Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Viv’s Valentine Day Swap


valentine banner


I know I have been kind of MIA lately, but I have been busy…..I am doing a family tree for a birthday gift and so I am have been happily in the land of the past……:)

But I am back now and I wanted to share the lovely box of goodies I got from my swap partner Joyce ( Scrap for Joy).  Joyce and I were lucky enough to get to meet here in Mesa, AZ a few years back and we hit it off immediately!  We have been great friends ever since, so when I found out that Viv had paired us up for her Valentine Swap I was so happy!

Take a ganger at what Joyce sent….she knows me so well! lol

The note on the inside of the box….


Everything was wrapped in fun tissue and hearts…..and sooo me!  I have been fortunate that my last few swaps, the people really knew me…. this was also a box of birthday goodies….I will be uh…..older on Saturday! So I got a double gift. :)  Quite a few photos here as Joyce went a little crazy! :)



Great die for my genealogy fun……


I love anything to do with cupcakes!


Aren’t these just so cute?????


She sent me some fun Cherry chocolate M&Ms…they tried to make a break for freedom….


I got them all though….:)

Some wonderful sheets of graphics…..




And then onto the Valentine goodies…..

Joyce is a talented paper artist and she made me the most wonderful piece of art!








Each little square something wonderful…..

It is hanging in my craft room!

And a homemade Valentine and Birthday card…..


This just cracked me up!



More goodies still…..


And it all came in this wonderful red tin tub!


Thank you Viv for a wonderful fun Swap….we can always count on you for a fun time!!!!!! Click on Viv’s banner  to see her fun items and “Scrap for Joy” to meet Joyce if you haven’t already….she is a sweetheart!

Also linking up with Sue’s Rednesday…..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

More color!

I am sure by now a lot of you have found Pinterest.  It is such a fun place to go for vintage graphics!  There are a ton of Vintage Valentines out there right now.  I have noticed on quite a few of these cards the color is faded or just not quite what I want.  I have a program that came with my Windows 7 called Windows Live Photo Gallery.  It is a spot to do a little adjusting and such.  If you have this program, it can make a faded card look better if that is what you want…

The original:


After auto adjust:

177681147768364563_H4kC67Su_c - Copy - Copy

As you can see it is bright and sharper!

A few more images before and after:


39547302947617156_DHJwYCil_c - Copy

145522631678909749_R8tQle6u_c - Copy

Auto Adjust

Sometimes it is just subtle, you can also straighten the photo and many other things….if you haven’t used this before, give it a try! 

It is a lot easier than PSE for quick fixes, for me anyhow….:)


Also the other new October Afternoon coming out soon!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you love Cath Kidston?

Well, if you do look what she has new for you!






I absolutely love these items!!!!!!!!!!!  How vintage the hens and roosters are! I just went to order and they have new US shipping fees.  It was only $20.00 to ship!!!!!  GRAB them quick!

Go ahead…if you dare….



Also, you paper crafters…look at this line that October Afternoon is coming out with!!!!!!!!!!!  I for one, cannot wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Good Way to Save a Bundle!

Good Afternoon!  I was recently blog hopping when I saw a post about how to save money on cartridges for your printer.  I wish I could tell you where I was…:)  The first thing she mentioned was remanufactured cartridges….and a link to a company that sells thru Amazon.com.

So I went and took a look….I was amazed!  To buy a set of all of the cartridges I need for my printer at Wal-Mart, which I found to be the cheapest is 65.00!  I love to paper craft and  tag swaps and such and copying my vintage cards and what not can use a lot of ink.

This is what I found on Amazon….


This package was 12.47 !!!!!  It has three black, and two of everything else.  This would have been over 150.00 in the store! 

This is how it arrived….


I will try to keep you informed of how long these last…..but this is the way to go if these are filled fully…..The link is below….they have all kinds of different cartridges….


Let me know if you use them and how satisfied you are with the results!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Junior Elf Book that is too cute!

It is Friday again and so I am on my way over to Corey’s to join the fun!


I have a few of these Junior Elf Books and they are just so sweet…..really enjoy looking at them now….







Such simple sweet stories…..Please go over to Corey’s and see the other fun vintage children’s books.  Have a great weekend!


I also just listed a really fine piece of vintage memorabilia on EBay….a great Mattel Talking Larry the Lion.



He has been with me since I was 8 years old….if you love Vintage toys, take a look!



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