in more!



I went to World Market the other day looking for a fun Christmas item I saw on Pinterest….more on him later :)

There was so much to look at!  I know my friend Elizabeth of Creative Breathing loves this time of year because of Martha Stewarts fun holiday boxes and such, that you can but at Michael’s….I just adore them too, but couldn’t afford them last year.  Then I saw these at World Market for half the price!!!!!


Cute cupcake boxes (4) for 4.99 and fun striped Parchment paper to put in them for 1.99…And of course my obsession with cupcake liners!  They were 1.99 too!  I know, they look like Christmas, but you could use these anytime! 

Head on over to Sue’s Blog and see all of the wonderful red’s! 


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