Friday, January 21, 2011

521 Lake Street’s Penny Rug !


I will warn you ahead of time lots of photos and a rather long post! :)

I have a dear friend I first met when I started blogging named Elizabeth. She has a magical site called Bluebird Papercrafts aka Creative Breathing. When I first saw her blog I was so taken aback by all of her talent for crafts and writing the most touching beautiful posts of the memories she has of her past.

We have become friends over the last two years and she has blessed me with many of her handmade items. I have them for every season! They are my treasures!!!!! When my life was in turmoil this last year Elizabeth was always there with a kind word or deed. Recently, she made me one of her coveted penny rugs. And not just any penny rug but a 521 Lake Street Penny rug! I knew it had to be a very special place that this beautiful piece of artwork resided. To keep it safe I decided to frame it. I envisioned a Red frame with a cute pale yellow matt. So, I went to Michaels and with the lest expensive thin painted red wood frame and just the glass it was $116.00…..are you ready????? AFTER THE 60% off coupon! Can you say RIP OFF????

SO my friend Cheri and I got creative and went to Home Goods looking for an inexpensive art piece in the right size frame… is what we got!


Pretty plain and ugly right now….but look at what we paid for it!!!!!



My kind of deal on the budget of the unemployed!

So I brought it home, took it apart and here are the steps it took to make it a perfect frame for my penny rug!

One can of Banner Red Krylon Paint $2.50



First coat of four coats..

Now, matting as we all know can be very expensive, so as Cheri and I went to Hobby Lobby to check out a single matt, we walked by the poster board…..this color is perfect!!!!!! Sorry for the poor photo, kind of forgot my tutorial…:)


Poster Board, two sheets (just in case) $ on sale for $1.06. Now, when times are better, and I am sure they will be soon, I plan on getting this matted correctly, but this works perfect for right now……

The frame had these horrible thick ugly staples, that I could not bend, so I had to pull them all out….to paint the frame. I wanted to keep the glass safe and clean it up, as there was a film on it.

So afterwards we tried staples…no good. So for right now, it is the good old duct tape method!


I used some glue dots to keep the penny rug stuck to the poster board… here is the finished product!!!!!! Drum roll please…..


And on the wall……


Never am very good t taking a straight on photo!


This is my entry way….so everyone who comes in gets to see my wonderful 521 Lake Street Penny Rug!!!!!!

Total Cost: $25.00 and some change. Happy Dance here!!!!!


Elizabeth, you have my heart! Thank you seems so not enough!!!!! I will cherish this very special loving tribute to my favorite place always!!!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing this wonderful piece of art with me!


★Carol★ said...

Elizabeth's creations are definitely works of art and worthy of framing! I bet every time you walk past it now, it will put a smile on your face, and you will think of your treasured friend!
Happy Weekend!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sandy, you have been so blessed by sweet Elizabeth. I have admired all of her work for quite some time now. The little cottage is just perfect for you and your home. You did an amazing job finding the perfect frame to put it in.


Andy's Attic said...

Sandy, that is the sweetest, cutest little treasure in the world. What a dear friend she is to think of you and send that. The way you framed it is perfect and I love how you saved so much with DIY.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sandy,
PHASE TWO of "art with heart" will be coming your way soon. I have put the finishing touches and will be boxing it up STAT.

E's creations...don't they just make you swoon? She's incredible...and the mat and frame...utterly gorgeous! YAY! You are loved!

Paula Clare

Anonymous said...

Sandy - You need lots of happy, happy dances right now. We all think you rock and here is proof. Elizabeth is a dear and she is the one who brought me to you. I am so glad she did. ~Kelly

Brenda Pruitt said...

That is so adorable it is just breath-taking! I just received some wool felt from a place I ordered online so I can start making things like this. This makes me so excited to start!

Pieceful Bits said...

Sandy...that is gorgeous. No need for a purchased Matte- yours is perfect!
E is a kind soul!
thanks for sharing your finished project.

Coloradolady said...

What a special gift! I know you must be over the moon with this as I know how special your grandma's house is to you, just like mine!! I just love it!

