Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo !!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!

Halloween suckers

Just got this from a good friend….thought I would pass it on!!!!!!!!!  LOL


Friday, October 29, 2010

A rough week at the Old Homestead

This has been one of those weeks you don’t really care to have happen….we thought we had storm damage, but come to find out we had a leaky hot water heater for who knows how long…..

this is my bedroom wall….


Doesn’t look like much, but when they got the drywall off of this room and the closet where the hot water heater was and the laundry room, this is what they found!


IMG_2296 IMG_2292 Yup, black mold !

IMG_2300 We had three of these monster dehumidifiers in the house and storage room, they pulled a LOT of moisture from the floors and everything else! LOL

What a mess, the Water restoration company did a great job of getting everything cleaned up and now I wait for the contractor…could be a couple of weeks, a lot of storm damage in this town a few weeks ago…..

But the positive thing? I get new flooring, ( mold was under bedroom, laundry room and water closet floor) and they have to paint the laundry room and I can put carpet in my bedroom, I love the laminate but it is cold on my arthritic feet in the winter….

Question is….when will this be finished???? Probably around Thanksgiving! Thank goodness it is not in the main part of the house!

I have great insurance, it is a company called Farm Bureau, I am sure some of you have heard of them. They started out years ago just insuring farms and farmers. If you ever have a need to change house and car insurance, they also go by Western Agriculture Ins.

PS…Abbey has been limping badly on the healed leg, she never limped before but the vet says it feels funny now, she will run and play with it, but she will not walk on it! Silly puppy! The vet assures us she will start walking on it soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Abbey Girl

Well, Abbey has been 7 days with this splint/cast and she is just as spunky and playful as always!

038 redone'

Bryan has had to re wrap it about every 5 or 6 hours, he is going thru a lot of vet wrap! She goes into day so they can redo it as at the top of her leg, she is getting a pink spot that looks sore…..she is so full of it and she is TEETHING big time, I have wounds to prove it…..little stinker!

But when she poops out it is immediate!!!! I had bought this bed for a fake cat that I gave my son Chris last Christmas, she saw it and loved it! It is now her bed outside of her kennel……Is this cute or what????


She has to get here head kind of under the lip…..please keep those prayers coming….she is getting better everyday, I am sure. Wednesday or Thursday they take it off and run new X-rays…..

Thank you for all of your comments on my grand pup…..she is really special to all of us!

PS....The prayers worked! She went to the vet yesterday, he took x-rays and the leg was so much better that the vet took the splint off! It has a minute space now, but the vet stated it will be together soon! Her leg was smaller as she hasn't been using the muscles but the vet said that will change quickly! So lasy night she got her first bath, the leg was really stinky!!!! I want to thank all of you that prayed and gave us positive feedback, this little one is already a family member, and we are glad we are not facing surgery on such a youngster....:):)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It’s Rednesday!


It is Rednesday at Sue’s place

Today I am using photos from the the web, but I do have these first two items!

I love these little pitchers! I actually have a full size color ad for these! They came in Kix Cereal Boxes back in the 40’s….I am missing the elusive green one….

Hot Kitchen 2 145

The “red” one is actually a red orange, but I just love them!

I got this fantastic piece at Hope Gospel Mission Store in Eau Claire a few years ago….mine is just as perfect as this one!

!B07vGEw!2k~$(KGrHqQOKiQEw13iIBCdBMc,hos6C!~~_3 Just love the graphics!

I keep photos of things I see that I would love to possibly own someday and this was one of them! Isn’t this just perfect????? I wish I had a place to put one! :)

DSC_0161 copy Isn’t it amazing what a little paint and glaze can do??????

And this was on EBay……I found a set that showed the “before” shot…


After, again some paint and a few new decals…..


This sold for $20.00 !!!! My friend Cheri and I had a business on Ebay years ago and sold many refurbished red and white items….there was a real market 10 years ago…..

Thanks for stopping by and please go see all of the other wonderful posts of fun red items at It’s a Very Cherry World!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Of all the things that could happen!

I just talked to my son Bryan and Abbey has a broken leg!

