Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween !!!!!

Josie Reinhard far right sitting down3

This is one of my grandmothers photos I treasure most!    She is the one sitting far right with her hand on the floor, the one in the middle in the light colored dress, looking straight ahead is her sister Jessie Reinhard and the one second from the left in the back is their other sister Mamie Reinhard.   I assume a bunch of friends from school are the rest of these lovely gals.  I love the dark pumpkins, wouldn’t you love to see this photo in color??????




Hope everyone has a wonderful fun Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Market Tuesday


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Good Morning!!!!!  I have a few items for sale and also some really nice vintage Christmas Ephemera packs that I have put together. 

For your Holiday Crafts:

This is a group of fun vintage and new Christmas ephemera. For cards, gifts, scrapbooking, baking…there is no limit to what you can do with this group of goodies!

You will get:

10 vintage Christmas picks

104 inches of twine, beaded garland

6 vintage tags

1 sheet of vintage stickers (in a bag with the tags)

6 jingle bells in assorted colors and sizes

10 misc. vintage light reflectors and light covers

And a few misc. new Christmas goodies! 

They carefully fit into a small flat rate box which is $5.15 to send.

There are two boxes, we will see how these go…I have more ephemera than I could ever use….so might as well pass it along…:)

IMG_3912(vintage plastic tree not included)



One sheet worth of stickers, taken apart and packaged in a flat bag, might have a few different ones than shown.



Six tags from this group




                                              $8.00 each box


I also have a 7 foot 8 inch continuous piece of vintage kitchen linen toweling.



I used a similar toweling fabric for the valances in my kitchen, a lot of different uses for this wonderful linen fabric!

                                               $27.00   SOLD


This is an adorable vintage xylophone I was going to use for decoration in my craft room, but I just don’t have the space….nice wood and metal, in GREAT shape. With the original sticks!



                                            $12.00   SOLD

And last a great unopened package of Royledge Shelf Lining…


Tomatoes and Ivy with a cute yellow border.



For the toweling and the paper border I can use sturdy envelopes for shipping, the Xylophone will need a box.  Once you let me know in a comment below that you want it, it is yours, PLEASE do not email me to buy an item, just leave a comment below.  Once I get your address and get it packed I can give you a total. 

I am really hoping to have a lot of holiday goodies up for sale in the coming weeks….Have a great rest of the week….

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Afternoon Nirvana !!!!!

My sweet, sweet friend Tammy in Minneapolis was kind enough to go to the OA Warehouse Sale and shop for me while she was there shopping for herself too.   I am just amazed at the amount of stuff she got, and it was pennies on the dollar for some of it!  Next year, I want to go with her and Deb fro sure!

Take a look….

I am going to try my hand at starting a December Daily book, and Tammy picked me up a bunch of the Make It Merry line…how perfect!


Sorry photo are not perfect but you can still see all of the goodies!





Wonderful little punch outs in a cute paper sack…along with all of the loose tags…

Then some other lines….Sarsaparilla….Cakewalk and Report Card items…



A cute blackboard paper….



The cute red pattern is on the back of this graphic school theme paper, perfect for the red holidays.


A whole lot of a line called Travel Girl….so cute!

And some really sweet orange and white and kind of a rose and white small patter paper perfect again for different crafts….


And these are called rubber charms….:):)


Thank you so much Tammy….it means a great deal to me that you were willing to do this!  It was just like Christmas!!!!  I have the best blogging buddies ever!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learning a new craft…


Well, I think I am safe to start blogging a little more…it feels right. :)

I want to tell you about a new project I started years ago and was too intimidated to proceed  with.  It is digital scrapbooking using Photo Shop Elements.  I recently had to buy a new program ( long story) so I now have PSE 10.  I found a wonderful site with GREAT videos and I am taking this step by step.  :)

 Learn Photo Editing at

I have learned that I have a  response to new adventures that is not so great…if I don’t think I could do it perfectly, I avoid it at all costs, but then beat myself up because I don’t try…pretty stupid!  So in essence, this learning digital scrapbooking is part of my therapy…


I want to share with you a wonderful graphic artist that is at Sweet Shoppe Digital Scrapbooking…her name is Juliana Kneipp….here are some of her beautiful kits…







And of course….vintage kitchen goodies!


Here are some examples of pages done with her kits…just amazing!





This is one of my goals…I WILL do beautiful layouts like this!  One step at a time….:)


The Project Life work is also coming along….hard not to feel overwhelmed, but I just breathe….lol  Also…I can do those pages digitally!

I am going  to put some wonderful vintage Christmas ephemera kits together for Etsy…please hang in there, I will get them done soon!


If you want to see more of Julianna’s items just click on the “Sweet Shoppe” words above, it will take you there…


Thanks for coming over…:)


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