Saturday, December 27, 2014

OK… is over…..


We had a wonderful Christmas!  The guys bought their Dad a new TV….

2014-12-24 21.31.06

Can you believe it?????

So Bryan and Wayne spent the rest of the evening getting rid of the dinosaur and all of the non essential components it took to run it!

2014-12-24 21.38.50

The new TV is  amazing, I don’t know how to explain the picture quality except it feels like “live” TV…just unreal….

The guys got their stockings with all of the items they might use, not fun anymore but they appreciate it….lol

I received a box from Cath Kidston and waited to to pen it until Christmas Eve….

2014-12-27 16.30.20

2 red mugs, 2 white, and some wrapping paper I will hold onto…

2014-12-27 16.30.27

Her graphics make me crazy all the time but at Christmas I just have to do it…I have to buy some items….I think it has become a Christmas tradition! lol

2014-12-27 16.30.57

and I adore her candles…..

2014-12-27 16.31.05

I have some adorable holders for these…..

Here is Miss Bailey on Christmas Eve….

2014-12-24 19.38.01


And Miss Abbey girl…..with my son Chris….

2014-12-24 19.25.59

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve, Chris was suppose to work but once he got there he was allowed to go home they didn’t need as many as volunteered ….a really nice surprise.

For Christmas Day….we had a small turkey and some of the sides…it was nice, just really nice…

2014-12-25 14.00.29

I have to say I enjoyed this Christmas more than I have any in a long time….it was wonderful, quiet and worth the time it took to make it nice!


Lutka And Co. said...

Happy Holidays Sandy! Your table looks wonderful :)

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

What a beautiful table. I love the tablecloth especially. Santa brought us a new TV this year also, and yes, they are amazing. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with your family, including the fuzzy footed cuties. :)

vivian said...

Im glad you had a nice christmas Sandy. I love how you set your table.. so pretty. That TV looks great! Im sure my hubby would love a nice big screen like that. for me, it wouldnt matter because I dont really watch it much. maybe next year I'll put the kids up to getting him a bigger screen!
Have a great week my friend and of course, Happy New Year!

Perfectly Printed said...

Merry Christmas Sandy!! Your table is so special!! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

Diane Mars said...

Sandy the table setting is beautiful not bad for a girl surrounded by boys! Sounds like your boys really felt you two deserve every bit of that 55" TV Happy New Year!


Happy to hear that it was a great Christmas for you and your family! Love your table setting! I think buying a "little something" for one is nice!!
Hubby and I went to an estate saleon Friday and then again today as it was 1/2off and then 10.00 bag!
TOmorrow is my duty day. Grand girl maybe on Tuesday and dentist on Wed..
I'll call you soon!

Patti said...

You deserve a wonderful Christmas. They are blessed to have you! Hurrah on the Cath Kidston! The cups are so cheery. My sil in England mailed me a small package. It's just thrilling to get Cath Kidston!

Laura said...

I'm happy you had a wonderful Christmas:) That television looks awesome... I still have the But I see a Hd tv in the near future.


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