Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rednesday Vintage Goodies !


I recently went to a fun blog I had only been to a few times and realized that her Etsy shop is wonderful! This is her blog:

http://myvintagesoul.typepad.com/, and here is a link to her Etsy store….


These kinds of items are so rare and these were well priced I couldn’t say No, even though I shouldn't have! But I had sold some of my CD’s so I had a few dollars of mad money….

Vintage Red Gingham Pleated Plastic Shelf Trim

IMG_2726 Look at the original price! I will take a case please! LOL


Don’t need tacks, but I think I will use them anyway…red ones!


Great graphics and the packages are in wonderful shape…I hope I have the courage to open them! :):) Please go to Sue’s blog and see all of the rest of the wonderful red goodies!!!!



My Vintage Mending said...

Can you imagine loving your shelves so much that you applied gingham ruffles! Pure perfection. I love to find old tagged items with the preprinted price...Smiles...Renee

★Carol★ said...

I can't wait to see your cute shelves after you put this on them! I thought all vintage shelf edging was made of paper, and I just knew that would get destroyed here, so I'm pretty excited about this plastic stuff, and want to find some too!
Happy REDnesday!

LV said...

Nice red Wednesday presentation.

SueLovesCherries said...

These are great, Sandy, you better show them to us when they're in place!

Elyse said...

how cute!!!


very merry vintage style said...

Very sweet--they are perfect for you!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Red plaid happens to be my favorite!


“Oh, my goodness, oh, my dear!
Don’t you think it’s very clear
That a red-less day’s a drag?”
Said Ms. Foxy Scarlet Hag.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Lazy Days

E said...

Gingham and Miranda Lambert ... dont get no better than that :)

Unknown said...

Hey Sandy. I know just what you mean. It is hard to open pristine packages of new old stock. I love this and it will be even cuter with the red thumb tacks.

Do you have a spring/summer cd of your card images for sale or just the Christmas one? I really do need to order one of everything from you because I love them all.

Just had to pop over. I've had you and Viv on my mind a lot today. Good nite / Good Morning!

Love ya, Tracy :)

Carol at Serendipity said...


I remember this. My grandmother had her shelves trimmed with this. Takes me back.


Rebecca said...

I'll be sure to check it out-love that vintage trim-so cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! My happy kitchen shelves are edged in red gingham but I had to cut it out!

vivian said...

oh my! I want all of those packages! What awesomeness it would be to line all the edges of my kitchen cupboards! youre lucky to have those!

Angela said...

Not only my favorite colour but gingham..oh my..What a find...Thanks for sharing.Heading over to her blog to check it out. Thanks.

Scrap for Joy said...

Why do I always feel so old when I visit? Oh yes, I know....you show all of these cute vintagey items and I am immediately taken back to my childhood. I am vintage, I know. I remember my Mom using cute plastic edging and also the old decals, too. I visited her etsy shop...lots of Sandy stuff there! :=)

Ann said...

Just open the package VERY carefully. Save the package for a special place all to itself.
Share the finished shelves with us.

LADY JANE said...

I just stopped over from Sues place and smiled as soonas I saw your blog...adorable! And if...and I said IF I was not so delighted to be here I would covet your shelf trim,,,yep...thank goodness I am not that type of gal...although...LOL when you get yourcase perhaps you could sell me a few! Ok...wonderful to meet you...hope to see you again soon!

Chelise said...

Love love love those! I would not be able to wait to put these on some cupboards!

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy! I just knew you would have something wonderfully red to share today, and I was right. What cute liner, for your kitchen pantry which is already too adorable for words? Loved, loved the story of your grandfather and Woolworths. Keep them coming! Elizabeth

Nancy's Notes said...

I'm so delighted that I found your blog, it just looks wonderful! What adorable shelf trim, I'll be back to check and sweet the end result, I'm sure it'll be perfect!


Pam Kessler said...

I love those type of shelf liners. I never knew they made adhesive ones. Great find.

Mecky said...

I wish someone would reproduce things like that. I LOVE that. I love red checks and that is so cool.


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