Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just wanted to let you know……


Scott and Anthony  2012

 Scott and his grandson Anthony at the Grand Canyon shortly before his illness was diagnosed

Dear Scott,

It has been a year since you left us and we are still in total disbelief. How could it be that long since we saw your smile, or heard you laugh? Talked to you, asked your advice? All of those “firsts” without you, holidays, your birthday, have been a nightmare for all of us. Your sons are struggling with being fatherless and your daughter is adrift without you in her life.   Wayne and I feel so helpless that we cannot do or say anything to help them with their sadness and loss, as we are also so incredibly lost without you. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of you, or talk out loud to you or wish so badly we could pick up the phone and hear your voice just one more time.

I know it will be awhile before we get to see you again, but we just wanted you to know how different our lives are here without you….so very different.

We love you…..

Wayne, Sandy, Bryan and Chris

Friday, July 27, 2012

October Afternoon Collections Fall of 2012


I just happened to see these and thought I would pass them along, they aren’t showing the lines yet, just projects done with them….I am in love with all four collections….how about you????  I just hope they come out soon!!!!!

This one is called Midway…..

OA Midway 1

OA midway 2

This one is called Witch Hazel…..

OA Witch Hazel 1

OA Witch Hazel 2


This is called Make it Merry

OA Make it Merry 1

OA Xmas line 1

And the last but not least is called Farm Girl….

OA Farm Girl 1

OA Farm Girl 2

A blog site with more photos…..

I am really excited to see the full lines, but once again they have gotten wonderful themes, and really fun graphics going…..start saving your pennies!!!!!

Friendship Tags are on their way….sort of…

Hi Everyone!

Well, I have them finished and ready to go…..



Yes, I am the little girl standing in front of her Dad at 521 Lake Street!


Now I need is for all of your to send me your addresses that I swapped with….except Renee, I have yours…..I need to get these to the post office today if I can…..I didn’t keep the addresses like a goof!

I have had the best time making these, and receiving the wonderful tags from all of you!!!!!  I will be doing a post soon about everyones that I have gotten…..they are all so special and I appreciate everyone of your friendships!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Have you heard of Washi Tape?

I have been seeing this on Pinterest and in blogs for a while now but was never sure of how you use it or what it is for…..I recently got some from a place on Etsy called Charm Store.  She had really reasonable prices I thought….I just adore this product!  I have already used some of one roll…..






Oh yes….cherries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for the upcoming holidays…..


And look at this beautiful lace ones…..



GREAT item for our tag swaps, don’t you think?????

I guess I am coming late to this party, but I sure do love this product!!!!!

The possibilities are endless….:)  And no, I didn’t buy all of these, but I did purchase the first one and the ones with the cherries. :)

Check out this store on Etsy, you won’t be disappointed….

Here is a link to Dorothy’s Blog with lots of fun ideas for this tape!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snowman…the Eighty Dollar Horse


Being into horse most of my life I love reading a good true horse story, I just finished this book….


Snowman was rescued from a slaughterhouse truck at an auction when he was only 8 years old.  He had been a plow horse and the owner  thought he was used up.   Harry de Leyer, a poor immigrant horse trainer who worked at a school for girls in Long Island  thought differently and purchased him off the truck for $80.00  A LOT of money back then for someone like Harry.  He saw something special in that horses eyes the first time they looked at each other.  Snowman earned his keep at the  girls school giving riding lessons. Not the prettiest, or the flashiest or the fastest,  but destined to have a wondrous jumping career you  only see in the movies…

It felt good to read about a true horseman who had a real bond with this gentle giant….he went on to have a jumping career of five years and beat some of the best of the best in a higher echelon equestrian society.  Harry also knew when enough was enough and retired him at the age of 13.


He sure doesn’t look like a plow horse here, does he?????? 


He lived to the ripe old age of 26 when kidney failure ended his life with a humane euthanasia…people still can see his grave under the tree in his favorite pasture on the farm Harry and his wife owned in Long Island.   What a wonderful story of the life and times of the early 1950’s and the people who had the money to have champion show jumpers and how the new  Middle Class working man in America had his horse to cheer for also!  If you like horses and history, this is a great read.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



I am working on some very important tags….my friendship banners.  They are going to represent what my blog means to me… has been interesting this time.  The creative process has been enjoyable instead of stressful and I am thinking about  these years of blogging and the wonderful friends I have made…..

So here is a peek……sorry the photos are a little blurry, but I don’t want you to see everything! :)  Not yet, anyhow….






I make such a mess when I am crafting…..but I sure enjoy it!  

Have a great day!  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Fun Little Vacation

I had a very dear friend come down from Colorado on Thursday just to take a bit of a break, I dropped her off at the airport this morning.  Miss her already….We had so little time to see and do all I wanted to show her in my craft room, but I did get to share all of you with her, she wasn’t real sure what a blog was……silly girl! :):)

We went out a couple of times but not for long in this heat…here is my stash…..

On sale for 2.50 each at Kirklands…


I LOVE paper straws!!! There were from the 4th of July…..

We went to JoAnn's and I normally do not buy scrapbook paper there, as I love my lines I buy at the scrapbook stores….but this was just too cute, very reasonable and I think it will make a cute little book, I have someone in mind for it already….





Up close….I love the cardboard embellishments, have a real weakness for them!
















Isn’t it cute?  Fun fall  colors…..

Some sweet little tapes from Martha….


We went to Michaels and they had there little teacher display….

So……time to change some borders!  POLKA DOTS!!!!!  And Red!



They also had it in bright blue, fun green and yellow all with these sweet white polka dots….I went looking for some doilies that Sweet Bee talked about but could not find them…..but this made me happy…:)

In the mail……

Guess what I am doing with these?????


Here is a hint….


Sweet little bird clips…..


Bird Clips can be found at under

Dci Bird Clips, Set Of 16, Assorted Colors

One of my favorite magazines…..



A wonderful vintage scrapbook full of my kind of cards….I went through and got what I wanted and gave the rest to Meri…


A while ago, I bought this wonderful frame from Lindsey from Two Crazy Crafters…..I made a copy of a favorite photo of my Mom and taped it in……


Isn’t this just perfection??????  This is on my dresser in my bedroom, I whisper “Good Night Mom” every night….:)  Thank you Lindsey for giving me the perfect frame to hold my sweet Mom!

Thanks for stopping in…..I suppose you notice no photos of my and my friend????  Weight issues on both sides and just not comfortable with it…but the memories are in my heart where they never leave….:)  And last but definitely not least, A fun gift from Cheryl, she knows how I love these Christmas tags….


I am seeing these used on some fun Christmas banners…:)


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