Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So long…for now..




This is a just a short note to let you know that 521 Lake Street is going to be very quiet for at least the rest of this year……many reasons why, but I really don’t need to go into them…..here are  words that help explain when I can’t….











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I will be stopping by occasionally on your blogs to say hello….Have a good Holiday season and please don’t forget about me….

If you feel so inclined… here is my email



I will be having a  LOT of items on Etsy, eventually during the holidays.  So check in often.

No comments are needed….thank you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time to get crafty!

Well, the holiday crafting is about to begin!  Deb from Garage Sale Gal and my self are hosting a Fall/Halloween Spoolie Swap!

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The signups are on Deb’s blog only on this post:
PLEASE only sign up there….all of the rules are also listed….this is going to be a quick fun swap….
The signups will be open until the 31st of this month…so run on over, sign up, and let’s have some fun!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To Market Tuesdays…

To Market Tuesdays

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my market today. As always, if you're the first person to speak up for an item below, consider it SOLD. Thank you for making this so easy and fun!

Please make sure that I have a working email for you, and I will send you a PAYPAL INVOICE within about 48 hours.


Ok, here are today’s goodies….


From left to right I have:  

6 Emerald Extra Wide bias tape       25 Cents each

2 Single Fold Scarlet Bias Tape               25 Cents each

2 Extra Wide double folded Scarlet Bias Tape    25 Cents each

(all ones below are extra wide double fold ) 

The Printed Patterned Tapes are all 1.00

The White/Red I have  3 XXX

The Holly  I have 2     XX                                     

The White/Green I have  2   XX                                    

The Red/White I have 2      XX         Chris, these are yours!                            


These are the rolls of cord….again they are small, the cord package is a total of 2 and 1/4 inches tall.  75 cents each

Green I have 5

Red I have 2 and then 1 opened but looks full.

1 opened chocolate brown   50 Cents


I have two of these sweet little baby dolls, they are jointed and there eyes open and close they are 3.5 inches tall.    1.00 each   SOLD Elaine these are yours, sorry Chris, her request came in before yours…:)




They were originally….


8 Cents!   All 5 for 2.00  SOLD



Little tiny flags of many nations…..2 sets   25 cents each  SOLD





Misc wooden doll furniture   6.00 for all of it.   SOLD


Brand New never used punch ……………5.00




Fiesta Limited Edition Christmas Ornament  Mini Plate in Chartreuse, Member Exclusive       $ 5.00   SOLD


OK…I think that is good for today…a lot of little items…I will be shopping for bigger items more often…:)


I will put up a red “X” for each package or small item sold where there is more than one for sale.

Have a great day!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goodwill Stop…..


Meri asked after we had had lunch and gone to the scrapbook if I wanted to stop at Goodwill, I am never one to say no, well…maybe once…lol

I hit the jackpot with items I want to resell…lots and lots of notions!


Two bags of buttons, you can never have enough buttons!


Two bags of wonderful Christmas red and green thick “twine”, I have no idea what they were going to do with this, but it sure is cute!



It is the consistency of a thick bakers twine, and was 1.29 at Michaels a long time ago!  It is stretchy like cord…the whole spool is about 2.25 inches tall…they called it Braided Persian Cord…..cute for paper crafting, cards, wrapping gifts, tying bags shut….I will be selling this on Tuesday…


And bags and bags of these!!!!!


You can hardly find these patterned bias trims for Christmas anymore…I have plenty, quite a few will be on sale Tuesday…:) A few different ones than these and lace too…:)

I also got a bag of goodies I call cake makers mess!  Not sure what was in it that I could use, but for 2.99 I was willing to take a chance…



I opened it and about half were bits and pieces but some great vintage birthday candles and little decorations for Easter…and music stuff….even part of a huge white baby grand piano, it was cracked I threw it out….I will have some of the goodies for sale on Tuesday also, there are two CHOICE perfect little jointed plastic dolls that eyes open and close, ….and one thing I am keeping…


Sweet little chain fence and posts in white, I will use these with my metal dollhouse!  That alone was worth the 2.99! :)

Then I got to this box….IMG_3819

You know how when you get these little treasures you never know what you are going to find…..this one held a personal treasure…..


This person made their own little candy roses one by one….


LOVE the colors….so,the box?…not worth a dime but so sweet to open…..

Meri will have to tell you what she got….mostly little treasures for the Putz houses we are making in class in November, I have a guest room ready…who’s going to use it from out of town?????  Meri has at least one too, and there is a great new hotel right between the two of us that is next to the hospital so it is reasonable!!!  You could share rooms…just a thought….  Come on ladies, I want to have a fun, fun weekend with some of my out of state blogging buddies! Only 20 spots for the class….:):) click on the link below to see about the class….


See you Tuesday! :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A day out with Meri…


There is a scrapbook store here in Mesa called Scrapbooks Etc. it is a wonderful place….it is also a quilting and sewing store now….Meri and me try to get there a couple of times every season….

This visit this is what I zeroed in on….





For my little girl photos…..


See the train of thought????  Meri looked at this and said” Oh, another major project you will never do!” lol…she knows mw well….but I have been watching Becky Higgins and her Project Life, Simple Stories and their Snap! albums, We R Memories, etc….. I have always felt like I could never get any real scrapbooking done for my sons as there were hundreds if not thousands of photos and memorabilia to contend with….I started out when they were born…..

This was “Project Life” in 1980…


sorry for the poor photos of these pages…. just wanted you to see these….cute baby!!!!!



Way back before “acid free” was a term, these were acid free photo sleeves….these  photos are over 30 years old and in great shape!  I have 5 of these albums…not all full…


Then life happened, a full time job, school, sports, just go..go..go…!

And this is what happened to the rest of the “stuff”…


This is the inside of just one of Bryan’s crates.  I want you to know that this summer I finally got around to organizing all the photos by who they were!  All these years later….it took me months.  They were everywhere in my house and not in any order.



Boxes and boxes, and all of my genealogy items as well…


So…to say I was overwhelmed with the thought of doing anything is an understatement!  Then I saw “Project Life”…..and it made sense….just do a few every day or every other day and I might have them done by the end of my life….lol…

So that is why I am buying the papers I am buying….And I can make a bunch of my own cards as well, and any 12x12 3 ring binder will work. You can buy packages of photo sleeves with all different photo configurations, and there are a number of companies putting those out.  The ones I bought back in the 80’s were expensive and I am probably just going to change a few items in each….but the rest needs to go somewhere.  I see these women that are just starting with their kids as babies, they take photos totally different then we did 3O years ago, and all the time….and they are overwhelmed with starting this process…. I have 30+ years to catch up on!….but since I am the Mom,  I took most of these photos…I have the time, it is my job, and I am looking forward to it!  Wish me luck….





It’s really hot outside, I am rally grumpy because of the heat and seeing all of these memories will be good…:) There are no rules…you can add as many photos or journaling or cards to each page that you want….I am hoping to be able to give them as Christmas gifts each year to my guys…..no girlfriends or daughter-in-laws yet, but I am holding onto the hope there might be down the road…:)


Next post is about the stop we made at Goodwill….just for the heck of it! :):)….


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