Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on Scott

I have had so many emails and comments with wonderful thoughts and prayers sent our way, ….Sunday, Scott had a massive stroke and his whole left side is paralyzed. Cancer and a massive stroke? I can’t stop from asking why? Even though I know there is no answer. He is in Mayo Clinic . The team of doctors are wonderful and we feel blessed to have him there. So please keep us all in your prayers….we are just know coming out of the shock….I will be back in a few days but for now must take a break.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prayers Please…….


Do you ever feel like life is just beating the heck out of you? Of course you do, we all do….

I have been struggling with my faith and I am trying to understand why things happen the way they do….but in the end, none of us really know that answer. I guess that is why it is called “faith”. You cannot see it or touch it, but you just know it is there…. That God is there.

A very very dear man who has been my husband’s best friend and a great mentor to me and my children was just recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, that has already metastasized to his liver. If you haven’t been involved with anyone with this disease, it is one of the worst. So I ask for all of your prayers to hold Scott up as we start this journey. We are headed to Cancer Treatment Centers of America on Monday, to get him going with whatever their plan is for him….Scott has many people that love and care for him, and none of us are ready for him to leave this earth….not yet. He just turned 51.

So please, pray for Scott so that he can have the strength to go forward, one day at a time.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Perfection in the Equine World!

I saw this man for the first time yesterday on TV, his name is Clinton Anderson and he is from Australia… he is coming to Arizona in December…. and yes, there is no bridle on this beautiful Quarter horse!  This is just poetry in motion… talk about being in sync with your animal….WOW!  For those of you in the horse world you know how many hundreds  of hours, if not more to get a horse trained  to this point! For most of us, this never is achieved.   For those of you not into horses, this is still amazing to watch!  Enjoy!

This is horse training at it’s best!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun “New” Vintage Embroidery Patterns

Look what I found in cute online quilt store newsletter I get:


Are these not the cutest items to put on your new “vintage” tea towels and such?????? I am not good at embroidery, but I am willing to try the paint pens, I have had them forever they probably are all dried out! LOL

And this this cute one is headed down to a friend of mine who makes the cutest mini aprons….:):)


The site I got these from is a online quilting shop:

I am also linking up to Sue’s blog for Rednesday….


Fun items, even when you don’t sew! Have a good day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My addition to the “Big Finale”

I wanted my dear friend the “Cherry Chick” to go out with a big ME bang! So I waited to show you the wonderful items I received in my Initial Swap with Sue from It’s A Very Cherry World!


My wonderful partner was Deb H., we have been partners before and it has always been fun!

Now you all know I like Mary E….so Deb made me a wonderful little keepsake box full of wonderful items….take a look!



IMG_0040 Is this not too cute?????? LOVE IT! And look at all of the goodies that came with it!

IMG_0035 love the vintage hankie…..and CHERRY lip balm!

IMG_0039 wonderful bird and birdcage cutouts…..

IMG_0041 A custom tag just for me!

IMG_0043 This is going on my wall in my craft room!


IMG_0045 This sweet little bin had a fun little bag filled with ……


And of course……

IMG_0036 candy! :):) Thanks Deb this was so much fun!

Miss V, I have enjoyed participating in ME Mondays…..thanks for the fun way to start a week. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

A wonderful day in the neighborhood!

Today I went to get the mail and I had two boxes waiting for me!!!!! :)

I am going to show you the one box today and wait until Monday to show you the other….when you see it, you will know why….LOL

I have a wonderful new friend in Blogland named Renee, she has a great new blog called My Vintage Mending. A few weeks ago she showed us the most adorable pattern for making vintage apron Christmas ornaments….well, needless to say I wrote her and asked her where she had gotten the pattern and that I needed to find one and someone to make a few for me for a clothes line in my laundry room….being Renee she kindly said she would be happy to do it for me! So, This is the package I received, wrapped in a vintage sewing pattern….

Aprons 2 (2)

With the cutest tags!

Aprons 2 (1)

I had sent her some fat quarters not knowing much about fabric, I just picked out ones I thought would go together that were in the same line…..and look at the magic she did with them!

Aprons 3

I wish you could see the detail…the tiny stiches and the wonderful rick racks and laces…. I just noticed you can’t see the adorable green one…I will show it to you when I hang them up!

Aprons 5 This red one even has a little yellow handkerchief in the pocket!

Aprons 6

Aprons 7

Aprons 3

Amazing detail and wonderful work….Renee thank you so much for these! I will take a photo when I get them up in the laundry room!

P.S. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and emails on my last post.

P.P.S. Is everyone else about ready to go to Type Pad? Now my friends list is gone……And when I go to the the Blogger forums, they talk in a language that most of us have no idea what they are talking about! I have cleaned my cache of cookies, not checked the “keep me signed in” box, gone to IE8…..still problems….what the heck did they do now? And how do we fix it on our end???? We are bloggers…. not IT techs! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where I have been and where I am going….

This last year has been hard to say the least and if you follow my blog you know that I have written before about the trials and tribulations my husband Wayne and I have had.

Not so long ago I felt we were at the end of the road….



Too much pain, too much betrayal, just… too much. Then God gave us a huge blessing, Wayne lost his job and neither of us could go anywhere.

I have read what feels like a million books on Forgiveness. Spoke to a wonderful minister that lives two doors down from us more than once, and one theme kept coming up in every book, every talk, you must start forgiveness with forgiving yourself. Myself? What did I do? So I kept reading and oh Lord, forgive me, I did plenty wrong and most of it with such anger! I have had a lot of long hard days and nights trying to wrap my mind around this and I am not even close to being done with this “forgiving yourself first” thing, in fact some days I hate the things I have said or done….and some days I hate the things he has done and said… today was one of those days. After another one of the many talks that are in our future, I feel we are making headway, I feel like we are both being heard…I had no idea it would be so tough…. looking at yourself and your partner with love, understanding, empathy, after hurting each other for way too long.

I always thought in my younger na├»ve years, this is what life would be most of the time…..silly thought I know, now that I am on the other side of youth.

.couple on sunset

But in reality for me it has been more like this…..


I have struggled with major depression all of my adult life, been on meds and they helped… along with some counseling along the way, but no matter how good life was, that sadness was always in the shadows….waiting. Now I want you all to know this is NOT an excuse for my actions, it is not. It is however how I have looked at life for a very long time now. Most people will be surprised at this, especially people who have known me for a long time because I always seemed to be a pretty happy person, most of the time I exhausted myself with this “happy person” persona. I have made a commitment to myself to change that , and the more I learn, I more I accept, the more I let go of the hurts, the better I will feel. And the better all of my relationships will be.

I have a lot work in front of me, and more professional counseling when we can afford it, after Wayne finds work again, ( God’s time not ours, but Lord, the money is getting tight! ) but we are still here…..together.


I was pretty sure this would never be the way things would work out….so I am looking forward with this image in my head and my heart….


Hopeful and with Wayne and me beside each other to the end of this crazy winding road….

Thanks for listening…:)


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