Sunday, August 21, 2011

My grand puppy Abbey is awesome!

I have written before about my sweet “Grand puppy” Abbey. I don’t know if I ever will get grandkids, but this pup is awesome!

If you have read my blog, you know Abbey was brought into our family by my son Bryan, he bought her at 6 weeks and she was the cutest pup! He bought her with a broken front leg though….so the $300.00 dog became a $600.00 dog in 72 hours! LOL


She has had her fair share of growing pains and being a pain…..but has become a beautiful dog, she is now almost 10 months.

Abbey April 2011  2

If you haven’t heard of this breed ( English Pointer), they are like a ADHD kid on Mountain Dew!!!!! Talk about hard to train… he sent her to a trainer from New Mexico named Terry Chandler, his kennels are called Rugerheim Kennels in Las Cruces New Mexico. His wife Janet and Terry breed, show and compete with champion German Shorthair Pointers. Take a look at the beautiful dogs they have! He does a training camp up in the northern part of Arizona every summer. Abbey is up there now. They had to start late as we had all of those fires early this summer. It is so beautiful up there… the 70’s during the day and 60’s at night….

Since Abbey is just a pup she went for obedience training only, but then they got to working with her and Terry and his co trainer, Guy realized they had a gem…..a natural…..take a look! They asked my son if they could start her on birds…..


6063933818_3a086814bb1 - Copy

She is in her glory, to be sure……Guy has had to pick her up and move her back from the birds, she gets within 5 inches of them and “points right thru the flush”….usually they have to train them for that I guess, not out girl! She will be up here for until October 1st….my son Bryan is up visiting her now and he is so proud! The trainers said they could sell her right now for $2500.00 without batting an eye….of course we would never sell her……she is a member of the family!

When she gets back to the valley, Bryan will learn how to do trials with her……our little runt of the litter has become quite a bird dog!

I love this photo, it shows how she watched her trainer like a hawk….



They have a long line on her so she doesn’t go out too far, she will be a “short range” dog….You will notice the “shock” collar on her? Hasn’t had to be used once!!!! It also had a GPS on it…..She is in her element and it shows.

She has become a full grown dog while she has been gone….I am sure we will be shocked when she gets home….IMG_2271 ( Our first meeting)


You go Abbey girl !!!!!!


Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

Sounds like you deserve a bit more input on prospective new family members.

The pup looks like a fine hunter.

My Vintage Mending said...

How wonderful. If I could have a house full I would. My four legged kids are the best snugglers...Smiles..Renee

Andy's Attic said...

She really has grown up into a Super Girl!! She is a beautiful dog and I can tell how proud you are of your grandpuppy.

Nan said...

I can see you are very proud of this little girl and well you should be she is doing so wonderful. I bet you will be excited to see her back. I borrowed a shock collar from a friend but it's been sitting here about 2 months and I have not had the nerve to try it. I have a problem with Pan barking/growling at Bob as he moves around the house. He knows who it is but for some odd reason he will forget and think when he comes out of his computer room he must growl and bark at him. So far squirt guns have not stopped him. Nan


Go Abbey! Maybe my little Sweet Pea needs a shock collar so she won't run out the front door and down the street! HMMM!
Deb :)

Diane Mars said...

What a great story, and very interesting, I don't thinkI have ever really seen a dog that breed in action! Very cute! Hugs, Diane

Angela said...

She has the sweetest face...good girl!!

Cheery Blossom Avenue said...

What a sweet pup! Mine is two and FINALLY outgrowing the terrible twos- which, compound that with his breeding and he takes stubborn to a whole new meaning! You just can't help but to love 'em, though!
I joke that after adopting my pup I'm never having kids, so my mother has concluded that a grand pup is going to be the best she may ever have, too!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Very interesting information here!!! Your sweet grand-pup, Abbey, is so beautiful. I real keeper for sure! : )
Thanks so much for your order, Sandy. I left you a message via Etsy. : )
Mary Lou

Unknown said...

What a sweet dog! And SO smart! The pointer/hunter in her is really cool! Great post! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I hope you get a chance to redo your kitchen like you want! It is totally worth it! I hope to see you again soon! :) xo, Reannah

Susan Freeman said...

A sweet, intelligent pup grows into a wonderful, loving adult dog who will give you so many years of love! What a darling dog!!

Susan and Bentley

Garter Mademoiselle said...

Hi Sandy, I am still pretty new to your blog, so here is a big hello from Germany to you and your family. I loved the post about your dog Abbey. Friends of ours have trained hunting dogs and I know how much time and effort goes into their training. Some are naturals, some are not. Seems your Abbey is. Loved the photos of her "pointing". It looks fantastic. When she comes back you will feel as if you have sent your little girl off to finishing school - she left a teen and will come back a well-polished young lady! enjoy her, what a darling she is! ~Debby said...

Abbey is a beautiful dog, Sandy. Chuckled at your description of her ~ ADHD on Mountain Dew! Wonder if she has some of my Beagle's blood in her (my Twyla is THE MOST hyper dog ever!). Enjoy snuggling with her:)



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