Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More of this and less of that…


Well, I have been in some major distress for about 10 days,


went to the doctor on Monday and he said…

You will need to take two kinds of antibiotics…

images (2)

and after you are healed…you need more of this….

images (9)

images (6)

images (3)

images (5)

and a LOT less of this…

images (4)

and NONE of these….

images (7)

images (8)

Yup….Diverticulitis…. the only really good thing???  I have dropped 9 pounds! lol


Monday, February 25, 2013

Watty Piper Books and More….


As most of you know, I love vintage children’s books because of the illustrations….I recently saw this book on Ebay and was amazed by the graphics!!!!

This was described as an original 1846 publishing…I think that is incredible!  It is in such good condition and I only paid $15.00 for it!











Aren’t this great?????

And then I saw this book….another Watty Piper book…he is most famous for “The Little Engine that Could”


Again great graphics and many stories just like the one above…







These are great children’s books to have in your library for your grandkids also, just beautiful books from an era that was so prolific in wonderful graphics!

I also received a wonderful box from Miss E….



I am pulling out the Easter and Spring bins soon!

Thanks for stopping by…

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Wonderful Seller on Ebay…Easter Goodies!


Hi ladies! 

I just had to come share a wonderful young man  on Ebay his name is Bobby and he is amazing!!!  She has taken a lot of our vintage Easter images  glittered them up and mounted them on fiber board and then cut them to perfection!  We have all seen this little lamb on Pinterest…

$(KGrHqR,!pgFCqKNS!MGBQ gjJW2LQ~~60_3



And sweet little ornaments for your Easter trees! 




He even had a Vintage Dennison bunny cutout! 

$(KGrHqJ,!j!FC9NOuJ ZBRB)gcG21g~~60_3

I bought the hen …this gives you an idea of the size of most of them, some are bigger…




They also come with a peg to put in the back, if they are not meant to hang up…you can’t see the glitter in these shots, but there is a good amount of it….

Please check out her site on Ebay!

Thanks for stopping by…:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow !!!!!!!!!


Well…not in the real way…it is called grapple and it is snow that gets water droplets frozen to it on the way down….but it was white for a few minutes!   My flash caught the flurries coming down…this is my front yard.

Feb 20 2013 3


The weather has been crazy everywhere this winter…but this is amazing!  The Superstition Mountains east of me are covered in real snow! 

Just looked outside, it is gone already….:(  Guess I won’t building one of these….lol


I haven’t heard from too many people so hopefully everyone has gotten ahold of their partners…if not email me at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Here we go!


OK ladies….we had over 50 crafters join this swap!  WOW!

Now what I am going to do is put the partners here:

  1. Chris from & Sandie from
  2. Kim K from Musings from Kim K & Pam from
  3. Sallie from & Jill from
  4. Angela from & Jennie from
  5. Tammie from & Patti from
  6. Michelle from & Linda from
  7. Caroline from & Joyce from
    8. Erica from & Lady Linda from
    9. Tiff from & Trishe from
    10. Chris from & Linda from
    11. Viv from & Deb from
    12. Laura from & Holly from
    13. ? from & Cindy from
    14. Laurie from & Jann Olson from
    15. Harriette from & Jenny from
    16. Susan from & Michelle from
    17. Sue from & Shirley from
    18. Debby from & JeanKnee from
    19.? from & ? from
    21. Sandy from &Betty Smith…  Betty I need you to email me please…:)
    22. Elizabeth from & Suzie… You two need to communicate, ok????
    23. Meri from & Pixie from
    OK…..That should be everyone, for those of you that I need emails for please get back to me quickly so we can start the fun….PLEASE do not plan on dropping out!  It is too late now, you all have a partner….and again, please get to know your partner and be generous!  That is the fun in the swap….if you are light on $$$$, you all have talent and imagination…:)  The Number One rule is to Have Fun!!!!!   Enjoy!
      Email me at  if you have any questions…

      Friday, February 15, 2013

      Last Valentine Post for 2013


      I promise… last Valentine post….

      I just wanted to share what my hubby got me for Valentines Day…



      Sorry for the messy photo, but these roses and lilies are beautiful!!!  Candy, flowers, Red Velvet cupcakes, with these on the tops:


      This was on Wednesday, then yesterday I came home form a Birthday jaunt with Meri to this:


      It looked better before I opened it!  I was so tired I couldn’t figure out the carrots…then Wayne said “How many carrots”?  And I said two, and then it dawned on me…


      Yes….beautiful 2 carats earrings!!!!!!  I have to get my ears pierced as I haven’t worn any earrings for years, and they grew in. I cannot wait to wear them!  Thank you Honey!!!!

      Meri came to get me with this wrapped around a beautiful white and pink rose….


      This photo really doesn’t do this sweet towel justice….she hand sewed all of around the bunnies and heart, she has the holes in her fingers to prove it!  Take a closer look…



      The ruffles are vintage fabrics….this is never being used!  Just for show…   Thank you Meri!!!!!!  I also got a wonderful Paper Kit when we went to Scrapbooks Etc……




      How perfect!!!!!


      And last but not least two more wonderful hand crafted Valentines!


      Patti from Paintin’ Patti on the left, and Chris from Perfectly Printed on the right….thank you ladies…next year I have more cards to make!!!

      Here is the back of Chris’s card…


      OK….I am now officially putting all the red stuff away! 

      Let’s get ready fro Spring!!!!!!!!!!!



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