Friday, December 6, 2013

This and That…..


I have a few minutes to let you know how things are going….CRAZY!  OMG…this puppy is work!!!!  She is just 9 weeks old now and still having issues with going outside instead of going inside….today was really tough….we were outside numerous times, some as long as 30 minutes, no potty…walked in the house and guess what?  Good thing I have laminate floors right now….

She has changed a bunch in looks and is starting to get more “fuzzies” on her face, ears and her back…




And she is a pistol!  Maya was so easy…this one is a little firecracker.  I have never seen 5 pounds run so fast!


I am not sure how much decorating will be done this year….

I found that this is one of the designer breeds….They call them Pinny Poos! 

Here are some examples…I am glad she is not this fluffy!


IMG_3056_DxO copy

IMG_3041_DxO copy

Bailey learned what a cardboard tube was for a toy today too!  She loved it!


I almost for got to show you the wonderful gift that Shirley Hatfield ( Zetta’s Apron) gave me! 


These are so me, aren’t they????  They are cardboard numbers she decoupaged for me, with everything from my blog…  I just adore them…they are on the top shelf  in my craftroom, I just love seeing them all of the time….thank you Shirley!

Still missing my girl…it is getting better but having a tiny puppy that exhausts me is not making it any easier….sometimes we just sit together and cry…This will be the first Christmas in 11 years without my Maya…..this is one of my favorite photos, healthy, happy and loving life a few years ago….

IMG_2014 (2)

Time just keeps going…..The weather is being really tough on my RA, the disease is starting to rear it’s ugly head again, I am having some major changes in bones.  My husband hates this time of year, he works retail, enough said….and my sons are grown so this will be the first Christmas without a lot of gifts and stockings….they both agree it is time….I don’t think so, but I will honor their wish….the holidays just are not what they used to be when they were just little guys….It is wonderful to be able to just sit back and relax on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  So many past ones running from place to place, hectic and tired and cranky.  I do so appreciate the 4 of us, well, actually that is 6 with the grand pup and Bailey! :)

Thanks for stopping by…


vivian said...

LOVE the 521 pieces! wonderful wonderful wonderful!! How sweet of shirley! dont we have the bestest bloggy friends?
So sad that your RA is bothering you. I have a friend that has it and has to go for infusions once a month and gives herself an injection of something every sat morning. but she does pretty well for the most part.
I hope youre enjoying a quiet and relaxed holiday season then.. ours is not either of those things.... but I guess I'd miss it if it were anything different.
love ya my friend! have a happy day!

Tea in the Library said...

Catching up with your blog. I think saving a pup is a wonderful tribute to Maya. Being the center of a baby's universe is exhausting no matter what their species! Congrats on the new little one in your life. Since she was 'sent' to you I know she is meant to be a blessing. Prayers for improved health regarding the RA and for a uplifting holiday season.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sandy, just hang in there! Bailey will settle down sweetly once she gets through the puppy stage! Give her lots of gentle love and floors can be cleaned:). I understand about Christmas. We have scaled way back on the gifts and stockings this year for the kids. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Musings from Kim K. said...

Shirley did a wonderful job with the 521 pieces! What a sweetheart. I hope puppy life settles down soon. She is adorable, but I know how much work babies are too. Prayers and hugs regarding your RA. Do you and Erica (Golden Egg Vintage) chat about your struggles with RA?

Scrap for Joy said...

This has been a tough time for you but how nice to see the 521 bright spot for you. Shirley is very talented and she does know what you like! I always say that blogging friends are the best!
Your little Bailey is cute and I'm sure once you get past this training stage, you'll become good friends. Nothing will take Maya's place but I bet you have room in your heart to love another four-legged baby.
Our kids are not only grown but they all live far away and we're not together for Christmas. This will be our first Christmas since David's retirement from the ministry so it will be very different for us...we're enjoying decorating yes, even though it's just the 2 of us, and we're even going to bake this year.
You're always in my prayers dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Sandy!

What a cheery gift from Shirley! It's just perfect!

My boy was in charge of the potty training of our "puppy" I think she was 9 months old when we adopted her and she wasn't at all potty trained yet! She had some really bad habits to break but he used the crate training method and it worked really well. Thankfully, we didn't have carpet on the farm!

Hope you can get the RA back under control. My closest friend here in Idaho has RA and has finally found a way to manage it but now she's having MS symptoms! Ugh! Health problems can be so frustrating!

Hang in there and hope!

Perfectly Printed said...

Your Shirley gift is just too darn cute!!! What a sweetheart!
Your pup will get better...she will, she will!

ImagiMeri said...

Okay, when is it safe for me to come visit with Bailey? She needs to get to know me sooner or later, you know I'll be a part of her life.....;o)

Call when you between puppy peeing!

Love ya'

Blessed Serendipity said...

Your new puppy is so cute and I bet is keeping you busy too. What a sweet gift of the darling decorated numbers from Shirley. Hope you are feeling better soon.


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love the numbers Shirley made for you!! Soo cute!! I'm sure Bailey will settle down, the puppy stage is always pretty crazy and always lots of trips outside! Lol. My sister just a puppy a few months ago, German short hair pointer, he's a bit of a handful at times but oh so sweet, he loves to cuddle up in the evenings but during the day he's a firecracker! Lots of energy!! But your Bailey is too cute to stay mad at for long i'm guessing! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

Annesphamily said...

Hi Sandy! I am stopping by from Suzanne's Secret Santa Soiree! I can never figure out my SS but I sure like visiting. Those letters are so cool. Love love love them! I also love those crafty folks who create them! Have abeautiful Sunday! Anne


She is STINKIN CUTE!!! Sorry to hear that she is BUSY and that your RA is hurting...
LOVE the numbers Shirley made for you! Very COOL and colorful :)
Take care!

20 North Ora said...

That is the cutest pup! You just forget how much time goes into training a puppy! He is darling tho! Love your 521 -?cute, cute cute?


vintage grey said...

She definitely looks like a handful, but so very cute! Darling "521" that Shirley made you! Wishing you a blessed and wonderful Christmas season! xo Heather


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