Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easter Swap Confusion


Hi Everyone! I have gotten a few emails about the way I sent out partners, being new to this game, I didn’t do it right….:):)

so here is the list and who your partner is:

Michele K and Linda F

Sandy McClay and Tracy D

Joyce Gleason and Janelle ( Sweet Bee Cottage)

Terri S and Kadra R

Nan Y and Kelly B

Elaine E and Dottee O

Betty B and Susan S

Terry H and Renee D

Tamera W and Viv N

Debby M and Sharon W

Anne -Kitschy Vintage and Chris McK

Sandy O and Holly D

Michele M and Tresa B

Becky G and Linda S

Nan E and Roslyn R

Linda M and Lisa S

Cheryl Com4ort and Betty V

Dana S and Melissa S

Stevie K and Sharon W

Angela C and Jenny H

Angie and Amy C

Jane P and Kathy L

Patti S and Mary H

Laura C and Lizzi G

Deb H and Susan Wic

Lisa A and Mary K


If there are any questions please email me asap…..and thank you for sticking with me here! LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sandy, I don't know if there is a "right" way to do this but this way seems good! You deserve a extra chocolate bunny! :)

Unknown said...

I didn't have any problems with your post that I know of. Now, I just need to know if you have any allergies. And though I feel like I know you so well, I'm always up for a favorites list from you to know your favorite everything.

XXXOOO's....Tracy :)


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