Monday, December 29, 2014

Came back with a vengeance!




First time in years Wayne has had almost two weeks vacation and I am sick!  Thought I had beat it….NOT!   :(

Saturday, December 27, 2014

OK… is over…..


We had a wonderful Christmas!  The guys bought their Dad a new TV….

2014-12-24 21.31.06

Can you believe it?????

So Bryan and Wayne spent the rest of the evening getting rid of the dinosaur and all of the non essential components it took to run it!

2014-12-24 21.38.50

The new TV is  amazing, I don’t know how to explain the picture quality except it feels like “live” TV…just unreal….

The guys got their stockings with all of the items they might use, not fun anymore but they appreciate it….lol

I received a box from Cath Kidston and waited to to pen it until Christmas Eve….

2014-12-27 16.30.20

2 red mugs, 2 white, and some wrapping paper I will hold onto…

2014-12-27 16.30.27

Her graphics make me crazy all the time but at Christmas I just have to do it…I have to buy some items….I think it has become a Christmas tradition! lol

2014-12-27 16.30.57

and I adore her candles…..

2014-12-27 16.31.05

I have some adorable holders for these…..

Here is Miss Bailey on Christmas Eve….

2014-12-24 19.38.01


And Miss Abbey girl…..with my son Chris….

2014-12-24 19.25.59

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve, Chris was suppose to work but once he got there he was allowed to go home they didn’t need as many as volunteered ….a really nice surprise.

For Christmas Day….we had a small turkey and some of the sides…it was nice, just really nice…

2014-12-25 14.00.29

I have to say I enjoyed this Christmas more than I have any in a long time….it was wonderful, quiet and worth the time it took to make it nice!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God Bless Us…. Everyone !




                 Merry Christmas!



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa came again!!!!


$_57 (19)

Santa has been wonderful to me this year….his elves came at least 3 times already!  Santa himself brought this….


After 40 years of cooking I was able to pick out a KitchenAid 5 quart mixer!  This is called Majestic Yellow…surprised it isn’t red?  Not everything needs to be red, right?  I can add red cherries to it! :)


This gal is on Etsy….HensinDaisies


Here is a photo in my kitchen, as you can see we are getting ready to use this……the color wouldn’t come out right….

2014-12-21 15.25.06

It looks like it is two colors but it is not….

I also got a chance to go thrifting for about an hour yesterday while I waited to pick up Wayne from work…he has a big Goodwill right next door… was a blast…and they had so many vintage glass ornies!

2014-12-21 09.29.21


2014-12-21 09.29.30

2014-12-21 09.29.37

There is a 97 cent Sprouse Reitz sticker on this box…gives you an idea how old they are…I paid 99 cents!

All of these goodies were only 9.00…..I didn’t think that was bad…I am starting to collect the ornaments for a new wreath, mine got accidently crunched…:(  There are about 55 ornaments here….

I also got a smokin’ deal at Kohls on 8 placemats and two runners for Christmas….the runners are the same quilted fabric.

2014-12-21 09.33.51

what is cool, is ….this is the backs…I can use these all year. :)

2014-12-21 09.34.27

I got the 8 placemats for 1.68 each and the runners for a little over 3.00 each.  One placemat was originally 7.99!  Of course, who would pay that?  But I love a good deal!!!

I also found some boxes never opened from JC Penny’s from last year after Christmas, they had decorated bottle brush trees in three sizes…here are a couple of photos, I put them with my Santa blow molds…..I love shopping my storage room! lol


2014-12-19 12.44.42

2014-12-19 12.44.55

Love this Santa he is hard plastic…but with a light.

Well, better go get busy reading the book that came with the mixer, we have Spritz cookie to make tonight…:) 

Thanks for stoppin’ by…..

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Home this Christmas….


Hi Everyone!


I took a break from making cookies…I wanted to share my house with you all….photo heavy, just so you know maybe a good time to get a cup of coffee….:)

I was going to try to put them together by room….but too much brain power for that right now…lol  Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage 2

PicMonkey Collage 4

PicMonkey Collage 3


PicMonkey Collage 7

PicMonkey Collage 5

PicMonkey Collage 6

PicMonkey Collage 1

Miss Bailey says Merry Christmas to all !!!!


Thanks for stopping by…:)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shiny Brites….anyone????


Well I have about 80% of my Christmas out….and I have way too many vintage type ornies!  I bought these two sets last year after Christmas from JC Penny.  I pulled them out of their boxes for this photo…

One set are the small ones and the 6 piece are large.

2014-12-09 09.56.15

Here are a couple more stock photos…  20.00 for both.

a20791d12abe12a80a56f2_m (1)

This is a set of Misc that are about two years old…in new condition…

2014-12-09 09.55.41

2014-12-09 09.55.20

10.00 for this box, these are also large ornaments.

I also have some retired Fitz & Floyd Christmas goodies….

Full size pie plate from the Santa’s Kitchen collection. 15.00




Cookie Jar to match!  Large….great graphics and little tools hanging on sides.   20.00






  Photo to show size….


I just used these for display, I have the boxes for both… I also have a little bonus for whoever buys the cookie jar…:)

These two pieces went for over 60.00 each. I bought these at Dillards about 7 years ago.  In PERFECT shape!  No chips or cracks…

Please leave a comment if you want to buy and email me so we can figure shipping….

I have been busy doing a little crafting also…..I had this Santa boot from Big Lots, I paid 99 cents for it last year after Christmas….

2014-12-04 13.18.59

Boring….I added large white glitter to the top with some mod podge, and some stickles to the gold buckle and then got out the glue gun!

2014-12-04 13.51.53

Much better!  :)

Thanks for stopping by….


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Goodies for sale….


Hello….I am selling these items as I have enjoyed them and it is time for them to be moving on….:)

2014-11-13 14.07.58

2014-11-13 14.08.13

Vintage toy complete with instructions…..8.00

2014-11-13 14.11.51

2014-11-13 14.12.05

2014-11-13 14.12.17

A wonderful vintage Fisher Price Prancy Pony, paper graphics are great!  Ears intact….original pull string. ….. 17.00


2014-11-13 15.28.23

2014-11-13 15.28.48

Irmi Humpty Dumpty Lamp and handmade shade….it GREAT working order…  25.00

2014-11-16 16.38.52

2014-11-16 16.39.04

2012 Cath Kidston Christmas Tags  7.50

2014-11-16 16.39.34

2014-11-16 16.39.49

2012 Cath Kidston Christmas Cards with Envelopes…..7.50

2014-11-13 14.09.55

Vintage Fisher Price Bluebird Music Box, with original rare ball pull……hanger for crib is gone……………13.00  little spot above the red breast was dirt…it is gone….:)

2014-11-13 14.09.04

2014-11-13 14.09.17

Sweet little vintage sewing box with kitties on top, marbleized plastic.  There is a name in black marker on the bottom….12.00


  2014-11-13 14.10.20

And a fun new autographed Mary Englebreit cookbook….8.00

This is just the start….First comment who wants it buys it.  Shipping fees up to buyer as to how to ship. Please leave your email address so I can contact you in the comment.  Paypal Payments preferred.  I will take personal checks if I know you! :)


I will be posting a few times a week, and I have a bunch of clear stamp sets, paper packs, and general kitschy Christmas items I will be letting go for great prices! 


Thanks for looking….


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