Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Ties


Most of you know that I am a paper crafter, but since 2007 I have been buying and organizing digital scrapbooking materials.  I like the full kits best.  When I saw this one I was over the moon…


Retro to the max and so many pieces!!!!  ( Sadly it is no longer available to purchase)  It is what I built my blog with.  The other day I was browsing online and I saw this…


Yup!!!!  Same stuff in paper…I was so excited, I got the 12x12, 8x8 and 6x6 pads.  No other articles have been made but the papers.  But I was slightly disappointed when I finally got to see them…



Not near as bright and colorful as the digital kit, but still very vintage….




As you can see way more muted tones….these are the actual colors…and some have embossing or glittery stuff…but they are still very cute!

I also snagged these little tiny card vintage card game sets this last week…


See how little the boxes are compared to the dime????  And they are both of these vintage sets…just minis!  GREAT for paper crating…$6.00 :)

I am going to start a small market here on my blog like Erica does from Golden Egg Vintage on Mondays, mine will be on Tuesdays…so stay tuned..:)  I have a few cute, cute things I am going to part with! :)


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Little Susie Home Maker said...

That is very pretty paper. I had the little card minis when I was a child. I think of them and wish I still had them.


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