Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A cute Red Mixer

Believe it or not it is time for Rednesday again!


I have always used a hand mixer, I tried a stand one and just never got the hang of it, I am not I the kitchen much…..but my old white one had seen better days and so my husband and I went to of all places, K-Mart.

And we found this!



oops…sorry the Spanish side took a better view…:)

What I really like besides the red color of course is the nifty storage container that snaps to the bottom and holds the beaters and cord….



No more looking for a lost beater. LOL 


These are the specs on it….


It really goes when you need it to and it came with a set of regular beater, dough hooks and a whip……all for less that 30.00. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the Rednesday fun! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why I love Home Goods



I am not a big Halloween decorator these days, but I have gotten to where I put a few things out since I have seem so many cute things on blogs…..these trees are so fun!  and you can’t really tell but there is all kinds of fun colored glitter on them! Home Goods had a bunch of new Halloween items!

These are a gift for my best friend Cheri, I can put them on here because she never looks at my blog! LOL



We use the gems around candles, and I put some in the bowl of my little fountain out on my patio….I love the ones shaped like leaves.

Now, if you know anything about this store you had better hurry up if you want Halloween or Fall items…they go fast!!!!!

Oh by the way…we hit 117 degrees here today in Phoenix…broke a record.  And people wonder why I talk about fall in August! LOL

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who doesn’t remember a Dixie Cup?

I am happy it is the middle of the week!  That means it is Rednesday at Sue’s blog!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite items in my Dixie Cup Collection…..

Who doesn’t remember these fun little waxed primary cup colors?


And the bigger hot drink cups are just the most vivid colors!!!!

Look what the cups originally cost…


Is that not a hoot?  I keep telling you I wish I had a time machine…LOL

Here are a few more photos just to enjoy these little gems that are very hard to find anymore….





IMG_0090 Quite a while ago for sure…..60 cents???

Have a great day and if you click on Rednesday it will take you to Sue’s blog to see all of the other fun reds!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My grand puppy Abbey is awesome!

I have written before about my sweet “Grand puppy” Abbey. I don’t know if I ever will get grandkids, but this pup is awesome!

If you have read my blog, you know Abbey was brought into our family by my son Bryan, he bought her at 6 weeks and she was the cutest pup! He bought her with a broken front leg though….so the $300.00 dog became a $600.00 dog in 72 hours! LOL


She has had her fair share of growing pains and being a pain…..but has become a beautiful dog, she is now almost 10 months.

Abbey April 2011  2

If you haven’t heard of this breed ( English Pointer), they are like a ADHD kid on Mountain Dew!!!!! Talk about hard to train…..so he sent her to a trainer from New Mexico named Terry Chandler, his kennels are called Rugerheim Kennels in Las Cruces New Mexico. His wife Janet and Terry breed, show and compete with champion German Shorthair Pointers. Take a look at the beautiful dogs they have! He does a training camp up in the northern part of Arizona every summer. Abbey is up there now. They had to start late as we had all of those fires early this summer. It is so beautiful up there…..in the 70’s during the day and 60’s at night….

Since Abbey is just a pup she went for obedience training only, but then they got to working with her and Terry and his co trainer, Guy realized they had a gem…..a natural…..take a look! They asked my son if they could start her on birds…..


6063933818_3a086814bb1 - Copy

She is in her glory, to be sure……Guy has had to pick her up and move her back from the birds, she gets within 5 inches of them and “points right thru the flush”….usually they have to train them for that I guess, not out girl! She will be up here for until October 1st….my son Bryan is up visiting her now and he is so proud! The trainers said they could sell her right now for $2500.00 without batting an eye….of course we would never sell her……she is a member of the family!

When she gets back to the valley, Bryan will learn how to do trials with her……our little runt of the litter has become quite a bird dog!

I love this photo, it shows how she watched her trainer like a hawk….



They have a long line on her so she doesn’t go out too far, she will be a “short range” dog….You will notice the “shock” collar on her? Hasn’t had to be used once!!!! It also had a GPS on it…..She is in her element and it shows.

She has become a full grown dog while she has been gone….I am sure we will be shocked when she gets home….IMG_2271 ( Our first meeting)


You go Abbey girl !!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Really Fun Deal !

I own a Cricut Create, and I have had a good time with it, the few times I have used it,  but I do miss being able to make images larger than 5 and 3/4 inches.