When I was over on Saturday I felt a lump on her left front leg and it worried me, I was afraid it was broken. Sure enough he took her to the vet today and the two long bones were broke, but not at the growth plates. ( Thank God!) One has knitted fine, the other hasn’t met up together yet, so they splinted the leg. The vet was optimistic about the outcome as she is not limping( she plays like any puppy does), is not sensitive to pressure and the leg seems to be growing fine, but it would be weaker if those two ends don’t meet up….he feels it happened early on, possibly even when she was born, being the runt, or some rough play could have done it too. We will never know.


It looks like the left leg is shorter but it was just the photo….but you can kind of see there is two lumps on the upper left leg….one of those is not suppose to be there….

Bryan talked to the breeder and he said he would take her back and give him a pup from the next whelping….but everyone has told him what the breeder would do with her. And it isn’t good. We are all attached to this sweet little girl. She has a splint and in 10 days they will check it. The x-rays showed that it is still in the healing process.

How in the world could you let this pup be put down?????


As you can see in this photo, the leg looks the same length…..


She is here to stay….and Bryan will deal with the outcome, but his reasonable puppy just cost him double! If you believe in prayer for animals please put Abbey in your prayers…..we want her to be around for a long long time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Very First Grand puppy !

I wanted to introduce you to my new grand puppy!

Puppy 3

This is Kit ( so far), she is a registered English Pointer. My son Bryan has two friends that are in a pointing hunt dog club and they got him hooked on this breed….

Puppy 5

Her color is called “Lemon” and the only color she has right now is on her face. her entire body is white, but that will change with time and she will get what they call “ticks” of color….like this dog:


They come in three or four colors, but you can have whole litters of just one!

litter 1 These are all “lemon”, they come in black, liver and lemon.

They are natural bird dogs and it starts when they are pups…..

imagesCAU9FB9J This one is a liver pup.

This is what they are bred to do:


This will be a great group of people to get out with, two of his friends own these dogs and other hunting dogs and one is a trainer, so she will have a great start! But more importantly she will be his buddy!

Puppy 1

She doesn’t look too happy in these photos, first day away from her litter mates and Mom, but I will get more photos today! Look at those paws! She will end up about 50 pounds or a little smaller, she was the runt. I am so happy I have a grand baby puppy to show you all! :):) I can’t wait to love on her!

P.S. New Development! My son wasn't crazy about her name, so I suggested "Abbey" and it stuck! It fits her to a T ! She is small ( the runt) and very feminine! So Abbey it is!!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A little Yellow Table

I had put this little kitchen table in layaway a couple of months ago, and the woman was nice enough to let me make payments longer than usual for her terms. I just love this! I am going to use it as a island, I think.


Isn’t it cute??????

I think the top was originally this sweet lemon yellow ( photos do not do it justice), and I assumed the pattern on top was original, but when I got to cleaning it, I noticed that it is raised, like paint…..

IMG_2243 IMG_2242

It is the identical color that the person painted the legs with too….but they could have gotten a paint match….

It has the cutest drawer,


Sadly, the paint job on the legs is truly sad, apparently the person hadn’t heard of painter’s tape….but I think I can fix it if I can get a paint match, or at least close…..



ANd the top only has one bad chip, and I like the “vintage” feel ot it!


Heck, by looking at this, maybe the top was originally red?????

Anyhow, this is the “feel” I want in my kitchen, I am going to be swapping kitchen table and putting in a smaller round red one, so this has more room…..look at the fun handle! It is metal…..


This is probably bits and pieces of different pieces of furniture but I just love it! It is only 25 inches long by 39 1/2 inches wide……can you imagine eating on a table that small with four people? It was a lot simpler back then, no need to keep getting more and more or bigger and bigger….a lesson I think we as a country need to remember!

Thanks for stopping by…..I have to get busy on a fun tag swap with Elizabeth from Creative Breathing. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally Fall is Here !

Well, I almost hate to put it in words…but I think autumn has finally arrived in Arizona.

We had some of the strangest weather ever recorded in Arizona two days. Golf ball size hail , storm wave after storm wave, 60 MPH winds, it was incredible! But after it left, the weather is cooler and the nights are wonderful… so I thought I would share my fall decorating with you to celebrate! :)

On top of my fridge and the cupboards:




Just a few simple touches on my chandelier in my kitchen.

In my living room





Down the hall…


This is the time of year we in Arizona sooo look forward to!

Hope everyone is enjoying the change of the seasons! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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