Monday, April 25, 2011

A Cute Box of Vintage Cards NEVER Used!

Before I tell you about this wonderful find, I want to thank everyone again that was in my swap! I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed this creative process and found some new friends! I know I did for sure! :)

Ok….I was lucky enough to receive these fun vintage cards, all of them in this cute box!!!!

Cards 1

When I saw this box, Paula I thought of you!!!!! Here is the end of the box….

Cards 2

What is so amazing is that all 16 cards were in the box with the envelopes….incredible!

Cards 3

Cards 4

Cards 5

In perfect shape! I will be selling sheets of 4 cards on one sheet time on Etsy….just give me a few days…..This is what a vintage care collector calls a “Mother lode”! Have a great week!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter to all of my “Peeps” !


Today I wish all of you a weekend of fun, and family and peeps!!!!!

I have loved Peeps since I was a child….the basic yellow ones have the best sugar on them and they make the best “stale” ones….love then after a few days when they get real chewy!

I have a Peep collection just like my Pez….but I was not inclined to get them out this year….maybe next year…..


Stock photo from Google, but yes, I have these, I even had one as big as a couch pillow, but it got too hard to store…..




I had a few baskets too, but again storage was a problem! Who could walk by this display and not take at least one if you are a peep connoisseur??????

So I am ….


So I hope some of these little guys show up in your baskets too! Just love all the colors they come in now….


Especially this one…..





See you next week! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

521 Lake Street Easter Tag Swap !

Hello everyone….sorry I have been MIA, I wanted to get this post up so people can add their links….
My partner for the tag swap was Tracy from Cotton Pickin Cute!



This was done by Tracy and then she added that adorable vintage cloth trim…..perfect! she also made me a beautiful apron, and no matter how I photographed it, it didn’t do it justice, so I am going to show you the bib, made from a vintage runner….this is so pretty, I will never use it to cook, but it will go on a hook in my kitchen for sure!


A pretty basket and a very pretty card, Tracy emailed me, she forgot to put in the tag! LOL it’s coming….:):)


Lots of little doo dads just for spring….


and some fun vintage fruit labels…


and a sweet group of bunnies telling everyone Welcome!



Thank you so much Tracy, what a fun box to open and display!!!! OK…now it is your turn, please link up and show us your Easter Tags and goodies….and thanks again ladies for participating in my first swap!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Little Red Hen and Rednesday!

I am linking up with Sue at It’s A Very Cherry World for Rednesday!

Today I am going to share one of the Vintage Children’s Linen Storybooks I own, this is one of my very favorite collections! The colors are so vivid and fun! I am going to frame quite a few of these when times get better….

IMG_2896 I just love this story, it has such a good message…IMG_2898


IMG_2899 Because she was willing to work hard, her chicks ate…..great message don’t you think???? And the graphics are so perfect….where did this kind of art go????? Not all red, but there is plenty in this book….thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Tag Swap Info and… It is Christopher’s Birthday!!!!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, got started on some genealogy work and well…it just takes over! :) I love the hunt!

I would like to set up a date when we can all link to a post with McLinkky to show off our fun tags and such that we got in the swap….so how about we do this Friday the 22nd???? I will set up a post for everyone to link to on that day and we can all go visiting…..I will keep the link open for five days….I just got a note from my partner Tracy and she was so surprised and pleased….just what I was hoping for….so let’s keep that date in our calendar, Friday April 22…. see you all then! And if you have your items ready to go now, please just send them out now! :) Can you believe it is April already?

Today is my youngest son Christopher’s 27th birthday…where has the time gone?????

Christopher Loren McClay of 1984 The doctor said he had never delivered a real Cabbage Patch baby!

scan0101 Both of my sons….I wish I could get them this age again!

Easter with Bryan and Chris An Easter shot, the only time they ever wore matching outfits!

Chris in high school, my favorite shot…..

Chris McClay -  Junior Year in high school

He is my clown…..makes us all laugh, and has a killer grin…..

IMG_0091 On our trip to Wisconsin a couple of years ago…this is his second cousin… his reaction????? :)

Vicki, Sandy, Linda, Mike & Chris Oct 07 Also in Wisconsin, this is the first time he ever got to meet my side of the family….thank you son for these memories….

Happy Happy Birthday Christopher, I am going to make your cake right now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heart of the Home Party- Favorite Cupboard


I am linking today to Sheila’s party today: The Heart of the Home Party-Favorite Cupboard….

I am just going to add a few of my favorite shots…I do not have a very big kitchen but I do have two cupboards that make me smile….

plate rack 2 (2)

I love my Fiestaware…..

Kitchen cupboard 2

Every morning I smile when I come out to my kitchen, color is everywhere and that is so me!!!!

kitchen cupboard 3

The salt and pepper shakers in front were my grandmother’s…

Plate rack 1 More of my dishes, my syrup dispenser collection and a few of my favorites….

vintage red kitchen shelf1 (1) where we hang our keys…

vintage red kitchen shelf1 (2) and get our cookies, sorry this isn’t all cupboards, but it was the best areas in my kitchen ! LOL

Please go over to Sheila’s and see all of the wonderful kitchens!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Abbey, Abbey, Abbey….

If you been to my blog before you know I have a new grand puppy…her name is Abbey and she was the sweetest tiny puppy!!!! ( she is finally growing into these ears)


Well, since this photo, Abbey has eaten almost every plant in my two son’s newly landscaped backyard, two weekend ago and a few hundred dollars later it is finally looking good again…she ate them down to twigs and they were all new plants! I already did a post about the carpet, yup she ate part of it also…. she also had broken off her baby canines and we couldn’t figure out where….well a couple of weeks ago my son found out….

Let me back up a bit….I got this awesome “fake” cat from my brother and his wife a few years ago. His name is “Bogus”….as a gag gift a few Christmas’ ago I gave it to my son so he could have a “pet” in his apartment…. Meet Bogus…

Bogus the Cat  Xmas 2008  2 I even bought him a bed and a name tag….does he look real or what????

Well this is Bogus today….


Notice, no left ear, a chewed right ear and an area on his body that is in the white that she also ate….


Do you see anything else missing?????


Yup! She ate all of his whiskers!!!!!! I was really sad…this is one awesome cat! I am going to see if my friend Meri might be able to fix him with some paper clay….I don’t know about the whiskers….:(

She is only 8 months old!!!! She is going to doggy book camp this summer, and they guarantee she will be a trained dog when she gets back in two months….I sure hope so….my son takes this pup every chance he gets to a dog park to run…..this can last up to an hour and she finally gets tired, and I mean non stop running….how do you handle ADHD in a dog????? I told him these English Pointers were high energy! LOL

Abbey 6 12 months  2 of 2011


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