Saturday, November 30, 2013



Hi everyone…hope Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Ours was one of the best we have ever had,  the food was easy and wonderful and the turkey got done! :)

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Wayne came home from work early with a little bundle in his arms….long story, short version….he thought it would help me with the sadness.  At his work a woman came in with two pups, one male, one female and stated that if she couldn’t find them homes, they would have to go to the pound. That was the all Wayne needed to hear.  I married a very kind, thoughtful man….just no common sense! lol

I was SO not ready for another dog… not one this color and  7 weeks old?  Are you kidding me?  I haven’t had a tiny puppy in 25 years!  The first two days all I could do was cry  and think of Maya….but little by little with the help of some good friends this little pup and me found a way to connect….it isn’t anything like I had with Maya, and it never will be…but she is so sweet and she needs me….for now that is enough. 

This is Bailey….

IMG_4011 (2)

She is a cross between a Miniature Pinscher and a Miniature Poodle.   Pray for both of us please….we have a rough couple of weeks ahead in our new journey, it is like having a baby all over again…..I asked my Maya to send me a dog I could care for and love while I am still on this earth….Not in any way, shape or form is Bailey the dog I thought I would end up with….amazing how prayers are answered. :)


Have a great weekend…:)


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am wondering the same thing….




Is it just me because I have been away or is our corner of Blogland really quiet?  It has felt this way to me most of this year, it makes me think of how fun the holiday seasons were before this year….

I know it was going to slow down from the frenzied  first year, but it feels lonely out here now….

I miss the energy we made happen, just saying…

Thursday, November 14, 2013

OK….trying to move on…..


First, I would like everyone who called, sent cards, left posts and emails about the passing of my Maya dog, I appreciate them all.  I have made such special friends blogging.  Just a few photos of what I received then onto a couple of fun days….

From my sons Bryan and Chris:



We are going to try to “plant” the blue puppy in a pot, hopefully it will grown in remembrance of My Maya dog…


The little blue dog has the seeds in it….a wonderful poem in the inside of the card just made me weep….  my sons are incredible!

Bryan sent me these…


I tried to start one, but it is too soon…but it did affirm we did everything the right way, with love, always with love….



OK….On Saturday I went to Meri’s for the fun Putz House day….it was fun, really fun and helped lift my spirits…here is the one I made…






I have one more to make but I am going to wait a bit….I am sure Meri will have tons of photos soon…I know she needs to look through about 300 of them! lol

Tuesday I went out with my friend Cheri for her birthday, she took the day off from work just for me!  That says a lot!!!!! I will have more photos when she figures out how to get them off her phone, my phone died…lol

We went all over the east valley…had such a good time, a wonderful Mexican restaurant for lunch, and ended the day at Starbucks…hot chocolate…no better way to enjoy a  day than to spend it with a best friend of 42 years. :)

One of the items I found was this awesome canvas from Kirklands, we had to go to three stores to find any…there was only one left in all of Phoenix!


Look what is does….




Yup, the lights on the canvas really flash!  So cool……

These were from Cracker Barrel….they have SO much cute stuff this year for Christmas…they had a Santa cookie jar that was so cute, it took all I had not to buy it…I got these instead…


Buttons on wire ornaments, I know one is going to end up taken apart and the buttons will be used for crafts….I thought they were real reasonable at $4.99 each.

And I just laughed when I saw this….


And you know who who you are girls! 

Thanks for stopping by…….


Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day


Charles Robert Burgess, my Dad  he enlisted at age 18 during WWII. He ended up in Alaska at Fort Richardson at the end of the war, before that he was in many different bases throughout the US.   He tried very hard to become a pilot, but after going through most of the training, and while completing the physical, they realized he had no depth perception. I know of two women who were not disappointed about that discovery.   After the war he was in the National Guard for close to 25 years.  There is no other person that loved his country more than my Dad.

Charles Robert Burgess WWII

This is my Father in Law, Eugene Edward McClay….he just celebrated his 90th birthday…. he was in The Air Force and was awarded the Bronze Star.  He was in Burma, in the jungles, clearing them for the US Air Force to have a place to land and refuel their planes.


Thank you both for your service to our country…..

Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodbye sweet girl….till we meet again….


                                               Maya McClay

                                            4/2002 to 11/4/2013


                                          Maya at 6 months old

Out of the blue last night,  Maya was so happy to see us, as we had been gone for half a day and she slipped on the floor even though she was on a rug and blew out her good hind leg….just like that….she slept with us last night, first time in 7 months, and we cuddled a lot…..I have a wonderful vet that made it as painless for us as possible, he says this happens about 60% of the time when one knee goes the other follows.  I have lost my best friend….. I can hardly breathe right now the pain is so severe……and the silence is deafening…..


Forever and a day my sweet girl….I will love you forever and a day…..thank you for loving me too!  I know you are running and playing and having a wonderful time with Scott, I am sure he was so happy to see you! 

I will never ever forget you Maya….never…..



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