Saturday, August 3, 2013

A day out with Meri…


There is a scrapbook store here in Mesa called Scrapbooks Etc. it is a wonderful place….it is also a quilting and sewing store now….Meri and me try to get there a couple of times every season….

This visit this is what I zeroed in on….





For my little girl photos…..


See the train of thought????  Meri looked at this and said” Oh, another major project you will never do!” lol…she knows mw well….but I have been watching Becky Higgins and her Project Life, Simple Stories and their Snap! albums, We R Memories, etc….. I have always felt like I could never get any real scrapbooking done for my sons as there were hundreds if not thousands of photos and memorabilia to contend with….I started out when they were born…..

This was “Project Life” in 1980…


sorry for the poor photos of these pages…. just wanted you to see these….cute baby!!!!!



Way back before “acid free” was a term, these were acid free photo sleeves….these  photos are over 30 years old and in great shape!  I have 5 of these albums…not all full…


Then life happened, a full time job, school, sports, just go..go..go…!

And this is what happened to the rest of the “stuff”…


This is the inside of just one of Bryan’s crates.  I want you to know that this summer I finally got around to organizing all the photos by who they were!  All these years later….it took me months.  They were everywhere in my house and not in any order.



Boxes and boxes, and all of my genealogy items as well…


So…to say I was overwhelmed with the thought of doing anything is an understatement!  Then I saw “Project Life”…..and it made sense….just do a few every day or every other day and I might have them done by the end of my life….lol…

So that is why I am buying the papers I am buying….And I can make a bunch of my own cards as well, and any 12x12 3 ring binder will work. You can buy packages of photo sleeves with all different photo configurations, and there are a number of companies putting those out.  The ones I bought back in the 80’s were expensive and I am probably just going to change a few items in each….but the rest needs to go somewhere.  I see these women that are just starting with their kids as babies, they take photos totally different then we did 3O years ago, and all the time….and they are overwhelmed with starting this process…. I have 30+ years to catch up on!….but since I am the Mom,  I took most of these photos…I have the time, it is my job, and I am looking forward to it!  Wish me luck….





It’s really hot outside, I am rally grumpy because of the heat and seeing all of these memories will be good…:) There are no rules…you can add as many photos or journaling or cards to each page that you want….I am hoping to be able to give them as Christmas gifts each year to my guys… girlfriends or daughter-in-laws yet, but I am holding onto the hope there might be down the road…:)


Next post is about the stop we made at Goodwill….just for the heck of it! :):)….


Tammy's in Love said...

This will be a fun project for you! I'm so happy you can cute up the pages you already had and I'm sure you'll be enjoying the walk down Memory Lane with those adorable little people!

Patti said...

Hi Sandy! I rarely scrapbooked for my children, either. I have lots of boxes filled with pictures and things, too. I'd like to see more of what you do with yours. I do like this system. Seems easy peasy and fun, I've been in the desert quite a bit this summer visiting daughter and family, and shopping, etc. it's sooooo hot! But, Tuesday we head out for Alaska! Cooler weather ahead!

Unknown said...

What a cute little guy!! I'm so glad to hear someone else has totes full of pictures!


Yes,you will be busy! Looks like it well be a great project!
Have any ideas come to you for the next swap???

Musings from Kim K. said...

You and Meri always have the best adventures together. I'm so impressed. That is one HUGE project. I'm still hoping to get the girls scrapbooks done from our trip out West. Ask me December if they are done. Hugs!

Scrap for Joy said...

Your plan with the journaling cards is the first idea that has made sense to me and I love the way your album is progressing. I need to rethink this.
I hope you will hop over to my blog to see the Julie Nutting Paper Doll blog hop..because I'm an enabling friend :D
You would love these stamps! Really!


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