Monday, March 28, 2011

It’s Spring here in Arizona!

I know so many of you are still in the cold and snow….I feel for all of you! But this is the time Arizona shines! It has been in the mid 70’s most of this spring and the flowers are abundant at the Home Improvement stores!

A few we picked up the other day…..


They look a little sad right now, but these should look great in a week or two…..

IMG_2854 We were going to put this water jug in a garage sale, but my husband thought it would make a cute planter….we just leave the spigot open so it can drain….:)

IMG_2853 Since it is Easter in a month I got a basket at the dollar store and planted some pansies, they don’t last long here once it gets hot…. some photos of my groupings…I will take photos in a month and you will be amazed at the difference in growth!



I also wanted to show you what our bougainvillea looked like after the freeze:


And after they are cut back…we had to really cut them this year because of the freeze….this is what they look like now….

IMG_2841IMG_2843 pretty ugly, huh? See those little red leaves at the bottom? That is the new growth….

These will be beautiful in another few weeks…..

IMG_1488 same plants last summer…..

And finally my rose garden, it isn’t much just three bushes, but we added some geraniums and hope they make it thru the summer….they do get afternoon shade….

IMG_2832 Before we planted the flowers in front….


See that little patch of grass? Not much, it is for Maya….:)

Thanks for stoppin’ by….it is suppose to be 90 degrees by Wednesday! YUK!!!!! Here comes the heat…..


GerryART said...

Sandy, here in mid-MO we are
W- - - -A - - - I - - - T - - - I - - -N - - -G
for Spring weather to arrive - - for good.

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi Sandy! March came in like a lion here, lambed up, now it's going out like a cold lion!

Your flowers are so pretty - I shall live vicariously through you, lol!


I can't wait to have the temp's in the 70's!!!
With the hard snow, a few of my shrubs will need to be cut WAY down...Ihope they come back
The flowers look perfect in the jug!

vivian said...

Sandy you have such a pretty yard! I love the stone walls. I was hoping to put in some sort of a patio this year, but I'm thinking it probably isnt going to happen.. soooo expensive for the flagstone or pavers. we'll see though, I'll be looking into it anyways. I cant wait to get flowers and try to pretty this place up a bit. its looking very rough around her from the long cold winter!
have a great week!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh how I long for sun and heat...we have snow, wind and sleet...will it ever end? Glad that someone is enjoying it all...Smiles...Renee

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sandi Sweetie...
Thank you for stopping by. Sorry I won't be able to make it to Meri's. I can't venture out that far with the truck, it is not running that great, but it is what we have, so goes it.

After Saturday, I won't be venturing out for awhile anyway. I thought I was amongst friends, but find that wasn't truly so. There was an incident, I have been in tears, and can honestly say I am NOT ready for crowds at all. You all will have to have fun for me. Thank you both for the lovely invite though.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Your gardens look wonderful!! I am so itching to get out in the yard but it's been cold, dreary and they are calling for SNOW again--YUCK!!!

Elyse said...

so nice to see bright flowers. where i am we just have little crocuses right now and erratic weather (cold / warm). enjoy!


Jenny said...

No, no. Say it isn't so. No 90's. NONONONONONONONO!

Love the planter...darn I should have nabbed that out of your garage sale stuff - ha!

Anonymous said...

Okay- anything would look great on that red cart! :)

Tresa said...

It's still chilly here in Indiana but your pretty flower pictures give me hope! I really like the pansies in the Easter basket.
I have to tell you, every winter I tell my husband that I'm sick of the cold and snow and that we're moving to Arizona. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely lovely gardens . wish they were mine. Love that circular one. re
Well, in reply to your note, Sandy ... there are the thoughtless airheads that don't use the wonderful gifts God gave them well ... how's this for an answer.

How are thigns coming along for you? Any better?

It's going to be a fun gathering this weekend, enjoy. Hugs to you & Meri.

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You are so lucky to have your flowers bloom by this time, as we all know some other parts of the country are still experiencing the cold weather. You have such a beautiful garden!

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