Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am on a roll now!!!!!

OK ….are you ready?????????



And look….extra space even!!!!!!!



I have thrown away 6 bags of outdated food, and just plain junk!  I have given to a food bank and a church 7 bags of goodies……this felt so good, I decide to take a whack at my 4 foot by 4 foot linen closet!



You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?????  Remember, modular home….enough said… obviously figure out the storage in these things!   LOL This spot will hold my Holiday Dishes…..much easier to get to…..

OK, real quick…..the kitchen table again…….




I have a lot of reproduction vintage linens, Moda loves me!!!!!!!

Beautiful hand made doilies…..


I went thru every one and I just wanted to show you a few that aren’t reproductions……

The needlework n these two just makes me smile……



I got this cute little item last year, just dropped it in the closet…..


Come to find out it is an adorable Christmas runner!!!!  It will be on my little yellow and red table in the kitchen!


And this is what it looks like folded and ready to go to it’s new area in their new spot, my parents vintage dresser! Lot and lots of room there, once I clean it out! LOL





I have way too many too many photos to share with you today, but I do have a pile that I am not keeping!!!!  They are going on Etsy, I will get Wayne to help me open them up and get really good photos…….

As an example……


Brand new, MODA repro tablecloth of the states of Oregon and Washington, The blue is kind of a grey-blue and you know me….not my color scheme!


Really cute already cute tablecloth out of oilcloth…….

Some others, are really nice vintage, almost perfect tablecloths, and a beautiful Easter green and white table runner, really nice and wide and long….again never used….so, I hope to get these on Etsy this week, so please keep your eyes open….I am pricing things to sell! 

You noticed I didn’t show the top two doors open on the linen closet????  That is my candle storage……that’s next!   Then CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!! 

Have a great day!!!!!!

P.S. My Etsy shop is not open at this time, I will get it up and going this next week!  I took the button down as the shop was empty….thanks for all of the requests about it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why do I do this??????


OK…..this post is going to be about a side of me that I really am crazy about…..I am close to being a hoarder of certain things…..if I decide I like something, I need as many as I can find!  Sound familiar at all????? SO……these first photo are of the items I pulled from my kitchen pantry while rearranging it,  not proud, nor happy about it….but what is….is…..




YUK !!!!!!  How do I do this???????  Here are just a few of the things I see on blogs, or on Ebay or whatever ( thank you Pinterest!) and I think “I can do that! “  But the problem is I never do!  Ever!  Life long bad habit, for sure…….

Some examples……I saw on Diane’s Blog ( Saturday Finds) where she made these cute party favor baskets for the holidays……

IMG_0291 Like these…..

and these……

IMG_0292 I have gotten real far with that project, haven’t I?????

I love party picks, you know cupcake picks?????? Just how many do you need??????

I haven’t decided yet……




Oh, and then I found this bin……in the pantry….LOL



I have a thing about paper plates and napkins too, for all of those fun get togethers I am going to have…..NOT! 


And you can never have too many lollipops to decorate with in each season either……



I wish I could tell you this is all of them, but I have two more bins in the guest room closet……I must have 75 of the little suckers! Do you know anyone who has lollipops in their guest room closet?  No, I didn’t think so either, well now you do! LOL

One thing I will not part with is my Dixie Cup Collection……these are my babies…and this clear dispenser, brand ne win box….priceless at least to me!  My Mom had one of these in our kitchen….



And these cute little things?  What the heck are they for?  I don’t know, but they are Dixie Cups!  LOL


A couple of years ago after Christmas I picked up 8 of these……


They were $1.25 each and I thought it would be fun to have a “Make a Gingerbread House Party” with some of my friends, I couldn’t get them all together in one night to save my life so…..….now, three years later, I am keeping three, one for me, one for Scott’s grandson Anthony and one for his Mom,  Rianna….we ARE going to make these this Christmas.  The rest I will donate to a church, along with a lot of the extra other merchandise.

I wish I could tell you this is the only place in my house I do this……but I would be lying, my word for 2012 is going to be “REDUCE”…..I will have some fun stuff and some lovely pieces of glassware on Etsy in a few days….so keep your eyes peeled ( gosh, where did that saying ever come from?)  :):)  I will be showing you what this poor empty pantry will be looking like, hopefully soon!  Oh, and I need to put the food away also…… jeesh!


Christmas decorating, did someone mention Christmas decorating????Not in this house for awhile….:):)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and has many new wonderful memories made with the people they love…..


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Down and Out for the Count


I am so sorry I haven’t been around……I have been sick for a little over two weeks….. I did this in early October like I have every fall, and I haven’t had the flu in years.


But I got on an airplane, and well you know the rest of this sentence….

Flu Bug

We all with it could be as mild as this, and as “lady-like”


But this is more like what it really is……



I have finally stopped coughing, and so my family now can all sleep at night…..I went out with my son today to get a few things at Wal-Mart for Thanksgiving dinner and I swear I wanted to wear a mask!


Just an hour out and I am pooped, for lack of a better word…..

I feel like I have lost most of this month, and it has me a bit on the anxious side……but Thanksgiving will be here in a week, so I figure by then I should be human once more……

This was one bad virus…..and I have heard people say it can last up to 4 weeks!  So I am happy mine was gone in a little over two….. still awfully tired and weak though….so take care of yourselves!!!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Wonderful Farmhouse

Now we all know there is a house we have driven by that just hit us as the “perfect abode”……and every time we see it, we imagine living in that house, making it ours and of course having all of the money to do so!

My cousin Linda and I were driving down a road in the outskirts of Eau Claire and went by just such a house… yelled to me, not quietly but rather loudly….here I am!!!!!! 

So I went back on a sunny bright day and got photos, and every photo I got  a little bit closer, this is across the street…


Then I kept getting closer until I was in their driveway!

My Dream Farmhouse in EC  OCT 2011

Look at the trim work….


This was a working farm… has a barn….right by the house….


Barn next to my fav farmhouse in Eau Claire

IMG_0221 and many newer little buildings, and the cutest garage that I didn’t photograph, my cousin is going to see if they decorate it for Christmas and send me photos…..right Linda?????  :):)


A white Victorian farmhouse with a red roof and red trim…..need I say more????  Other than being right on a main road I would have knocked on the door and asked to buy it!  I was still tempted to knock on the door and ask to see the inside…….this is definitely my farmhouse!!!!!  It is lovingly maintained and taken care of in such a way I doubt anyone would want to sell it…..but you can always dream, right??????  :):)


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