Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day


Charles Robert Burgess, my Dad  he enlisted at age 18 during WWII. He ended up in Alaska at Fort Richardson at the end of the war, before that he was in many different bases throughout the US.   He tried very hard to become a pilot, but after going through most of the training, and while completing the physical, they realized he had no depth perception. I know of two women who were not disappointed about that discovery.   After the war he was in the National Guard for close to 25 years.  There is no other person that loved his country more than my Dad.

Charles Robert Burgess WWII

This is my Father in Law, Eugene Edward McClay….he just celebrated his 90th birthday…. he was in The Air Force and was awarded the Bronze Star.  He was in Burma, in the jungles, clearing them for the US Air Force to have a place to land and refuel their planes.


Thank you both for your service to our country…..


Dee said...

I love this post... awesome.

craftyles said...

Both Dad's are so handsome. Loved hearing a little about them both. Happy Veterens Day!


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