Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shiny Brites….anyone????


Well I have about 80% of my Christmas out….and I have way too many vintage type ornies!  I bought these two sets last year after Christmas from JC Penny.  I pulled them out of their boxes for this photo…

One set are the small ones and the 6 piece are large.

2014-12-09 09.56.15

Here are a couple more stock photos…  20.00 for both.

a20791d12abe12a80a56f2_m (1)

This is a set of Misc that are about two years old…in new condition…

2014-12-09 09.55.41

2014-12-09 09.55.20

10.00 for this box, these are also large ornaments.

I also have some retired Fitz & Floyd Christmas goodies….

Full size pie plate from the Santa’s Kitchen collection. 15.00




Cookie Jar to match!  Large….great graphics and little tools hanging on sides.   20.00






  Photo to show size….


I just used these for display, I have the boxes for both… I also have a little bonus for whoever buys the cookie jar…:)

These two pieces went for over 60.00 each. I bought these at Dillards about 7 years ago.  In PERFECT shape!  No chips or cracks…

Please leave a comment if you want to buy and email me so we can figure shipping….

I have been busy doing a little crafting also…..I had this Santa boot from Big Lots, I paid 99 cents for it last year after Christmas….

2014-12-04 13.18.59

Boring….I added large white glitter to the top with some mod podge, and some stickles to the gold buckle and then got out the glue gun!

2014-12-04 13.51.53

Much better!  :)

Thanks for stopping by….



Musings from Kim K. said...

Love the transformation of your boot! I'm still tweaking my decorations and haven't even touched my sunroom Christmas tree! Christmas hugs!!


Is that your kitchen??? Cute redo on the Santa boot!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Hey you! Wish I could buy your stuff...but I'm in the same boat as you are! I have waaaay too much for how much space I have. I'm not using all of it this year.
Your boot turned out great! Now it looks vintage!
Happy Holidays!
Erica :)

Stephanie said...

How big is the cookie jar? I am interested in it. Could you send me photos of the sides also? qltdiva1@fuse.net Thansk!

Anonymous said...

I love shiny brites -- they make the best tree!


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