Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After….

We had a wonderful day, quiet and low key. We ate out on the patio…


Beautiful flowers Wayne brought home….




Wayne and my son Chris took everything off of both areas and hosed it all down the other day, they were really dusty from a whole summer of heat and dirt!  We cooked out turkey breast in a roaster on the red cart in the corner, it helped keep the house cooler. This was the first year I didn’t stress over cooking this meal, I had a lot premade and warming it up while the turkey rested worked out perfect!


This area still need a lot of work, it was an inside small room that we had to tear down because of black mold… the floor is uneven and ugly!  And these chairs are so uncomfortable! lol, they are getting spray painted red and put out in the front and back yards with pots of flowers on them this winter.

My sons are both sleeping, their Dad is at work, he went in at 3:30AM and this is how we all feel today….


Maya is pooped from having the youngster around….and the youngster is finally relaxing herself…


Abbey has become a wonderful dog, now over two years old, she is really become the dog everyone told us she could be. :)


Now ( drum roll please)….



On to the Fun Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Perfectly Printed said...

So glad you had a relaxing day!! Love your patio!!


My Vintage Mending said...

I hope you all had a wonderful day. We are still digging out of Thanksgiving...Smiles..Renee

vivian said...

I love your patio! Ive always wanted one. someday... I say someday about everything!
Im glad you had a nice thanksgiving and a relaxing day today. Im exhausted and my feet are killing me from all the decorating. Still so much to finish up! but it'll get finished tomorrow and then from now til christmas I will keep tweaking everything! lol
have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the men and children all had a wonderful Thanksgiving over here. Snark-snark!

I love all the color on your patio!

Unknown said...

Sandy! It would be so lovely to use the out of doors as another room! One very good reason to live in AZ! Your flowers are just beautiful, and it seems your day was as well. E

donna said...

It was nice outside here too. I thought about having Thanksgiving on the back porch but then the next thing you know we where at the table. So glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving.

craftyles said...

Sounds like you had a nice day. We had a low key dinner too-it's kinda nice. Yes-on to the fun stuff!

vintage grey said...

Glad your day was lovely!! Adore your green metal chairs! ;) xo Heather said...

Happy to hear you had a wonderful day, Sandy:) Love the color of your vintage chairs! Your new blog header is really sweet, too:)


Unknown said...

Standing by to see all your fun stuff. Happy that you had a warm and happy Thanksgiving. Our day was warm filled with love of family and friends however when we got home, our two little dogs were covered in fleas from a friends dog...Gosh, it's taken us the week to rid them and the house! We have a new rule, don't take the dogs to other folks home!

I had to come over and visit, Holly and Viv is here and the whole gang. It's been way too long and Jack is back!

Happy holidays!

Susan said...

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