Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Look…look…Jenny made digital papers for us!


When I first started blogging I found two blogs that took my breath away…Jenny Harris  from Allsorts and Elizabeth Andrus from Creative Breathing.   My world just opened up with color!!!!  I have always been a primary color girl but these ladies added turquoise and robin egg blue, purple and pink into my world!!!  Pink!!!!





Look what I found on Etsy…


YES!  Digital papers…I know you can print them out, but what incredible pages these will make digitally!  I can barely believe it, I told her to please keep going on these digital products….



You need to check these out…just click on the “Summer Cottage” to go to the product! 

On the health front, today is the first real day I have felt like myself…thank you God!  I have been so stinkin’ sick!


My doctor want to do a CT scan just to make sure I am not in trouble with an obstruction and my wonderful insurance plan denied it, said I didn’t need it!  I guess they can pay for the surgery later…idiots!  We will insist they get it done… OK…thank you letting me vent…:):)

Have a great evening!!!! 



Very pretty and fun papers. i haven't done any digital papers...
Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Bummer about the CT scan...if your Dr keeps bugging the insurance co. maybe you can have it done!

vivian said...

sorry youve been sick. I was wondering where you were. I will bite my tongue and not say anything about insurance and health care or obama... or anything else...
I just hope if you need it you get it.
as for the digital papers, they are so pretty! jenny is very talented.
I hope the rest of the week you continue to feel better and better.. big hugs to you!

Diane Mars said...

OMG two of my very favorite people! I am so excited to see her digital papers! Jenny is such a talented woman and I too have followed her throughout the years. And Miss E another wiz with felt the two of them have made some of the cutest felt pets. Hope you feel better soon, keep on your Doctors hope they can discover what is going on. Diane~

Musings from Kim K. said...

Gorgeous papers from Jenny B. She and Elizabeth are always a lovely source of inspiration. I'm sorry you've been so sick. Extra Easter hugs coming your way!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Hope you feel better...Insurance companies stink!!! Sorry you are up against that! Digital papers, yes, I love them!


Unknown said...

Oh Sandy, what cute papers! Can you tell me if they can be used on our blogs. Jenny definitely needs to keep making these!
Thanks for the very kind comment. I feel exactly this way about YOU! You and Jenny were the blogs that inspired me to craft!
PS My husband had a terrible bout of diverticulitis and also lost quite a bit of weight before it sorted itself out. He had several pullups removed and has not had trouble since. Keep us informed! E

Chenille Cottage said...

Just look at those bright and cheerful prints and colors. I wish they came in fabric, too.
I'm sorry you have been so sick. I'm glad you're feeling better and sympathize with you about your insurance.
Carolynn xo

Laura said...

Hello Sandy....I don't understand what is wrong with these stupid insurance companies.... it's all about money....I hope you feel better soon. I'll have to try out some of those digital papers in the near future. About blogs and inspiration...Elizabeth was one of our first discoveries also along with so many other talented people out here in bloggyland..including you...I've learned alot:)

Unknown said...

The colors on the papers are the best! Glad you are feeling better, and good luck on the insurance front.


Sentimentally Me said...

Yay Jenny Yay!

I LOVE Allsorts, too! so bright & happy :)

thanks for the heads up!

PS: UGH UGH UGH, Insurance companies. They just don't get it!

Scrap for Joy said...

Jenny and E are favorites here, too. I think I NEED those digital papers. They are so happy!
I don't understand the CT denial. The only way to diagnose diverticulosis is with a CT. They didn't do that first?
Glad you're feeling better, hope you stay that way!

Debby said...

Those papers are adorable. They remind me of oilcloth.
So sorry about the insurance. I have been there and it stinks that they think they know better.
I have also had lots of stomach issues. Have you tried to go Gluten Free. Gluten can cause all kinds of issues. It was my last resort. Feel better.

Marissa said...

Such pretty paper!!! I hope you don't need surgery later... get better..

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy,
I'm glad you are feeling better, hope you continue to improve.
As for insurance companies, they do indeed stink, and you don't need anymore stress right now.
Thank you for sharing those digital papers, they are very pretty.
Hugs~Dorothy and Ms.Wilma~

vintage grey said...

Oh, what eye candy!! Love those sweet digitals papers, and I wouldn't mind them in fabric either!! Glad you were feeling better today! Have you ever heard of the book "The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin? It is a nutritional healing book. Wishing you a sweet day Sandy! xo Heather

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Sandy, Thanks for the links, cute things. Hope you keep feeling better each day.

Wanted to thank you again for the Easter Swap. I got mine from Kim K. and did a post, and she got hers and posted today. We're both happy campers, LOL!

Thanks again :) Pam

Lady Linda said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through so much Sandy.
I love all the colors of the papers too.
I have been having fun emailing with Erica on the Easter Swap. Such a great way to become blogger friends.
I haven't mailed mine off yet.
Take care,

The Custards said...

Very sorry to hear of poor health - that is always a worry but wish you strength each day.

I am partial to a bit colour too....

Best wishes

Jenny B Harris said...

*Blush* Thank you Sandy! You are the sweetest! I'm so sorry that you are feeling poorly. Sending cyber chicken soup... and hugs!

Unknown said...

Popping in to get a big dose of cute! Yes, Jenny and Elizabeth are wonderful, just like you.
Venting is good, situations like these are very unfair, I know the feeling.
Have a happy go lucky day anyway!

Anonymous said...

These two were my first favorite blogs, too! I couldn't keep my eyes off of Allsorts - and I even painted my craftroom Robin's Egg Blue like Jenny's! and when I found Elizabeth, it's when I joined blogging myself and found all of you as friends. I am so glad you are feeling better. The Easter Spoolie Swap has been very fun for me, and I have enjoyed getting to know Tammy better. She is so sweet. Thanks soooooo much for hosting! Oh, I really like your Easter tree!


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