Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A wonderful Swap and a Cakewalk just for fun!

After getting invited to swap a friendship banner with Elizabeth from Creative Breathing, I decided I needed to reach out as well and hope I could get people to swap one on one with me too….

I have been emailed by some of the most  wonderful women I know….all happy to swap, a few more I am still hoping for to hear from.

I wish I could do 100!!!!!  But even with my Cricut I would be in big trouble….if you think you would like to try this with others just hop over to Creative Breathing and see her post about her wonderful triangular banner….there is so  only a few out there that do as good a job combining papers and elements as Elizabeth does….she is such an inspiration to me!

161She is already full as everyone would love to trade with her, I feel so lucky to be one of them, but  there are many lovely bloggers out there that I am sure would love to do this also!  Just ask them….:)

Also, I FINALLY got my October Afternoon “Cakewalk”  collection in the mail!!!!  I have always adored OA collections but this one is just so cute, it is a “birthday” them, but the papers and elements could be used for anything….I did enhance the color so you could really see them, the red I more of a pinky red…..enjoy!


This photo if the real colors….



These have been enhanced….




Just love these buttons!!!!!




OA calls these miscellany packs…chock full of paper and button and fun!

I am thinking part of this is going into my 521 Lake Street banners……the nice thing too about this swap is there is no real time limit so I can really think about it!  Thanks for stopping by…




Hi Sandy,
I LOVE that paper! I better keep an eye out for some around here!
I just emailed you!!! Would LOVE to join the Friendship tag swap!

Tammy's in Love said...

CUTE COUNTS! October Afternoon Warehouse Sale this fall is about 10 minutes from my house! WHOOPEE!


Diane Mars said...

Sandy, You too are one of my first and one of my favorite Blogging friends. I would love to be included in your friendship Garland... so if I have things correct I make one 8" across and 9" to point and that gets added to your garland... correct??? Count me in! Hugs, Diane

Perfectly Printed said...

What wonderful crafting papers!!


scrapwordsmom said...

Your blog is just super, super cute! These October Afternoon goodies are lovely. I love the vintage look!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Sandy! As soon as I saw this paper I said SANDY! What a cute block I know yours will be. I already can't wait! Thank you again Sandy for swapping with me. Always, E

Jenny's Heart said...

Sandy, where do you order your OA from? NO ONE around my parts carries it and my old supplier no longer does.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I have been ordering my October Afternoon papers from Amazon when I can't find it at Archivers. I just ordered the Holiday Styles pack because I am making Paper Mache Monograms as neighbor gifts this year.

My Vintage Mending said...

Love it...can't believe you won't send the craft room! Hmf...guess I will just have to settle with mine. Darn it...Smiles..and enjoy that luscious paper. Smiles...Renee

NanE said...

You lucky girl! First, you get to swap with E and second you have that great cake walk paper! And I didn't even know you could get it from Amazon, DUH! OK, I know, too many exclamation marks, lol. Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo Nan

vintage grey said...

Oh, I love this collection fro October Afternoon! I just bought their new fabric line, and always love the charm! The swap is such a sweet one!! xo Heather

Angelina (Lina) said...

HI Sandy, I luv October Afternoon as well. The feel of it all is so nostalgic to me. What type style would you say u are or what era? I am just inspired...

vivian said...

Hi sandy, I am trying hard this morning to catch up on some of my favorite blogs this morning. Im a bit out of the loop after the last 3 weeks. I also want to thank you for all the love, prayers and support you sent us. this blogging community has surely been a blessing to me in so many ways.
I wish I felt up to doing a swap right now. hopefully in time. I think my creative mojo has gone on strike... though that OA paper is adorable and maybe I should go buy some... might be inspiring!
have a nice weekend Sandy and thanks again!

Dorothy Prudie Vintage said...

Love your blog. We are kindred spirits. Thank you for sharing.


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