Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reading the fine print…..

Ladies, I wasn’t sure I was going to share this with you, but I just have to laugh about it now….you know that wonderful Yellow Expression that I got for 36.00?????


Well…I didn’t exactly read all of the description, and so when I opened it, I was shocked to see no cord.  I had already talked with a fellow blogger to buy my Cricut Create, and so I thought…OK, no big deal, I will just buy another cord… make a long story short, the cord was almost as much as the machine was for me!  So I had to ask my dear friend Jane if I could keep my Create as the cord was the same for the Expression.  She was a doll, understood perfectly and let me off the hook…. So I know own two Cricuts, I think I will try to donate the Create to a place that has cords…LOL Here is the description that I failed to totally read…..


Product Comments:
This item it is used, we tested and works good, it comes in original box.
Power cord is missing on this auction.
Product Description
Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter, Canary The Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter is the latest addition to the Cricut cutting system.
You can now cut characters from 0.25" up to an impressive 23.5" Six new modes and 4 functions offer greater customization of cuts, and new settings allow different units of measurement and languages.
Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter
Cricut Lite Playtime cartridge
12" x 12" Cutting Matt
Quick Guide and Manual, it also came with a dull  blade, didn’t cut well, so I had to exchange it.  I think it was a demo piece.  Everything else works like a charm!!!! I am going to have so much fun with this, right Joyce??????  :):)

I have buying and selling on EBay for years and years… think I would know better!  Jane, thanks again for being such a good sport!

I am getting together with one of my dearest friends, met in high school…oh, a few years back (LOL), we are going to to of our favorite Scrapbook Stores, Mystic Paper and Scrapbooks ETC….bound to get in trouble!  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Nan said...

People get so excited reading about an Ebay item their eyes often skip over things. This happened when I sold two brand new books, repos of vintage sewing books, still in a plastic sealed wrapper and the gal who bought them thought they were real vintage copies when I clearly said they were not. She was okay with it but this happens a lot on Ebay.

ImagiMeri said...

you can always check ebay or etsy for a power cord.


Anonymous said...

Ack! What a bummer, Sandy! :(

Note new blog name has officially changed! ♥

Scrap for Joy said...

OH NO!!!! I would have assumed it came with a cord, too!! I'm surprised that the replacement is so expensive. That's a shame. I think the prices on your cartidges are fair. You will have lots of fun with it.
Mystic Paper and Scrapbooks, Etc....WWAAAAH! I miss them but I did have a fun day today with my pal Mimi..we went to the new Hobby Lobby...what joy, what bliss! Then we went to Steak N Shake for burgers and fries. (This was a good thing to do today after my colonoscopy yesterday-lol!)
Have a great weekend sweetie!

vivian said...

tricky discriptions! oh well.. such is life sometimes. But so have fun at those scrap book stores! and enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

Jenny said...

Oh man. Too bad you couldn't find an auction for a cord.


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