Thursday, November 14, 2013

OK….trying to move on…..


First, I would like everyone who called, sent cards, left posts and emails about the passing of my Maya dog, I appreciate them all.  I have made such special friends blogging.  Just a few photos of what I received then onto a couple of fun days….

From my sons Bryan and Chris:



We are going to try to “plant” the blue puppy in a pot, hopefully it will grown in remembrance of My Maya dog…


The little blue dog has the seeds in it….a wonderful poem in the inside of the card just made me weep….  my sons are incredible!

Bryan sent me these…


I tried to start one, but it is too soon…but it did affirm we did everything the right way, with love, always with love….



OK….On Saturday I went to Meri’s for the fun Putz House day….it was fun, really fun and helped lift my spirits…here is the one I made…






I have one more to make but I am going to wait a bit….I am sure Meri will have tons of photos soon…I know she needs to look through about 300 of them! lol

Tuesday I went out with my friend Cheri for her birthday, she took the day off from work just for me!  That says a lot!!!!! I will have more photos when she figures out how to get them off her phone, my phone died…lol

We went all over the east valley…had such a good time, a wonderful Mexican restaurant for lunch, and ended the day at Starbucks…hot chocolate…no better way to enjoy a  day than to spend it with a best friend of 42 years. :)

One of the items I found was this awesome canvas from Kirklands, we had to go to three stores to find any…there was only one left in all of Phoenix!


Look what is does….




Yup, the lights on the canvas really flash!  So cool……

These were from Cracker Barrel….they have SO much cute stuff this year for Christmas…they had a Santa cookie jar that was so cute, it took all I had not to buy it…I got these instead…


Buttons on wire ornaments, I know one is going to end up taken apart and the buttons will be used for crafts….I thought they were real reasonable at $4.99 each.

And I just laughed when I saw this….


And you know who who you are girls! 

Thanks for stopping by…….



Shirley Hatfield said...

Oh, Sandy, I must have missed your last post...I didn't know. I am so so sorry. The sweet sweet memories last forever...even tho' we got a new dog Daisy a few years ago, the pain of suddenly losing our beloved Jack was overwhelming. Just wanted you to know that I am here and that I understand what you've been going through.


I have been thinking about you!!! Give yourself time!
Your Putz house is Darling! I bet it was lots of FUN at Meri's. Happy that you had a nice girlfriend day! That always cheers us up!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Hi Sandy-
I'm so happy to hear about your day at Meri's and your day out with your friend Cheri. I bet those hours with friends give your mind (and heart) a much needed break from missing Maya. Just a little diversion.
Your putz house turned out so great! I think I need some tinsel style glitter like that!
Did you know that before I had to quit working I was the manager of a Kirkland's? Tuesday and Thursday shipment days in November and December...about killed me! LOL
Erica :)

Perfectly Printed said...

Your Putz house is darling!!! Love the glitter!! Sounds like you had a great day celebrating your friends birthday, there's nothing like a spendning a day with girlfriends is there?

Lynn said...

Hi Sandy,
So glad to see that you are out and about!! The putz house is too cute!!! Love the Christmas items you found. I love Cracker Barrel! They had two dachshund items this year well three but I bought the Dachshund in a red Santa suit last year!! I try to find at least one new dachshund ornament each year to add to my dachshund/pet tree! I had to add cat ornaments for my kitty cat grand fur babies and we had a Blonde Chow Chow when the kids were little named Lebo and I found the cutest Chow chow ornament a few years ago that almost matched the color of his fur! We got him when Dana was about a year and a half old and he passed away after her 11th birthday!!! Duane says if we ever move from our home we will have to dig up the bones of our furbabies and take them to our new home to be reburied! I saw a show on the animal planet where lots of people are having their pets taxidermy! I always said I wanted to do that with Baby aka Granny girl! I mean we had her for 16 years!! I miss her still! She loved Christmas and shopping! She was the only doxie that would actually hang out of the buggy at Petsmart and shop!!! She would she what she wanted and pull it off the hooks with her teeth. We let her do this as many times as we had doxies lOL so one of the last times she went shopping she got to pull 7 toys into the buggy! She would also open her Christmas presents. I was looking at old pictures this past weekend and found some of her with her head and as far up her body as the bag would go and she was inside the bag to get the present!!
Hugs and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

A red gingham Christmas house! So cute Sandy!

You are so blessed to have good friends near by. You've probably seen on my facebook that I have lots of friends but most of them are friends I've left behind. I'd love to have more close by friends in my life.

I pray for continued healing in your heart and comfort from your sorrow. ♥

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy, I'm so glad you got to spend time with Meri and lift your spirits a little. I'm glad you have family and friends to share your sorrow with you.
Your Putz house is so cute, I love the red gingham.
Hugs, Dorothy

Musings from Kim K. said...

Definitely give your self some much needed time to grieve. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with Meri and your friend Cheri. Your putz house is absolutely adorable. You found some wonderful things last weekend. Sending you some Christmas cheer!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card. I planted forget me not seeds after my dad died. But fur babies need a tribute too and I have those. Looking at those books already make me :( I have fur babies aging with a couple already died.

God bless


vintage grey said...

Sandy, I am so sorry to hear about Maya and sorry I didn't see this sooner. Sending you big hugs and prayers. Lots of love, xo Heather

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