Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Only in the Southwest…


This is the time of year we wait for all summer!  It is warm during the day and beautiful at night!  Mid 80’s to the mid 60’s at night…

We went shopping the other day and came home with these wonderful plants…


We bought 4 baskets of this mix, I just love “million bells”….


Only in the southwest can you have poinsettias and pansies at the same time!  :)

I have gone through all of my Christmas items and I have some fun things to sell.  I will post them here first, then Ebay.  A few fun Mary E items!  All retired, so keep tuned in…:)

I am proud of us, we have pared down a bunch!


For all of the house….I used to have double this.:)


For the kitchen area, my Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus are about 25 years old now!  They still work, I just love the animated figures.  I actually saw a few this year in Eau Claire at their major hardware store.

And this is the stuff leaving….



See the black & Decker sander in the orange and black box?  I got that last year from Chris for Christmas and I found it in the storage room!  Can’t wait to see if I use it in 2013! lol


Here is one of the boxes of items I am selling, it doesn’t look like much, but I can guarantee there are some great goodies here!

So, I will be decorating this next week, and the following one, it takes me a few days as I can’t do it all at once.  I will try to get photos of the items I am selling tomorrow or Friday. 

One of the items I found was a lot of the bubble lights…isn’t this the cutest project for Christmas???


Cute ornament for sure….:)  Thanks for stopping by…


                                Photo courtesy of Ebay


ImagiMeri said...

Do I get to look through the goodies before you get rid of them???? I've got some paper for you to look through.


Perfectly Printed said...

Love the bubble lite!! You are right....a really cute project!


My Vintage Mending said...

I still need to put our stuff up...we have lit trees and nothing on them..maybe tonight...smiles..Renee

Nan said...

Wow your nightime temps would make me sweat! I started on my tree yesterday and will finish it up today.

vintage grey said...

Such a sweet bubble light ornament!! Happy decorating! xo Heather


GOOD JOB!!! I need to do the same thing as I have a "few too" many Christmas decor...however I don't have the energy to go thru the boxes!
Can't wait to see your home for Christmas!

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy! I would love to buy a few bubble lights or a trade for my Valentine items. You have paired down a lot, me too. It's funny how the family expects everything to be as it always has been, but it's you who does all the work! Love your flower basket! Have a great weekend. E

Anonymous said...

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