Thursday, August 20, 2015

Before and After…I can breathe again!


I just had to share this with all of you….I have tried so many times to get my craft room workable, and it never stays that way.  Well, I finally asked my husband to help me…he is very methodical and it took a total of 2 days at 4 hours each day…. but we went through everything.  I have a lot of items I have sold on my FB group and I have a lot going to my favorite Scrapbook Store’s garage sale in October…

I am so proud of the work we did together ! Here are the before’s and after’s…..

PicMonkey Collage A


PicMonkey Collage B

Even my desk was cleaned off….

PicMonkey Collage C


I can now work in my space…I was having to use the kitchen table….I still have a lot of paper I am getting rid of and right now I have three bins for the Scrapbook Garage Sale…..but I feel great!!!!


I also want you to know that I have QUIT buying….I went out with my best friend last night and all I got was one magazine that I adore called Daphne’s Diary…..that was it.  We went to Michaels, Barnes & Noble, and Dollar Tree.  Pretty awesome for me…..

Look out creativity….here I come!





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