Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goodwill Stop…..


Meri asked after we had had lunch and gone to the scrapbook if I wanted to stop at Goodwill, I am never one to say no, well…maybe once…lol

I hit the jackpot with items I want to resell…lots and lots of notions!


Two bags of buttons, you can never have enough buttons!


Two bags of wonderful Christmas red and green thick “twine”, I have no idea what they were going to do with this, but it sure is cute!



It is the consistency of a thick bakers twine, and was 1.29 at Michaels a long time ago!  It is stretchy like cord…the whole spool is about 2.25 inches tall…they called it Braided Persian Cord…..cute for paper crafting, cards, wrapping gifts, tying bags shut….I will be selling this on Tuesday…


And bags and bags of these!!!!!


You can hardly find these patterned bias trims for Christmas anymore…I have plenty, quite a few will be on sale Tuesday…:) A few different ones than these and lace too…:)

I also got a bag of goodies I call cake makers mess!  Not sure what was in it that I could use, but for 2.99 I was willing to take a chance…



I opened it and about half were bits and pieces but some great vintage birthday candles and little decorations for Easter…and music stuff….even part of a huge white baby grand piano, it was cracked I threw it out….I will have some of the goodies for sale on Tuesday also, there are two CHOICE perfect little jointed plastic dolls that eyes open and close, ….and one thing I am keeping…


Sweet little chain fence and posts in white, I will use these with my metal dollhouse!  That alone was worth the 2.99! :)

Then I got to this box….IMG_3819

You know how when you get these little treasures you never know what you are going to find…..this one held a personal treasure…..


This person made their own little candy roses one by one….


LOVE the colors….so,the box?…not worth a dime but so sweet to open…..

Meri will have to tell you what she got….mostly little treasures for the Putz houses we are making in class in November, I have a guest room ready…who’s going to use it from out of town?????  Meri has at least one too, and there is a great new hotel right between the two of us that is next to the hospital so it is reasonable!!!  You could share rooms…just a thought….  Come on ladies, I want to have a fun, fun weekend with some of my out of state blogging buddies! Only 20 spots for the class….:):) click on the link below to see about the class….

See you Tuesday! :)


Unknown said...

Great finds!!! I'm thinking about coming to the crafting weekend... My daughter who lives in Atlanta is moving to Phoenix in the early know kill two birds with one stone... A crafting day and a day visiting my grand!

janice15 said...

Great finds I love the Christmas trims..they sure are pretty... Have a great new week with love Janice

Patti said...

Oh, I love your treasures! The little roses....i want to see more of those! i went to a thrift today and got a darling dinner jacket for our cruise to Alaska. $6 yeah!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! Lots of fabulous treasures. Love all the cake decorating embellishments. What fun!

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER found a big bag of buttons at the thrifts. Some day!

I wish I liked to travel and I wish I had money to fly down for your class! Another some day! I will just live through your pics and I hope there will be plenty! ♥

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a great find, lucky you! I've never seen biased tape in Christmas prints before.

ThrifterSisters said...

You definitely hit the crafting jackpot! I love finding bags like that. Picking through them is the best part:-)


Jenny said...

What fun treasures!

You guys have a lot of energy in this heat!

Good for you!

Marissa said...

how come our good will doesn't have anything like that?
I see project coming up.
xo Marissa

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow! You really got some great stuff! Have fun! Twyla

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh wow!! You really hit the jack pot there! I wish our goodwill would have these types of things more often! Love everything!! Those Christmas bindings are so cute and I can image some things to use with all those cake pieces! :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly

Andy's Attic said...

I want to come and shop at your GW. Here, those little bags of goodies would have been $3 to $5. I only buy them when they are on half price and usually by then they are gone!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh great goodies! Love the bag of buttons, always look for them. You did great. That class sounds like so much, fun...if I win the lotto, LOL! :) Pam

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Great finds! I never find anything vintage at my Goodwill. Luckily there are lots of other super vintagey thrift shops to find things at. Sure wish I could come to your class. That would be fun!


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