So I talked with friends, did some online research and decided if I could get an Expression for a decent price, I would try one of them, and wait on the Expression2 which is about 250.00 or better most places. I know it does a few more things than the Expression, but I am not using this all of the time, so thought I would start here. 

So, I remembered that at one time Wal-Mart had them in fun colors, so I checked there first….they don’t carry them anymore. 




So I went to EBay looking for a used one, I tried a couple of auctions and lost, so I thought OK….I won’t get one right now. 

I tried one more time for a “canary” one and…..drum roll please….for 36.00 and S&H of 10.00 I got this one!  Yes, it is used, but if it does not work, I get my money back.  The auction stated it worked great.  Did you know that if you buy something on EBay with PayPal and the seller doesn’t return your money if it doesn’t work,  they have their own guarantee?   Yup!

images 2140

Yellow is my second favorite, Red of course was my first….but for this price I was happy with any color!

Considering this is what they went for new….


I was willing to try it!

So, I now have a lightly used ( I have used it less than a dozen times) Cricut Create for sale….



if anyone would like one, please email me at sanjos333@yahoo.com and we can talk price…..I am going to let it go cheap!  :):)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our family had grown by quite a few


My husband Wayne and Scott spent a lot of hours talking about “when I go” this is what I would like from you……knowing it was years and years away. How wrong we were…..once more we learned that change is not only inevitable but absolute.

We went Sunday to help his daughter pack up his home, and we hated every minute…..she just stood there helpless while we took his things and gently placed them in boxes…..it brought back the time I had to take my parents house apart by myself, with the help of a dear friend at the time…..it feels so invasive, so wrong…..isn’t it amazing that feelings you have put deep deep inside safely tucked away spring forward just like that?????

My sons will help her find an apartment, she has a 5 year old son and he needs stability now more than ever that Grandpa is gone, and Mom is such a mess living in this place.

Another of Scott’s children, a youngest son came and got his tools and garage things, it was all he could do to get it done. He kept saying, I just know he is going to come around the corner and tell me to get away from his tools!” LOL I told him, “no, he is happy that they are going to the one son that will use always use them and think of him when you pull them out to do a job.”

His oldest son, is still not wanting to be in the house, but has had to realize this is the time…..you see the house is no longer Scott’s…..so in a way having to do this quickly is somewhat of a blessing. His daughter is living there and every morning she wakes up with her first thought being “Oh no, his is gone”…..

So….we are now a family of 5 children, and I even have grandkids!!! This rest of this year will be hard, but I know that this is what Scott asked for and we have loved these children who are now adults, for 20 years…..it is a blessing to continue to love them…..

I am sorry I seem to fluctuate between happy posts and posts such as this, but I know I can do this with you, my friends…..that is why you have come into my life…..this makes the pain more bearable….

Thank you for listening one more time…..

Friday, August 12, 2011

I have always loved these stores……

I have always been happy that this store came to Arizona




I love that they have great coupons….


And all of the merchandise that goes on sale with their ads…..


Those of you that have these stores know what I mean……

But now I love them for a whole new reason….

Wayne works for them !








Thank you Hobby Lobby for giving a baby boomer a chance to prove they still have years and years of good work left in them!!!!

It has been an incredible struggle, but we have survived, and now are blessed to work for a good company, not an evil empire…….as so many  corporations have become.  Hobby Lobby is a Christian based company that has excellent standards and a work environment  that this country needs to get back to!  We have been blessed!!!!

Let’s all go out to dinner tonight to celebrate!  :):)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In honor of Summer…..


I have been saving these images just for the right time, and I think that this Rednesday is perfect! Right at the end of summer….

DQ resturant

Dairy Queen was a big part of my youth, I remember going to these a lot….I loved the signs even as a kid….especially at night when the neon was lit up.

DQ sign at night

I guess my love of primary colors started early, I loved the Red, blue, yellow and green spoons with the swirls on the ends…..

DQ spoons

And the banana split boats that came a bit later…..


This was from Etsy, I missed the chance to have them…..the pink ones were the first design….

We had a DQ just like this in Tempe down by AZ State University….we went there a lot in high school….


So if you have one near you, go have a chocolate dipped cone, they are still my favorite. Oh and if you want real French fries, this is the place to hit. They make them when you order them! Hot, Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle….Yum!DQ 1

All Images courtesy of Google

Thanks for stopping by! :):)


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