Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Vintage Valentine Image CD for Sale! And a Gumdrop Snowman!

I know a lot of you are getting ready to swap Valentines, and there are a lot of images on the Internet. I also have a CD that I have compiled of Valentine cards I own, , that I have scanned and fixed color also. They are all 300 DPI and in the jpeg formula.

Here is a sampling of them: (blurred, no it isn't your eyes going bad :)... click on the image for a larger view)


There are a total of 75 of them and the cost of the CD is 7.50 plus 2.00 S&H, so the total is 9.50. These will make wonderful cards and art! Please contact me at sanjos333@yahoo.com for your order. I take checks and M.O. If I use Paypal, then it is $10.00 total for their fees added in. Thank you for looking!

I am going to attempt to build myself a small business with CD’s, decals and such. Paula, let’s start those classes! :):)

I also wanted to show you the ONLY item I bought after Christmas…..

and it was yesterday while I was out with a friend…..


IMG_2531 look at his cute little candy cane!

Sorry this one is blurry, but I wanted to show you how he lights up!


I got him at Hallmark for 6.50! I bought the gingerbread house with the sweet gumdrops a few years ago, and last year the Christmas tree with the same….but this is much cuter that the tree! Next year he will be sitting by the gingerbread house! :):) I LOVE anything with gumdrops!!!!


Hearts Turned said...

These are wonderful, Sandy! What a great idea to do the CD's! Love your sweet snowman, too--what a fabulous deal!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


NanE said...

That snowman is so cute Sandy! I would leave him out till Valentines day if he lived at my house! Love the new CD, I will be ordering it to add to my collection :) Hugs and blessings, Nan

Cindy said...

Sandy I really love your Holiday blogging banners...but there is so much comfort in coming to your house..and seeing this banner..this is you!!

The valentines are a great idea!! I will advertise them next week on both blogs..okay?

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Betty said...

That snowman is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love how we love the same card era!

Your snowman is sooo adorable! How fun! ♥

Unknown said...

Hey Sweetie, just coming by to check on you. And you sound good. You've been on my mind a lot lately and in my prayers too.

Super price on your wonderful card collection! I adore those sweet cards.

And the snowman is too cute. I was going to dress my little house shed in a gumdrop/gingerbread theme when we first built it but never did get around to it. Maybe one day, who knows.

Hugs and good thoughts....Tracy :)

LBP said...

Cute, cute snowman!!



Becky Garrison said...

Hi Sandy! Love the snowman, and that he lights up - just adorable! I've emailed you about buying one of the CD's, can't wait to get it as I am working on Valentines tags and cards right now! Blessings, Becky


Hi Sandy,
LOVE your Valentines :) Just sweet as can be!
deb :)

Angela said...

Oh my, he is just so precious. Loving the little lights around him too...

Little Chicks Info said...

I googled "vintage valentine banners" and your blog site was on there! Your getting out there! I have most of the Valentine images, I need Christmas ones..did you do a CD for Christmas?
Christine of This & That Creations

Cherry Chick said...

Oh Sandy! How cute is that little snowman? Such a deal, too. Way to go girl!


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