Thursday, September 29, 2011

I have something new on my blog!

I decided after seeing some of Keren’s great work from Free Pretty Things for you, I needed a blog button!  I just love it, so please take one for your blog…I am going to redo my blog list with buttons, when I have an hour or two!  Mine is located first item on the left side.  Just copy the code into a new “HTML” gadget and save it and my button will magically appear!  

521 lake st button 150 x 150


Thank you so much Keren, it is exactly what I wanted! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sue’s Autumn Tag Swap


I  had a wonderful time participating in Sue of It’s A Very Cherry World’s Tag Swap!

My partner was a wonderful gal named Terry.  Terry doesn’t have a blog yet, so I thought I would show you what she sent me and what I sent her… was so nice to meet her!

This is what I made for Terry…..



and a few goodies to go along with it….Terry sent me all of these wonderful items!!!!!

CW Fall Tag Swap 1

This being her first swap she really did incredible!  All kinds of wonderful vintage items……and the cutest tag!

CW Fall Tag Swap 2


CW Fall Tag Swap 3

The texture and dimension on the front and back was just wonderful and so fun to receive!  Thank you Terry for a fun fun swap!  And thank you Sue for having it!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A little late to the party…..Cricut cartridge storage

I recently decided one more time, I have too much of everything in my room.  So one of the main problems was this…..

IMG_4367 ( Google)

Way too many little boxes….I do NOT have this many, but I do have over 20 and they take up a bunch of space.  So I went to Ebay to see about “Cricut Cartridge Storage” and this is what came up:




Each one of these little bins holds 20 cartridges and the larger ones hold 16 books and the matching rubber pad that goes on the machine.

You can build these to hold many many more…..



It is a GREAT storage system and easy to use….

389563413_tp For cartridges



389438733_tp For books and pads  the number and color of loop on the tag matches the number on the cartridge holder. (Ebay)

Now….this is where “late to the party” comes in…I have since seen this system on a few blogs:


and other sellers different colors…..




A little plastic canvas, a few Snapware containers ( these are approx. 9 x 7 inches base size) from Target, a bunch or two of colored pony tail holders from the Dollar Store and as many homemade Cricuit cut tags as you need to for the books…..The system I got is great….but as with all things, a little more research could have saved me a few dollars…….  I also saw one made with a Snapware Christmas set in red and green that would make an ADORABLE Christmas gift for your Cricut buddy!!!!! So when I need more, and eventually I will I know where to go to get additional items!  All of this is dirt cheap material wise…..

So I went from stacks of boxes to this….


And just for my comfort, I flattened the boxes ( plan on copy them later) and put them in a notebook so I know approx. what is on each cartridge.


So…..MUCH more space in that department! 

I am getting there…I have a few boxes of items that are going to another scrapbook store garage sale….I still have a very large credit there from the last time I participated! LOL  

Going digital for my “scrapbook” albums is definitely going to free up a ton of space….I will just need a few things to do my swaps and tags and such….I am already feeling more light!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My husband went out in our manufactured home park this morning to put up our flag.  We were the only ones with one up on our street.  I was astonished!  There should be one on every house in this park!  I am sure there are many flying through out the whole park as we have a wonderful community of people living here.  No one that is an American will ever be the same person due to those horrific acts of cowardice 10 years ago…..As I said on a comment on Yahoo about 9-11….”God Bless this country, we need his blessings now more than ever ”…..




Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting ready for the cool weather, it is coming, right?

It is still hot here, as always in September and usually half of October, but we had a storm move thru last night and it is a bit better……

My friend Cheri and me get together every September to decorate for “fall”.  She takes a day off of work, and we just go crazy!  I only have 4 or 5 bins now, so it only takes us a half a day…but we have such a good time!  Her house, she has 10 bins or more…..and she loves doing the decorating more than anything!  She tires me out in no time.  But she is a trooper and gets up on my counters to do the high spots in my kitchen, and the ladder where necessary…isn’t she just the perfect friend?????  :):)

One of her favorite items are these…..Dollar Tree had all new ones this year!


Fall clings…..we have been putting these up since the 1980’s…and she has some that I swear are still from that time! We used to but them from Current.   I bought the new new ones, I was sick of the older models….they have to have a clear back round so they don’t look too fake… I know most of you get the real thing, so these kind of seem silly…but this is as close to the real thing as I get! LOL They go on my patio door and kitchen windows, my fridge and my dishwasher which are white.  I have more than just these 4 sheets….:)

I love night lights, so this guy had to come home with me…..

