Monday, July 8, 2013

Does anyone have any of these????

Hi everybody….it has been a quick week with Wayne home, he is going back on Tuesday morning to finish his training and then hopefully will be home by the first part of August.  Then until his store is completed he will be driving to Globe, Arizona every day…good thing we live way over in the east valley.

I am starting an older OA project from, this is a great place, and you can just buy the instructions if you already have the items, which I do….



But I am missing one of the items I need….it called for “Paula Deen Kitchen Recipe Cards”, I think Michaels sold them…these are the ones I need…



They have a red fork and spoon on them, I only need three…so if anybody is willing to part with them I sure would appreciate it and I would be happy to pay for three or a whole pack…:)


I know I looked on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy, no luck….and I know Michaels won’t have them now….if I can’t find them, I can make ones similar, but this would just be easier….thanks!

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