Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Meaning of Memorial Day

I have always know that Memorial Day is a day to remember those who died during an American war, but I did some checking and found out how it started…..


The day was originally know as “Decoration Day” because the day was dedicated to the Civil War dead, when mourners would decorate the gravesites.





The holiday was first widely observed May 30, 1868, when 5000 people helped decorate the gravesites of 20,000 Union and Confederate solders buried at Arlington National Cemetery. After World War 1, the observance was widened to honor the fallen from all American wars- and in 1971 Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday.



Please try to remember the real meaning of this day when you are with your loved ones and take a moment this weekend to really be thankful to all those who have died for our way of life!


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Mimi said...

So good to hear from you. How are you????We need to plan another AZ blogger luncheons soon. Buttercup from New York will be in town in July...I think..I know very hot!!!!but maybe we could drive up pool or what ever and meet her up there. She is staying in Sedona I believe.
ANy ways...yes, that Grand of mine LOVES animals and really loves horses. I think pony rides may be a good reward for her...say 20 stickers or something????She only charged me 25 for 1 hour of riding, brushing and feeding. So pretty good I think.
Have a Great weekend

Unknown said...

Thanx for the history lesson. We often forget that Memorial Day is not just about BBQs and a day off...God Bless Ours Soldiers & those that died defending our beliefs. Thanx for sharing. Tiff

Andy's Attic said...

Sandy, Thank you for sharing the history. I was not aware of how it originated. Those who have died for our country deserve every remembrance we can give them.

Jenny said...

Thank you Sandy. This was a wonderful reminder.

My Vintage Mending said...

Beautiful salute...enjoy your holiday. smiles...Renee

Dapoppins said...

Thank You for that bit of history. I think it's kind of wonderful that folks throughout the country started taking time to "remember the fallen," way before the government made the day a holiday. I had no idea that it wasn't a much older traditional holiday.

NanE said...

Wonderful post today Sandy! Enjoy your day! Hugs and blessings, Nan

carolinapoulter said...

I really love this post and your blog. I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading a lot more of your lovely writing! I love your vintage makes me feel warm and cozy.

God Bless,


Unknown said...

Yes, Sandy, this is the history to the beginning of a wonderful Memorial Day event to remember our freedom fighters protecting us & our great nation. Your pictures are fabulous.

How are you doing? Things settling down for you?

Have a beautiful week!

PS What is this Blogger event coming up ... be sure to send me the details. You just NEVER know ...


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