Saturday, November 3, 2012

A few more things….


I have tons of photos from my trip, but I wanted to show you some of the other items I was lucky to find, most right in Eau Claire….

Remember these?????



Yup, plastic puzzle key chains…I think 1960’s maybe????


I saw this one and had to have the bag…..


All in really good shape….I think I will be selling most of them on Etsy….

A bag full of bubblegum machine trinkets….for $1.95


And look what else was in there……


Yes, you are seeing two tiny pocket knives!  Imagine these in a bubblegum machine today???

And this sweet piece is one of my favorites because I can use it!


The fun towel underneath came from Deb….I just love it!!!!!!


Washi tape!!!!!  Perfect storage…:)


Here is that wonderful towel in all of it’s gory….it is going to be on my yellow metal kitchen table/island.


And here are just a few of the fun things Tammy gave me…..I so love Mary E !!!!!


Of course, blow molds……:)


This was also in with the gum trinkets…it is really tiny, I think it is a vintage game piece….maybe Monopoly?  I don’t know but it is old…..:)

Oh, and one more item we got on our trip to Minnesota…..Deb found it in the clearance area of Touch of Home…..I am not a pink girl, but this lovely tablecloth just had to come with me….it will be pretty with my red Fiesta ware on Valentines Day….



And….drumroll please……


This is what it cost!!!!!!

I am still putting items away, as I have to get ready to decorate for Autumn, but I wanted to show you that there is DEFINITELY more out in the Midwest for us vintage loving folks that here in the desert! 

Have a great weekend! 


Perfectly Printed said...

What great finds and GREAT prices!!


Unknown said...

I love the key chain puzzles! I remember them when I was a kid, I think they may be 1950's. Love the colors. Great finds.

Nan said...

Wow you really found some cute things here. I love that baby shoe and have seen that before I just don't know where, maybe like you said a game piece.

tablesetter said...

Yes, the shoe is a monopoly piece...:)


Hi Sandy!
Fun little gumball machine toys! You'll have to come back soon for more shopping!

Coloradolady said...

Hi Sandy! WHat great finds!! I love those key chains, those are so cute!!!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

LOVE the "Washi Tape Storage"! LOL
So happy to hear that you had such good luck on your trip!
Erica :)

Anonymous said...

What fun colors in those buble gum toys!

that fruity table cloth is perfect for your kitchen. enjoy!

Andy's Attic said...

I remember the key chains. I had forgotten about them till I saw them. You really found some great things. I may need to go to the midwest to go junking!

reprise vintage said...

i sure do remember those gumball machine toys! great finds!

craftyles said...

Great stuff. I love the little key chains. The tablecloth is beautiful and what a price!

vintage grey said...

Such pretty and sweet finds!! Love the idea of storing Washi tape in enamelware!! xo heather

My Vintage Mending said...

The bowl...the bowl...the bowl. I have never seen anything quite like it. I remember those plastic toys and loved every memory you brought back...smiles..Renee

Tammy's in Love said...

My Little Grama worked as a cake decorator at a bakery. Once someone knocked the gumball machine over and she saved every one of the charms out of the crashed machine! We played with them for hours...happy memories!

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy! What fun to see the puzzle key chains. I had an elephant one that I just loved in the 60's. All the bubble gum pieces are wonderful. I used them on my Rolodex. Too cute. It sounds like your trip was well "worth" the visit. Love the rose table piece! E

Pollyanna said...

I just have to say I love the little plastic gee gaws ... so cute, and such a good price!! Great finds!


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