Monday, August 30, 2010

Revamped Craft room

I decided that my hutch that I had in my room was just too big and bulky and it took up too much precious space. So I put it on Craig’s List and sold it! Yea!!!!!

IMG_1211 50 percent hutch 1

So once it was gone this is how it looked….


Lots more space for my computer, printer and everything! But the modular unites were still taking up more room than they needed to and I needed to bring in another table, so I could put my dollhouse on the cherry topped one so I can work on it. '

So this….


Became this:


thank goodness for the Salvation Army! This is a sturdy heavy Formica topped table, it was 39.99 marked down to 29.99! Not real cute but totally usable!!!! And the way the legs attach I have lots of storage below.

IMG_2054 The larger cupboards ended up behind the left French door and the smaller ones over behind the right door…


Then it was hours and hours of going thru everything once more time! I called Meri and she came and took all of the excess! She was a happy camper!

So now, this is how it looks!


IMG_2060 I was lucky enough to get these plastic holders for my cardstock for just $1.00 each from my friend Jennifer at Mystic Paper here in Mesa.

IMG_2061I still need shelves, but they aren’t critical at this point. The dollhouse sits on the other table perfect…..

IMG_2071 For the time being, until it is remodeled this is where it will be….I need to move all of my cute stuff from behind it and put it on the other side of the room. I also repurposed the red Kitchen cart….


It isn’t anything fancy, but it is very workable and after having “cute” I like practical better! Cute will come later! LOL What do you think of cloth skirts on the two table to hide the stuff underneath???? And what fabric would you use????? I appreciate ideas from my buddies!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet clothespin holder dress

I am joining everyone at It’s A Very Cherry World with Sue for Rednesday! Oops, Sue doesn't have it up yet! :):) I still want to show you this really cute item.....

I came home today and found this sweet little handmade clothespin bag in the mail….it is even cuter that I thought it would be! I have seen this pattern and thought how fun it would be...and someone made it for me! :)

IMG_2065 I bought it from a seller on Etsy named “VintageEncore”. She had a few of these for sale….but this one was calling me! It has a canvas bag ( to hold the clothespins) attached to the front “dress”, and some of the fabrics are indeed vintage…..

IMG_2068 See those sweet little cherry buttons…how perfect! And there is feed sack cloth on the sleeves and the band in the middle. And the red/white is a tablecloth….


And this fun little red trimmed “skirt” is a fabric with aprons. I just love it! I am putting beadboard and a white long shelf in my laundry room, it has no windows and needs to be brighter, I am going to paint the room yellow and white and hang this little cutie from a ped on the shelf!

Thanks for stopping by…..:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting with the Kitchen

I have found a easier way to take care of my want to remodel my kitchen in my home ( this will happen, but not now)…I am going to start with my dollhouse kitchen!


It isn’t a very big room for a farmhouse kitchen, I am half tempted to make the living room the kitchen!

These are the wallpapers I found online….


Love this one, bit it is in Australia….really pricey to get here….and guess what? The same paper is in the house now in faded out blues. Looks very 40’s to me…..

And then look what I found!!!!


Yup! ME cherry wallpaper for dollhouses! I am so tempted! :)

And look at some of the fun finds for furniture…..


Don’t know if I have room for 4 chairs….

two chirs with woven seats I really like these, and I do have a small white table already coming…..

!BnTOWLw!mk~$(KGrHqYOKkQEtljTg5C3BLi96Cqo6!~~_35 These are so cute too!

I love the black and white tile also in this first photo…


Oh yes…..color!!!!!!! The ceiling fan will have to go, and a cute farmhouse light….so many decisions and as any of you who do dollhouses know, items are not inexpensive!!!!!

And of course we will need one of these!


So this will be a slow but sure remodel! Thanks for coming by and let me know what you think???? Which wallpaper and which chairs so you like?????

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Dollhouse is here!!!!!!

Well, I finally got around to having time to get my dollhouse to my place, either my friend Dana was busy or I was…but we finally got it here!!!!!



