Monday, May 27, 2013

A must watch….We Remember



To all who have served our country….

Saturday, May 25, 2013

For Memorial Day Weekend….


                     (Arlington Cemetery)


We must never forget them….

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cute as a Bug!


I really haven’t been able to get out much the last 6 weeks, but I saw this online and had to have one……


Is this not the cutest metal “picnic” basket???  The handles are wood.  And look what is on the sides….


Yup….cherries!!!!  I am in love….I am going to use it for my cookie sugars and decorations…


You just have to love World Market!


19.99…..a steal for sure! 

I also got 6 of these small jars…..


I had a coupon….aren’t these cute???  Not sure of they will end up in the kitchen or craft room. :)

It was so nice a box in the mail!

Update on Miss Maya:

I dropped her off Friday morning and they made an incision to pull out the loose suture, to find that she had torn both of 100 pound suture material free.  I think it looks more like it was rubbed up against a piece of sharp bone….but what can you do? You are looking at one very expensive piece of suture!  She is right back where she was 6 weeks ago as far as repairing it.


So, the vet stated that the knee is somewhat stable from the scar tissue that has formed.  This whole endeavor has been a nightmare…this poor sweet pup has had 6 weeks of pain and surgery and pain and surgery and we are done. 


We go back in a week to have the sutures outside removed, then we just see what happens….I know the other hind leg is starting to weaken…


Please keep my sweet Maya and me in your prayers….we are getting to the end of this mess…and I don’t know what the future holds for her besides… no more pain!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day


I hope all of my friends in Blogland have a wonderful Mother’s Day, whether you are a Mom, you have your Mom still with you, or you are remembering your Mom. Have a blessed day!





                                         My Mom and Bryan

Happy Mother’s Day Mom…..I Love you!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A paper dilemma, Maya and a wonderful gift!


I have been very very busy getting my house in order, with Wayne away I have the ability to make messes and leave them for a day or so.  I don’t like to do that when he is home.   I am done with the guest room, and about 75% done in the master bedroom and closet ( which is huge and stores way too much), now I am back to my craft room….

Meri came over one day a couple of years ago and put all of my paper in piles according to colors, it took hours and then I didn’t like it.  (Sorry about that Meri)  I felt uncomfortable breaking up “sets” by different designers and manufacturers.  But I don’t like setting it up my companies like this either….


                    photo courtesy of Laura Vegas

…because I can’t remember what is in the set!  I have them now in the Cropper Hopper containers like above, I do like these, and I have them by themes, babies, horses, holidays, and some by makers like October Afternoon and Crate Paper….That’s not really working either, it is just  not working! I am stumped because I don’t know how to do this.  I need to keep them in these Cropper Hopper holders and I have two shelves built for the holders….but what do you do with your paper stashes, color, theme, manufacturer????  Help please !

I am so famous for getting set up to do something ( like paper crafting) and then getting so overwhelmed I don’t do it!  And this is one of the reasons why…..


Also an update on Maya…..


She has torn loose one of the 100 pound sutures and the little metal clamp at the end is floating free in her leg and her body is not happy about it….so it has built up a fluid pocket around the metal…..


See the big lump?  So tomorrow morning she goes back to the vet to have a minor procedure to get the metal clamp out….she is walking much better and I am sure when this is out she will be well on her way to being herself.  She will always gimp a bit, but we have lots of Vetprofen if needed….my poor pup, she has been through it….


One a happier note…

Look what Sue from Trinkets and Treasures sent me for the nest swap….



As Meri said is “this stinkin’ adorable” or what????  I just love it and I wish I could think outside the box this way…..maybe someday! :)  Thank you very much Sue…:):)



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