Friday, November 9, 2012

A Christmas Open House


I know it is just November 9th, but I am so in the mood for Christmas! My friend Cheri and me went to an Christmas Open House at a store in Scottsdale called “The Décor Store”.  They always do an incredible job for the holidays.  Not much that I would use in my vintage Christmas decorating but it sure was fun to share a day with my buddy!

Warning….Photo heavy post!

IMG_0006 (2)

IMG_0011 (2)

IMG_0012 (2)

IMG_0013 (2)

IMG_0014 (2)

IMG_0016 (2)

Loved this tree, it had large and small lights and it was just the perfect size.

IMG_0018 (2)

IMG_0022 (2)

Cheri standing in  the “White Christmas” area…..

IMG_0023 (2)

Beautiful bronze and coppers also….

IMG_0024 (2)

IMG_0025 (2)

Loved all of the glitter!!!!!

IMG_0026 (2)

Aren’t the different, so pretty….


IMG_0038 (2)

IMG_0031 (2)

A lot of whimsical….

IMG_0032 (2)

IMG_0033 (2)

a close up….

IMG_0034 (2)

IMG_0039 (2)

Oh, and one last item….

IMG_0029 (2)

Have a great weekend!!!!  I will be a Meri’s wreath making party! 


reprise vintage said...

beautiful christmas items! i love christmas too! in fact i've already decorated my blog for christmas. :)

Dewena said...

Oh, I am in the mood to visit our town's big Christmas market this weekend after seeing your post, but wouldn't you know it, my husband and I are both down with what doctor says is a sinus infection but feels much worse than that. Loved seeing the pretty pictures on yours.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I get all excited by glitter and candy-shaped ornaments! There cannot be enough peppermint and gingerbread in the world for me! Thanks for the great pics! =D

Fran said...

It doesn't matter what the decorating style, I never get tired of looking at Christmas pictures--and I loved every one of these! Looks like you enjoyed yourself--what a fun way to spend time with a friend! :) --Fran


WOW, what a fun filled store!
I know you will have the best time tomorrow with Meri!! Sure wish I was there! Try not to burn your fingers! Can't wait to see your Wreath!!!

vivian said...

oh ! I wish I was going to meri's wreath making party! have fun!!!

vintage grey said...

Wow, what Christmas fun!! Love the tinsel trees!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

Unknown said...

What a fun place! Those flower petal angels were just lovely! Have fun with your wreath

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yay! I'm not the only one that's already thinking for Christmas!!! I am so ready too! I have started searching the antique shops for vintage items to add to my collection this year!
Open house's are such fun. I bet you are very inspired now!
Have a great weekend, Lindsey

Anonymous said...

I love picture heavy posts- especially of Christmas!

Have fun at Meris! I hope y'all take lots of pics.

craftyles said...

Sandy, What a great Christmas store. Such inspiration. Love the whimsical tree-it's so packed full.

My Vintage Mending said...

My Aunt used to take us to a holiday store in Houston growing up and I have never forgotten the magic I walked away feeling...perhaps that is why I love Christmas so much...smiles..Renee

RetroSandie said...

I just love going to Christmas Wonderlands! Thanks for sharing your pix of the beautiful shop near you. Fun for ideas, too!!

Nan said...

Wow what a fantastic store. I loved those white trees!

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy! Your blog banners are wonderful. They truly remind me of your Au Claire visits. This is the most incredible store. I have never seen so many decorations in just one store! Wow! The holidays are coming so quickly now! EEK! Thanksgiving right around the corner. Have fun at Meri's. Her home looks absolutely beautiful! Elizabeth

Short and Sweet said...

EEEEEKKKKK! I must apologize to you. I mistakenly put Laura's name for your wreath! I have since changed it so the photo of your wreath is linked to your name and blog.
I really enjoyed myself today and I'm glad that I finally met you. I'm so used to reading your blog that I'm happy to meet you under such happy circumstances. Looking forward to seeing you again for other crafting activities.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

It was sooooooooo wonderful seeing you yesterday!!!!! Thanks so much for the words of encouragement on my wreath!! If it wasn't for your girls... I never would have finished it!!!! This store looks amazing!! I will need to check it out!!!!


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