Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secret Santa Arrived! Three times!


I joined Suzanne's Secret Santa fun!

My Santa sent three separate packages…it was SO fun!

Look !!!!!!!!!


The Bath and Body goodies came first….


then  a second package came!


Can you believe there is a vintage children’s book called Baby Sandy????

Look at some of the pages…amazing graphics..



Ok…now I need to tell you when I was little I slept in a PINK crib…look at the color of her crib! lol

Then I got a package from my good friend Elizabeth Fedorko…come to find out , Santa had purchased some of Beth’s fun fun vintage goodies!




Look at this cute thimble tree….:) I just adore Beth’s work!


And a bunch of fun vintage graphic images…

Thank you Secret Santa !!!!!  This was wonderful!

Suzanne, this is a GREAT fun swap, thank you for doing this again!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandy! Your blog looks so christmassy!

I just love baby sandy! How fun. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

How perfect is that Baby Santa book. Your pin cushion is equally fabulous too. What a fun Christmas swap.


WOW, you had a very nice partner! Love the pinkeep! Beth does make awesome pinkeeps. I'm blessed to have one too! Darling "Sandy" book!

Perfectly Printed said...

Your secret Santa sure took good care of you! The pin keep is darling!!

vintage grey said...

Oh, what wonderful treasures to receive! The Baby Sandy is so darling!! xo Heather

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Wow! Your Secret Santa sure put a lot of thought and care into what she sent. Such special things! I can't believe that book!
I for sure need to join this fun swap next year!
Sandy I hope you're hanging in there with "your newborn". lol
I remember that when Noel (Wellie) was a puppy there were times that I thought it was a mistake, and that I would never bond with her. Now she's the love of my life! I just know this will happen for you too!
Erica :)

Coloradolady said...

Sandy, you are going to think I am crazy...but it's ok. It works.

Hold your puppy in your lap and look into its eyes, gently, very gently blow into his nose. Take a long deep breath and blow it all out into his snout. He will be devoted to you forever and mind.

An old Indian told my husband that years ago, and just last month, another lady was having a time with her new puppy, and a Indian lady told her the the same thing...after that, different dog! it is worth a shot, it has never failed yet!

vivian said...

wonderful stuff! and the baby sandy book is perfect for you! Im a little jealous that I didnt join in the fun... next year I will!
happy wednesday my friend!

ImagiMeri said...

That book is perfectly you! See you Thursday!


craftyles said...

The swap looks so fun. The Baby Sandy book is just adorable and perfect for you!

Stampindamour said...

Sandy - What a SWEET Secret Santa you had! That book was a perfect present for you!

Have a Merry Christmas! ♥


Anonymous said...

what awesome gifts you received,this swap is so much fun.xx

Jenny said...

How fun for you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Is it the Baby Bumblebee sign or the Cow Jumped over the Moon sign we're trading?

I confused myself.


Nothing new on that!

retrorevival.biz said...

You're a lucky lady, Sandy!


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