Monday, November 12, 2012

To cook or not to cook that is the question…..


Me and my husband have been talking now for a few weeks about what to do about Thanksgiving.  It is only 4 of us and regardless of how many people there are, it is still a huge amount of work for me….

So it came down to three choices…..

Cook the meal….with some help.

turkey 1

Go out out to a restaurant…all four of us have gotten where we hate crowds, the noise, etc….


Or use one of the grocery stores ready made all you have to do is warm it up meals….

turkey 2

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We have decided to use a Albertsons Full Turkey Dinner, we have had it once before and it was good.  I will make two sides that my family likes,  which is easy enough and then we can relax at home, watch football and I can play with my grand puppy!

It has just become too much work for me, and sadly I need to admit this and go on… isn’t about the meal, it’s about the people you share it with! 

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


vivian said...

i know what youre saying! I do the meal... and even with help... there is sooo much work involved. I take the day before off so I can make the stuffing and the pies.. I'm trying to make it easier this year.. somehow.. havent figured it out yet though. I like doing it.. but by the end of the day, Im totally wiped out. there are 14 of us, but I have no idea whose even coming yet... I guess I should start pressing for some answers.. I bought a 28.5 lb turkey!!


Hey Sandy,
Hubby and I were talking yesterday about the same thing...checked out some resturants and I won't pay 30.00 per person to eat I'm thinking wild rice soup and bread for our meal!!! Maybe a "piece" of pie!
How did your wreath turn out???
Can't wait to see it!!!

E said...

I agree Sandy ! I am so thankful this year because my daughter has "grabbed the baton" and invited me to her house. This will be her first attempt at hosting Thanksgiving so I expect some good stories and memories :) Wonder how Viv is going to cook that 30 lb turkey ?? Wow thats a big one! And I think Deb's soup and pie idea sounds great ! Happy Thanksgiving all, E

Jean Knee said...

WE'VE HAD THOSE READY to go meals and they are really pretty good. You're right, being with family is what's important.

Short and Sweet said...

I,too, would have chosen option 3.
The holiday is about being thankful and spending time with family/friends not driving yourself crazy with cleaning, organizing, cooking and washing tons of dishes, pots and pans. Relax and enjoy your day.
We will be in Tucson at my daughter's house or her sister-in-law's house.

Fran said...

You are so isn't about the meal, it is about who you share it with! Sounds like you've chosen the right option, so relax and enjoy your time with your family and your grandpuppy! :) --Fran

Tammy's in Love said...

Are we voting? I have to pack up dinner and take it to Des Moines; wanna come there? I'll cook for you my BFF!

Hope said...

Well, I am in england, so no official Thanksgiving, but we will have a nice roast chicken, two fave sides and pumpkin pie. Again, it's not about the meal, but who you share it with. We will be a cozy trio!

LBP said...

I am hosting again this year. I took up where Grandma left off. I LOVE cooking so I enjoy the "work" but if I didn't like it I would have picked them same option you did!



Unknown said...

We are cookiing at our is a lot of work, but we are a pretty small group....I am with you...Whatever works for your family. Being together is the most important thing!


Anonymous said...

I hate Thanksgiving! Ha-ha! Seriously though, I love a good feast but making it? Not so much! Good luck! ♥


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