IMG_0100 ( Kirkland's 5.99)

Some candles for the patio……

IMG_0104 ( Free with Kohl’s cash)

Some of my jars changed over to Halloween in my kitchen:

IMG_0101 Pretty plain right now, but it is s start…..

I just loved this idea from Martha Stewart’s Halloween magazine…

Martha Stewart Magazine


Cello bags, fun twine and a great stamp……I had the bags and the twine, I found the stamp on Amazon…..


Great items to make cute things for fall swaps…..:):) 

And the piece de resistance……


YUP!  Dollar Tree still had some of the old ones!  They are never going to have these flavors again, unless they get smart and realize the new ones  “natural colors and flavors” are terrible, so I buy what I can find….they have a shelf life of….are you ready????  10 years!  LOL LOL

Don’t mess with me and my Necco’s!  By the way, do you know what Necco’s stands for?  New England Candy Company. Necco…….pretty neat, huh?  They used to make Valentine conversation hearts out of the same mix as these wafers…..changed them too, and they are horrible!  ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Have a great weekend!!!!!  I have a new mattress on it’s way to my house today!  YEAH!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryan!

We are celebrating our son Bryan’s birthday today. Yesterday was his 31st birthday…..what???? I couldn’t be right there……but yes, it has been 31 years… Mom used to tell me in the short amount of time I had her after Bryan was born, “it will go too quickly”, enjoy all of it!  How right she was…..

Mom and Bry 1980

This is one of my most treasured photos…….I didn’t get many  more before she left us…..

Here he is on his first birthday….

Bryan 1 year old taken in Tempe AZ  J C Pennys

and his second…..( notice a pattern, yes I was into horses! ) LOL

Bryan 2nd birthday 1982 Carson City, NV

My Dad took him to meet his favorite superhero in November of that same year….”Spidey” was going on  break at the mall, Pop-Pop made sure it wasn’t before Bryan got to meet him!  My Dad is on the far right….Dad passed a month later….


Bry, spiderman and Papa Nov 1982

Here was my Mom’s favorite photo of him….I have to agree, it is priceless!   He is 6 months old here, he was bruiser, walked at 9 months!

Bryan Burgess McClay as a baby


His love for dogs started early, this is Bry and Corkey, on their first day together, she was HIS dog, no doubt about it!

Bryan and Corkey

And of course with Abbey girl earlier this year….

Bryan and Abbey Nov 24

His other love as a child….Pop Warner Football! 

Bryan first year of Pop Warne with the Americans in Deer Valley AZ

Bryan playing football

   Bryan has grown up to be a man any parent would be proud to call their own!  I know I have had help from above in guiding him to become the incredible, loving person he is!!!!!  We love you son!


Mom and Dad

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reading the fine print…..

Ladies, I wasn’t sure I was going to share this with you, but I just have to laugh about it now….you know that wonderful Yellow Expression that I got for 36.00?????


Well…I didn’t exactly read all of the description, and so when I opened it, I was shocked to see no cord.  I had already talked with a fellow blogger to buy my Cricut Create, and so I thought…OK, no big deal, I will just buy another cord… make a long story short, the cord was almost as much as the machine was for me!  So I had to ask my dear friend Jane if I could keep my Create as the cord was the same for the Expression.  She was a doll, understood perfectly and let me off the hook…. So I know own two Cricuts, I think I will try to donate the Create to a place that has cords…LOL Here is the description that I failed to totally read…..


Product Comments:
This item it is used, we tested and works good, it comes in original box.
Power cord is missing on this auction.
Product Description
Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter, Canary The Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter is the latest addition to the Cricut cutting system.
You can now cut characters from 0.25" up to an impressive 23.5" Six new modes and 4 functions offer greater customization of cuts, and new settings allow different units of measurement and languages.
Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter
Cricut Lite Playtime cartridge
12" x 12" Cutting Matt
Quick Guide and Manual, it also came with a dull  blade, didn’t cut well, so I had to exchange it.  I think it was a demo piece.  Everything else works like a charm!!!! I am going to have so much fun with this, right Joyce??????  :):)

I have buying and selling on EBay for years and years… think I would know better!  Jane, thanks again for being such a good sport!

I am getting together with one of my dearest friends, met in high school…oh, a few years back (LOL), we are going to to of our favorite Scrapbook Stores, Mystic Paper and Scrapbooks ETC….bound to get in trouble!  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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