Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We will do the best we can…..


I don’t know if I have ever done a post about my third child…she is a mixed breed rescue named Maya:

Miss Maya

Maya came to us as a six month old rescue pup in 2002 , full of P&V and a joy to have around, she never chewed anything up but toys, was already basically housebroken and just wanted to be with me….always.   She was easy to train and we went to doggie school and graduated with full honors.  The trainer felt she was part border collie so her need to be “ on guard” and keep me safe were inherent. I was told that is not a negative, but a great way to be….:)



Maya February 2009

The dogs we had in the past were the kids….I just fed them…but Maya was mine from the minute we got her….what a joy to have someone love you that much!!!!


She has been limping on and off on her left hind leg, usually after Abbey was here or if she tried to jump up on our bed….we figured it was old age ( she will be 11 in April) and trying to keep up with a pup….well, we were wrong.  Bryan and Abbey came over Saturday and something happened and the she totally tore her ACL tendon in her back left leg….


This is how she holds it now and when she walks she is doing so on three legs…..Maya never yelped, cried or whimpered…she is one stoic dog.


So….we had three choices, a $3500.00 surgery used for young active dogs (no), a $1500.00 surgery used for dogs like Maya (yes) and euthanasia ( hell, no)…she will be in surgery for about three hours and then about three months of rehab she is on vetprophin for now and some Benadryl to keep her quiet, after the surgery she will be on MAJOR narcotics…., …..I feel so bad for her, but we just couldn’t give up yet….the fear now is the other hind leg will go, at that point there is only one choice and I do not want to go there….please put my sweet dog and us in your prayers, she needs all the help she can get….



Lisa said...

Sending prayers for a quick and easy recovery for your baby.
We just did a $3,000 surgery on one of our dogs. There was no way we could say no.

Debby said...

I am sorry. Our little Yorkie is going through the same thing. It is her back left leg. We noticed a couple months ago. The first vet visit they put her on meds and we hoped it would go away. The next visit x-rays that told us her knee cap was slipping in and out. She doesn't seem to be in pain. We are saving up the money to have her surgery. It's $1,000. Like you said, there isn't a choice. We like rescue dogs as well. Our other dog is a rescue. This Yorkie was a gift from a best friend. She had the parents. Good luck with the surgery. Try not to worry, Mama.

Lynn said...

Ahh, so sorry to hear this! Why oh
why do vets go there with wanting to put the dog to sleep??? I mean it is like they think we are too cheap to care for our furbabies!! It really pissses me off!! We would have spent whatever it cost to have a few more months with our Pebbles!
I pray that this will work for her!! I will keep you in my prayers also! Some people don't understand that they are not just a dog to us, they are our child!!!
Hugs to you and you sweet furbaby!
Lynn and the wienee ranch crew minus oir sweet, special Pebbles!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Prayers coming your way. Please keep us posted.

Marissa said...

Aww so sorry to hear this..I hope your sweet dog gets well soon!!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh my mia maya, my poor girl is hurting...give her extra kisses and hugs, from me. I'll see her Friday, if we're still going out.

Love ya'

Becky Garrison said...

Sandy, so sorry about your baby Maya! Will keep you in prayers!

Scrap for Joy said...

I hope the surgery is successful and Maya has more happy years with you!

Sissyfox said...


Our lab had the very same thing. Be sure your vet has had much experience with this surgery. We wound up having to take our dog to THREE different vets (yes, 3 surgeries) We finally wound up at specialist clinic with a neurosurgeon. For Dogs. Who knew? Anyway, I do wish you and your puppy the very best with her recovery. Susan sissyfox1@yahoo.com

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Dogs give us pure joy and love every single day. The downside is that they can totally break our hearts when they are sick or it's time for them to go. :(
Our family is so beyond obsessed with with our dogs it's crazy! So I know the kind of love that you're talking about with your Maya!
I'll be praying for you and Maya, Sandy!
Love, Erica


You got it Sandy! Prayers coming yor way!
Maya is a sweetie!!!
Be on the lookout for the mailman!

