Friday, September 16, 2011

A little late to the party…..Cricut cartridge storage

I recently decided one more time, I have too much of everything in my room.  So one of the main problems was this…..

IMG_4367 ( Google)

Way too many little boxes….I do NOT have this many, but I do have over 20 and they take up a bunch of space.  So I went to Ebay to see about “Cricut Cartridge Storage” and this is what came up:




Each one of these little bins holds 20 cartridges and the larger ones hold 16 books and the matching rubber pad that goes on the machine.

You can build these to hold many many more…..



It is a GREAT storage system and easy to use….

389563413_tp For cartridges



389438733_tp For books and pads  the number and color of loop on the tag matches the number on the cartridge holder. (Ebay)

Now….this is where “late to the party” comes in…I have since seen this system on a few blogs:


and other sellers different colors…..




A little plastic canvas, a few Snapware containers ( these are approx. 9 x 7 inches base size) from Target, a bunch or two of colored pony tail holders from the Dollar Store and as many homemade Cricuit cut tags as you need to for the books…..The system I got is great….but as with all things, a little more research could have saved me a few dollars…….  I also saw one made with a Snapware Christmas set in red and green that would make an ADORABLE Christmas gift for your Cricut buddy!!!!! So when I need more, and eventually I will I know where to go to get additional items!  All of this is dirt cheap material wise…..

So I went from stacks of boxes to this….


And just for my comfort, I flattened the boxes ( plan on copy them later) and put them in a notebook so I know approx. what is on each cartridge.


So…..MUCH more space in that department! 

I am getting there…I have a few boxes of items that are going to another scrapbook store garage sale….I still have a very large credit there from the last time I participated! LOL  

Going digital for my “scrapbook” albums is definitely going to free up a ton of space….I will just need a few things to do my swaps and tags and such….I am already feeling more light!


Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Sandy~ I really like all of the tips you've shared and the link to the other blog. I really, really like your way of storing the boxes. I use the Snapware boxes now but my boxes are all in a big shopping tote that takes up a lot of space. Is the binder that you used a special size? I think it's a great idea to copy the fronts & backs to use as a reference. TFS!
Did you order something from SIWL? I'll be showing my first project next week. :D

My Vintage Mending said...

Sandy this is right up my organization and these are cute. I can't wait to see all the space you gained. Smiles...Renee


Hi Sandy,
I really appreciate your kind words about Mack.
Blogging gals are the sweetest! Thank you.
Looks like your are so organized now!!! I love your fall candy in those jars and I also like window clingies!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hi Sandy! My email I sent to you popped back to me, but if you have time, I can look for the plans for my banquette. I might know where they are. But I can also send you the dimensions of mine. It's all made out of birch plywood. I loved it so much when we got it that I immediately started using it and then unpacking it and painting turned into a chore. I think I always do things that way.

And thanks so much for the Cricut storage ideas. Those boxes DO take up a lot of room. I think I'll have to try a homemade system. Plus, some of my cartridges don't have boxes so that makes them easy to lose. Thanks for the organizational inspiration!

Andy's Attic said...

Don't you just love getting organized?? I spent a couple days last week doing organizing things and I feel a huge wieght has been lifted. I think your idea of putting the boxes in a note book is super!!

Jenny said...

You are so clever about organizing things! I'm impressed!

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Sandy,
Love this post. I don't have a cricut, but I do have a Slice, and I love to see any organization project. I really like how you have placed the boxes in a notebook for easy reference. Great idea.

Unknown said...

Sandy, I love when you organize! It's such fun. I'm so glad to hear you understand my puppy pain. They really were good, but I am completely exhausted; and I am sooo happy my home is nice and clean again! I think I would love this machine you have! E

Unknown said...

PS Love the Etsy button! E

Unknown said...

Hey Sandy! Your so brilliant. I love organization (not that I am). I only have 4 cartridges but I'm just loving these ideas. I wish I had more and I especially wish I had time to learn how to use them to there potential. I've never tried digital scrap booking. Shoot I can't even manage to make time for regular scrapping of any kind. You're kitchen looks like such a bright and cheery place too work!

OX's...Tracy :)

P.S. Thanks for entering my cupcake giveaway and the sweet comment. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandy! I love to organize. If only I could learn to keep it that way!

I will need to find more yellow fabric if I'm to make a garland in your blog colors! ♥

Jilly said...

Sandy,All of the tips you have shared and the link to the other blog is great. Your way of storing the boxes is impressive. I use the Snapware boxes, I think it's a great idea to copy the fronts and backs to use as a reference.
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Teresa said...

Wow.....I'm impressed! Can I turn you loose in my scrapbook cupboard??

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

That's so cool!!! I have a leaning tower of Cricut boxes threatening to fall on me every time I go into my craft area. I NEED these!!!

Shelly said...

Hello! First I want to say that I LOVE your blog!! I also want to thank you again for purchasing a storage unit from me on Ebay!! Thank you so much for including it in your blog too! Love your idea of putting your boxes in the binder~I couldn't part with mine either, so I have them in rubbermaid storage bins, I think I will be getting some binders! Thank you again and please remember when you are ready to add another unit to come back to Ebay & type sheli2 in the search bar:)


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