Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Really Good Progress!

I am so excited!  yesterday I took a 5 Hour Energy and a Pain pill and went to work!  My room was just trashed, and I had to get busy….so I worked for a little over 5 hours and got 98% of the items put away, labeled and cleaned up the rest.  I had two bags of garbage! What do you think?????

Looking from the doorway to the left…


It is not finished, I haven’t worked on the “cute” aspect yet, just got the hard work part done….     BEFORE….


This is all of my papers, by company….    AFTER…. ( Got them finished)



I had this paper  behind  doors before in a cabinet and I never used them…my goal this year is to use some of this paper!  I swear I could wallpaper all of my home’s walls with all of these lovelies….it would be easier on me than cutting them…lol


I use a Dymo label and labeled what I put behind the doors, otherwise again, I forget…..

This is the right side of the room from the doorway…This is where I will craft….I had a bunch of three drawer containers on the table, and I hated it, so I moved them behind the right door ( there are double doors into the room), this is how that came out…. ( hate the clutter under the table and to the side….)



I have to find some kind of skirt for this table, but it needs to be kind of “invisible” as I already have plenty of color elsewhere, any ideas????

I am thinking of moving my glitter and then I could go a bit higher on the 12x12 drawers if needed….


Much easier to use…and yes more labels….


And I even have a drawer for Meri…I am always finding items for her :)


I tried really hard to put things where I could easily slide over and get them….these are to the right of my craft table in the modulars I have…



Straight on from the doorways is my computer desk


I guess that’s it…now comes the fun side, all of my childhood memories, and furnishing the dollhouse!  I appreciate all the interest in my room, I feel like I am finally where I can create without feeling cramped and nervous…..and I even have room for someone to craft with me!  I can push the monitor and keyboard back and craft on this table too….about time for us tag ladies to have a summer tag swap, don’t you think???? 

Thanks for the encouragement and kind comments along this journey…I really appreciated them all!  I will have another post as soon as Meri comes and helps me decorate!  She is so good at it, how about it Meri???? 

Friday, April 20, 2012

It’s Coming Along…..

It is so funny that Miss Tammy made a comment on my last post about the craft room….I just got the Formica done today!  So…just a few photos until I get busy this weekend and do it up right!  Meri and I went to our favorite scrapbook store here in AZ, well, one of them anyhow called Scrapbooks ETC, I will post about it tomorrow….so I just got back a bit ago….what do you think? 


OH, it is the most wonderful shade of Red!!!!!!

I got these book all at once, there were 10 for 35.00….I just couldn’t resist, Meri and I talked about getting them scanned and made into cute graphic items to sell….hmmm…we’ll see.




And look!!!  The doll house has it’s own shelf….not done by a far shot, but I thought you would like to see the “before” shot…..talk again soon, I promise! :)


This looks like it is going downhill, it isn’t but the camera was…lol

Thanks for coming by…..

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Well Loved Son

I recently bought this card off of Ebay….I was so touched by the envelope…

card 1

And the back of the card…..

card 2

What came to mind was a couple that had waited a long time for this child, maybe their only one?  Someone kept it and cherished it for years…..and now I will…

Isn’t this adorable???


card 3

Feel free to use it for your personal crafting…:)  The long tab is a stand of sorts, The card is in really good shape and about 5x 7.  Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Beatles again….What?

Well, I was looking at Yahoo News and saw a story that just made me scratch my head……

Remember these guys???

thumbnail (1)

Yes, our beloved childhood band….well…one of their kids wants to start a second generation of Beatles….WHAT?

Here are the kids…..and boy some of these young men look like clones….

Julian Lennon, who was the first Beatle baby and has been a musician and composer for years….and the one who never gets any respect…wasn’t even mentioned in the Yahoo article..


41-Kk-Es kL._SL500_AA300_

absolutely spooky how much he looked like John when he was younger….


George’s son…Dahni Harrison


Ringo’s son Zac Starkey


Now the one that blew me away…we all thought Paul was adorable right?  How could that sweet face ever look bad????  Here you go….


This is James McCartney and he is the doof that wants to start a new band with Zac, Dhani, and not Julian, the musician but Yoko’s boy Sean Lennon…


I agree with the majority here….Just… Let  It Be…..


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Few Fun Finds

Sorry I have been AWOL…just hit a bit of a bump….you know the “I just don’t feel like doing anything” bump?  I know they pass so I just was patient….:)

A few of my most recent finds on Etsy and Ebay….I was amazed at how reasonable these Merrill Publishing Ruth E Newton books were….So I got two of the same! lol


The cutest artwork ever…..




This has got to be one of my favorites….This little dog is so sweet!





Some wonderful  transfers for cookies, I hope to get these made for Easter….


Here is one sheet….sorry for the glare, but they are in plastic for now so they don’t dry out…


I got a rectangular cutter for them…..they even sent the recipes….


Sorry the photo is so lousy….

Some fun Spring straws….


And some fabric about to take a trip to someone else’s house……


I also got this adorable fabric from an Etsy seller…..I am going to cover a notebook with it…..


You just can’t beat the Asian graphics for fabrics…..

Here is her addy…..


I also saw this set in an ad from World Market…it is 199.00  on sale….wouldn’t this be perfect to serve Easter dinner on?????  LVOE the color!  The price in incredible too!  If I didn’t already have a table and chairs  out on my covered patio, this is what would be there!



Easter 12

Hop on over….!  Click on the bunnies!  ( I wish I knew why png’s have this back round on Windows Live Writer…any one know why? )

I have a few more things but for today this will do!  I am hoping to get up the last shelf that is for my dollhouse in my hobby room this week….then I can finally show you how cute it came out!  Have a wonderful night!


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