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Hi everyone…hope Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Ours was one of the best we have ever had,  the food was easy and wonderful and the turkey got done! :)

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Wayne came home from work early with a little bundle in his arms….long story, short version….he thought it would help me with the sadness.  At his work a woman came in with two pups, one male, one female and stated that if she couldn’t find them homes, they would have to go to the pound. That was the all Wayne needed to hear.  I married a very kind, thoughtful man….just no common sense! lol

I was SO not ready for another dog… not one this color and  7 weeks old?  Are you kidding me?  I haven’t had a tiny puppy in 25 years!  The first two days all I could do was cry  and think of Maya….but little by little with the help of some good friends this little pup and me found a way to connect….it isn’t anything like I had with Maya, and it never will be…but she is so sweet and she needs me….for now that is enough. 

This is Bailey….

IMG_4011 (2)

She is a cross between a Miniature Pinscher and a Miniature Poodle.   Pray for both of us please….we have a rough couple of weeks ahead in our new journey, it is like having a baby all over again…..I asked my Maya to send me a dog I could care for and love while I am still on this earth….Not in any way, shape or form is Bailey the dog I thought I would end up with….amazing how prayers are answered. :)


Have a great weekend…:)



vivian said...

oh Sandy! she is adorable!! I know its different for everyone, but the few times Ive lost one of my beloved pets, I have gotten another right away to ease the sting and take my mind off the sorrow. they never totally take the place of the one we lost, but they make their own place right beside the other in your heart.
yeah, the puppy stage is hard.. but its the best bonding time! Enjoy your precious new friend! You will mean the world to her.
so happy for you

Fran said...

Oh, Sandy! What a sweet, lovely little puppy. Your husband has such a caring heart. I think you are right, Maya is the one who has brought Bailey into your life! Enjoy her! Have a wonderful weekend :) --Fran

ThrifterSisters said...

My beautiful Golden Retriever is named Bailey too so it looks like she is in good company!

Men just don't seem to get the work that goes into having a new "baby" in the house. Last year, my husband couldn't decide what to get me for Christmas and that is how I ended up with a 5 week old German Shepherd. It was and still is a lot of work but as you know, so worth it! Can't wait to hear about your adventures with Bailey!


Perfectly Printed said...

Bailey looks like a sweet young, ok little, vey little puppy!! When we rescued our two, one was 4 months and one 7, not too grown up, but not the infant stage! Things do happen for a reason....Bailey sure needed someone, and your husband was right there, and you had a place in your home. A perfect match! Viv is right you can't replace can look forward to so many new adventures creating a relationships with your darling new pup!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Enjoy your little bundle. I have two girls who would love to help entertain her!! I never expected when I first married Chris and we decided to have children that we would do an international adoption. The unexpected happens and sometimes brings the best joy ever. HUGS!!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Bailey will never replace Maya, but will help fill the hole in your heart. Having a puppy is like a new baby, but at least it does not last as long. We got a new puppy 3 years ago and it made me realize how baby raising is for young women and as much as I hate to admit, I am not young anymore. Congratulations on the new puppy and your sweet hubby!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I bet she's so soft! And I can almost hear her.
god bless you, two!

Shirley Hatfield said...

Our Daisy was 8 months old when we got her. I was so happy...I thought I would be skipping the puppy housebreaking stage. No such luck! The dog show circuit was traumatic to her and she coped by acting the time we adopted her she had some bad habits and was constantly christening my new carpet. I don't think they were very nice to her...and she was such a beautiful little thing. You'll get through it.


Eeeek....she is too cute! I think she is just perfect for you! She'll keep you busy and that is a good thing :)
What an interesting mix she is! Can't wait to watch her grow!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

God works in mysterious ways;) I think Bailey is precious. She will help to heal your heart. Love and prayers to you both. Twyla

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh how sweet! Little Bailey is so adorable, and I think she'll help you through it (: I believe everything happens for a reason, have fun making sweet new memories with your new puppy.Hugs, xo Holly

Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

Hang in there, having a puppy is tough when it has been a long time since you have raised one! You do forget how very much work they can be when you have had the pleasure of many years with a mostly well-behaved, mature dog. I speak from experience! I hope you and Bailey bond and that she brings you much happiness in spite of periods of exhasperation!

Laurie S.

Lori E said...

Bailey is not a replacement dog. We don't replace the ones we love.

We love anew. We love differently.

We love with a guarded heart at first but then we finally surrender to this new love because they deserve nothing less.

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy, Bailey is adorable. She needed you! You two are going to share so much! Hugs, from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

vintage grey said...

Oh my goodness! So, so sweet Bailey is!! Enjoy and have fun! xo Heather

20 North Ora said...

She is adorable! I know as time goes by you two will become the best of friends. Puppies are just so hard! Enjoy!


NanE said...

Oh Sandy, I'm so happy and excited for you! The best surprises are the ones we never see coming! She should be a great dog with the mix of poodle and Min Pin. Can't wait to see pics of her as she grows and changes. Hugs & Blessings, Nan

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