Isn’t it cute????? I also noticed after looking at kits that you can by now like at Hobby Lobby, this has no siding….but that is OK with me…there is also a chimney that need to go at the top left peak. I have it, just need to glue it on.

It is a bit dusty…OK, really dusty, but I am going to have a good time just cleaning it! :)

Here are some shots from the back….




It needs some work, and a few things need glued back together, but that is going to be fun! Dana’s Dad built this in what we think in the 1980’s. Since everything is either mauve or that dusty blue from that era…..It has three floors and came with a lot of furniture….which I will be painting and changing. I will be re-wallpapering and flooring. The wallpaper is just like scrapbook paper so I think I will end up using some of my 40’s feel scrapbook paper. The floors come up easy as they are on very thin wood so you can get to the wiring for the lights. So it will be a piece of cake to replace them. And yes, the lightning works!

IMG_2037 Here is one of the furniture pieces that i think is so cute….imagine it a cute color! And the dust gone! :) And look who wants to move in….


That’s right my Strawberry girl! I am hoping she can move in soon….I must think of a name for her…any ideas???? I know I could call her Elizabeth! :)

Here is a shot with everything out and cleaned up a bit….I just couldn’t wait….LOL

I think of how fun this will be to decorate for the holidays… only problem is all of that wonderful Renwal furniture I bought??? It is the wrong size! So I guess it’s back to Ebay with it, after I take some cute photos…..But I have some ideas for colors of things! And I think I will keep the baby and playpen….I am so happy to have this I am not even bummed about the fact that none of that sweet plastic furniture will work….Hmmmm of course, maybe a second tin dollhouse someday???? :):) Thanks for coming by and I will keep you updated as to the progress!

Could this be the same woman?????

I am doing this post on both of my blogs as I would appreciate anyone’s feedback on this question….So please tell me what you think. If you have anyone who does do genealogy I would very much appreciate their input too!

The first photo was taken in La Porte City, Iowa, where this family lived. Lura and her husband ended up in Washington, but was originally in La Porte City. I recently hit the mother lode on a big box of Burgess photos! A woman that is one generation younger than me had all kinds of them from her mother( Doris Burgess Kepler) , who had her brother’s ( Arza Burgess son of James Burgess) items as Arza never had children. It was a wealth of info! But most of all there were two photographs I need some help with….I am 99% sure that this photo is my great grandmother Mary Louise Dibble Burgess and her daughter Lura Burgess Woodard and the baby is her daughter Grace Woodard.

Possibly Mary Dibble Burgess and Unknown

Here is a close up of Lura and a for sure photo of Lura years later:

Possibly Mary Dibble Burgess and Unknown - Copyscan0096

Sorry the second one is so poor, it was from a goofy postcard:


I am no expert on dating photo, but I know the postcard is dated like 1907, so the other photo would have had to been around 1887. Grace was born in 1886, so in that year time period. The photographer who took the portrait photo was in business at that time. Lura was the only living daughter of Jesse and Mary Burgess at this time. The other daughter died as an infant. ANY help would be great! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 16, 2010

ME Scrapbook Paper and a Fun New Cookbook

I am once more hooking up with Vicki for ME Monday!


I recently was in a ME Apron Tag Swap and I was at a loss as to Mary Engelbreit papers! I recently went to Google and put in “Mary Engelbreit scrapbook paper” and this is what I found!


They are smaller pieces of paper, but very cute!!!!! And I can always copy them on the printer and keep the originals or use them in PSE.

IMG_1998 IMG_2000

IMG_1996 IMG_2002

Lots and lots of fun projects ahead!!!! Apparently this is an older item, but I found it on

I also received Mary’s newest cook book…..


Does the girl on the cover look familiar???? She is the one that Elizabeth put on my Fall banner!



She even signed it for me!!!!! Love all of the aprons! I got this from Mary’s website….Mary Lots of fun recipes to try!

Thanks for stopping by!


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