Unknown said...

Great job Sandy. Way to go for thinking outside the box. E makes the most adorable things and you showcased it beautifully.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Nola said...

Brenda (comment above) just turned me on to penny rugs; she sent me over to see yours. It's a work of art, I love it!
When I need a frame, I check the thrift stores first. I often find what I need and just give it a coat of fresh paint when I bring it home.

Debby said...

Elizabeth is such a dear. I'm glad that the two of you are good friends. I love the penny rug and how you framed it. Keep up with the happy dances.

Cindy said...

Sandy...that is just perfect!! The colors really pop the rug colors!!
Elizabeth IS a dear friend!! You are so lucky with that art work.We all love it!!

Glad things are a little better for you!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Sentimentally Me said...



Glad it's cheering you up,too!

Unknown said...

This famous Elizabeth seems to be everywhere in blogland! I know who she is and she is one of the all time Queens of cute. Fabulous idea!

vivian said...

Perfect!! It looks wonderful. Isnt Elizabeth a Gem??? I adore her too.
I hope things are going better for you now. can you email me your address so I have it to mail your valentine?
have a sweet weekend

Scrap for Joy said...

You have done a framing job worthy of the penny rug itself. I would not have this rematted or've done a great job and I love it hanging beside that cute quilt. Aren't we lucky to have such good blogging friends?
You are a treasure!

Into Vintage said...

It's perfect and you're so clever! I love how it looks and I don't think $116 worth of frame and mat would have made any difference. Great job :-)

Short and Sweet said...

Sandy, you did a spectacular job with the framing and displaying of the penny rug. Thanks for being frugal and wise with your treasure!

Unknown said...

Sandy! I popped over right away as soon as I read your comment! Wow! I don't even recognize my own work. It is absolutely cute framed, something I would never have thought to do. Know always that circle of bluebirds are all of your friends in this very special place! We all absolutely are you Sandy! Elizabeth

Suz said...

Elizabeth is just a sweetheart. That is a beautiful penny rug she made for you, Sandy, and I love what you did with it!


Nan said...

This is just such a treasurer E. made for you and what a clever way to figure out to frame it.

craftyles said...

You are so lucky to receive this treasure from Elizabeth. You did a great job framing it up to really enhance the penny rug. Thanks for the how to, and I love that you got a deal on the frame. It looks great in your hallway!


Hi Sandy,
It's wonderful and looks great! It's a treasured gift for sure.
I'll be mailing your Valentine on Monday!

Lori E said...

Very thrifty. Isn't it nice to have such kind friends.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

You have set off Elizabeth's art beautifully! I think what you did is probably better than anything you could have had done at Michaels. I think it makes it even more special because YOU are the one who set it off beautifully. What a cheery spot during this not so cheery time.


Betty said...

Oh Sandy!! That is wonderful!! I have one of E's penny rugs too and I wanted to frame it but came up with the same in (dollars)! Her rugs are just too pretty to sit on a table so I am going to look for a frame too! What a great idea and a tribute to E.
I've been thinking about you too!!

ArtzeeChris said...

That came out so well! I love it!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love that you have this darling piece of art from E. It's so cute. You and this little penny rug are a perfect match! Hugs, Patti

Jenny's Heart said...

What a great gift and Elizabeth's work is so wonderful! You did a great job on display.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Amazing job saving the big $, Sandy!!! You can be SO proud. And that penny rug from Elizabeth is breathtaking. Lucky girl. : )

NanE said...

Sandy, this turned out PERFECT!!! Love the colors you chose for the frame and mat! Hugs and blessings, Nan

Sara SHOEmaker said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am having a ton of fun starting out my own blog-if only it can reach the status of my mom's one day! By the way I love this project you did! I've been dying to do that in my own home. Wonderful job-it looks fantastic! -Sara

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

I would happy dance to and hum even....a little happy song. The little rug is to die for and you are the happy owner who will smile each time you walk by. I love it!

Linda said...

How precious this is and what a wonderful job you did framing it! I think it looks perfect!


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