Fran said...

Sending lots of prayers for sweet Maya, and hugs for you! --Fran

Perfectly Printed said...

I'm sure your Maya will be fine...espcially with all the love and care she gets from your family! Sending prayers and good thoughts


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh, your furbaby Maya looks so sweet! Sending prayers her way and yours for a great outcome. Dogs are family, they have so much love to give, and sure have our hearts.
xo, Pam

vivian said...

poor puppy.. poor you!! My prayer has gone up! and I will send more up when ever I think of you! I hope every thing works out well... I know it will!

Lisa said...

I work for a Veterinarian, I am not one. But she shouldn't need anything more than vetprofen even after. Also please ask if your Dr. or any in your area have medical leaser therapy. I have seen these surgeries done for over 7 years and the difference with this laser is AMAZING!! It was developed to use on pro athletes and works well on people too ;) But 6 treatments every other day, first one we do right after surgery. Makes the recovery SOOOO much quicker. My boss does the one you are getting, we don't do enough to have all the equipment to do the fancy. But it works just as well. I just want to say you have done a great job by keeping her weight normal. It is so hard to see some have such issues and need to loose 10 lbs too! She will do wonderful!! I am sorry she has to have it but it really is a pretty routine thing. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way it will be harder on you than on her.
Hugs, Lisa

Laura said...

Sending prayers for your baby. My girlfriend got some kind of dog insurance she said it was cheaper to go that way. I don't know...I have a pom and he has problems with his back legs :(

Annette said...

Sending it all your way for you and Maya. If only they could talk to us! Hoping for the best outcome.

A Little Creation said...

Poor baby, I hope she feels better soon.
Chris =]

Debbie said...

My heart is with you as I send good healing energy to Maya. Be strong for her.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Sending prayers for your sweet dog. She sounds wonderful and you have been so blessed to have her. I'm so glad you chose the surgery and not the other choice! She is worth it! Twyla

Hensrule said...

I like the way you answered that third choice. Ms. Wilma sends her lots of love and kisses!

craftyles said...

She's a beautiful dog. I'll be thinking of her. I hope the surgery turns out fine. Please keep us posted!

vintage grey said...

Oh, so sorry for your sweet pup! I hope she gets better soon! Wishing you a lovely week and thank you so much for the link to my little shoppe, so sweet of you! xo Heather

Sheila said...

Our dog did the same thing..$1800 for the surgery to repair. He is my husband's service dog (not officially trained but he takes and fetches so my husband does not have to; he has severe COPD)so there was no hesitation in getting the operation. Luckily we were able to "charge" it and pay off monthly. Best of luck to you.

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy, I can surely sympathize! But your sweet pup is much better than me at holding in the complaints! What a sweet dog. You are so blessed to have her. Thanks for sharing! Elizabeth

retrorevival.biz said...

Oh, poor baby! Hoping she heals quickly and is not in pain any longer!

Willnnabel said...

Well I feel ya. My Bailey(a.k.a. Boo) suffered a torn crutia/patella. $1200 later he was better,had to hock some bits of jewelry for it. Thank goodness he was a small dog, larger dogs are more expensive. Then we adopted Bunny (a.k.a. Rabbit) a maltese mix from a rescue. At 9 months old she kept limping on and off. Yep she needed the same surgery patella repair (hers was a birth deformity). Thank goodness our eldest daughter was interning for a vet at the time and we got a rate, and she got to observe. Still they are so worth it.

Paula Clare said...

Praying for both Maya and momma...Our fur kids are such an important part of the family! Webster is getting up in years, (Almost 13) has diabetes, heart and pancreas problems, but he is a trooper and is a joy every day he's with us.

Praying for God's provision for your finances, and His hand to guide the surgeon's hands!



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