Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Long Week

Hi all,

It has been a long hard week, last Sunday we had a small family BBQ for my youngest son Chris.  He is moving to Texas so he can do an internship at a music studio for his degree.  Bryan, my other son and my grand puppy Abbey came to see us.  This is how most of us were by the end of the evening….


The next morning Chris took off for Austin….it is a 15.5 hour drive from our house to his new digs.  He did it in one day….I was freaking out until I heard from him that he got there safely…..


I have never had either of my sons live out of state, this is really hard.  Especially since he has spent the last 7 months living with us here on the east side of town.  We have had a really good time…I take it day by day, he seems to be doing well….and I think I need to go see what Austin is like, don’t you?  He hopes he doesn’t have to come back…that will mean no job.  He really doesn’t want to do that, and I don’t blame him.  So I keep my fingers crossed that the studio that lets him intern will hire him afterwards.  Miss you buddy…:)

Tuesday I go to a Ceramic class here where I live and I finally finished my first piece….a Christmas Yule log.


I loved the retro feel of it….and I learned a lot! 


I am not sure I like the silver ring on the bells, maybe it should be red?????  I will give it some time.  I can always redo that part as it is not glazed but stained.  Not bad for a beginner, I think. :)


I guess it is Christmas in June….wish it was outside, it hit 111 degrees yesterday!!!!  Time to stay inside. :)  Thanks for coming by….


vivian said...

HI Sandy, I know its hard when one of our children are far away. we live in NY and my son went to school in Arizona! I missed him terrible and did not get to go visit him there! luckily it was a specialized school and it was only for about 1 year.. (gosh I cant remember how long he went for.)
YEs, I think you should take a trip to go see your son after he gets settled!
hang in there!

Daphne said...

I vote for keeping the silver on the bells. It's a nice pop of contrast.

Perfectly Printed said...

It is so hard when kids live out of state! Out of my 5 girls 4 currently live out of state including the daughter who's having our first granddaughter. You need to plan a visit to Austin. You're Yule Log is terrific...I wouldn't change a thing.


Nan said...

You never stop worrying about your kids I know how that is.
I love your yule log that's pretty neat. We have one Bob made with the Scout troop he worked with back in the 70s it's a real log and I still get it out at Christmas. All the kids made them and I wonder if they still have theirs?
It's 47 this morning here, we're barely getting up to 50 so far this summer, my painter is having a time getting my house done.

Scrap for Joy said...

It's hard to let go. I know how much I miss all of ours who all live in other states. 15 hours driving for a young oerson is nothing. I faint of the thought of sitting in a car that long...oh my hips! oh my back!
I agree with everyone else..I think after he's settled in, you should go and see him. How hot can Texas be in the summer...any more so than Mesa? Yikes!
Thanks for the comments about the collage swap. I hope you had a chance to see all of the others. I haven't swapped in quite a while. It was good to shake off the rust!
Take care!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Young people usually love Austin. So he may really want to stay there.

Tammy's in Love said...

Yes,it's hard to have our kids in other parts of the country...I do agree, a trip to Austin is in your future. The LBJ Library is there so it will be an educational opportunity too!



You will both do FINE!!! Trips are always fun.
Nice job on the ceramic Yule log!
I haven't done ceramics in years. I loved doing it.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Good job on the Yule Log... You're going to so far ahead of the game come December. :-)

Good times spent with kids are treasures, aren't they?


vintage grey said...

I can only imagine how hard it must be!! Love your new Christmas find!! Have a great week! xo Heather

LBP said...

I really like the yule log decoration. I stink at ceramics.. I made a mug with a deer on it and the eyes turned out about 1/2 the size of the deer! It was crazy!

I am lucky my son can live at home while he goes to college, but I know the day is coming.....


Cindy said...

Sandy sad that he moved...but excited if you come visit him!! Austin is 1 hr North of me. You need to come visit him and me!!!

Hugs my friend..Cindy

Linda Ruthie said...

I'm already dreading when my son leaves the nest and he's not yet 16!
I like your Yule Log. My Grandmother and Aunt did ceramics for years and many were given as gifts, so this sort of decoration is very sentimental to me.

Fran said...

Once your son is settled you should plan a trip to visit him. My oldest daughter goes to school in Baltimore, about a 7 1/2 hour drive away, but it's only a 90 minute plane ride--and visiting her is something I really love to do! My son will also be going to school out of state (but right over the border in Rhode Island), I'm already missing him and he hasn't left yet! Have you ever skyped? If not, you should set yourself up with that so you can talk to your son and see him on your computer!
Great job on the yule log!

LV said...

Your son will be do well and be just fine in Austin. It is one of the best places to live. You should visit. You would enjoy it.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Sandy!
I worry buckets every time someone travels, especially driving long distances straight through - if I had children it would increase exponentially, so be gentle with yourself. I'm sorry your son won't be close by you, that's a big adjustment. Sending you lots and lots of hugs!

And hurray for you and taking a ceramics class, I adore your first piece. How fun that will be take out each December and you made it!

Love your things for E's swap, so cute! I am trying to work up my nerve to join one of these days - I have such performance anxiety.

Happy Rednesday and happy week to you!

Julie said...

Sandy, You will have to go visit your son in Austin. My youngest son lived in Iowa for 3 yrs. I live in Louisiana. I visited 3-4 times while he and his wife lived there. It is hard when you have children living in another state. I have 2 other sons who live nearby and I don't see them every day, but knowing that they are close is a lot easier than 16 hrs. away. Take care.


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